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Thanks to Peel Newsgroup user bbrbr57 we now have torrents for the ’84 and ’97 files (see links below), so I shall come back to those last. 1985 Festive Fifty 10 to 01 is up too. My mind is likely to be elsewhere today (“So what’s new?” – Imaginary Ed.) so if anyone wants to jump on the 1998 set please go ahead.

We’re getting there! :)

Curiously it’s only Andrew’s files that have died so presumably there is some technical problem that’s only affecting him.

These won’t be done in a hurry because I’m not feeling 100% at the present time so don’t hold your breath, but check back from time to time for updates. We’ll get there in the end (“;)

Feel free to repost yourselves readers. I’m not the only one with these and it’s going to take me a while. I’m starting from the top working down so why don’t you start from the bottom and work your way up? We’ll meet in the middle and have beer. Leave links in the comments so I can credit you and add to the list :)

I shall probably split everything into smaller files to get things up quicker so it may appear as if there are more files than necessary. Don’t panic, you’re in the hands of a professionl idiot.

Proposed Reposts List:

1984 Festive Fifty 50 to 41
| 1984_FF_1-5_50_to_41_link.zip

1984 Festive Fifty 40 to 31
| 1984_FF_1-5_40_to_31_link.zip

1984 Festive Fifty 30 to 21
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
1984 Festive Fifty 20 to 11
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
1984 Festive Fifty 10 to 01
| <!––>in progress…<!––>

1984 Festive Fifty 50 to 01 [TORRENT]
| FF84.torrent
Thanks to bbrbr57

1985 Festive Fifty 10 to 01
| 1985FestiveFiftypart5tape17aLINK.zip (1 of 2)
| 1985FestiveFiftypart6tape17bLINK.zip (2 of 2)

1998 Festive Fifty 50 to 34
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
1998 Festive Fifty 33 to 17
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
1998 Festive Fifty 16 to 1
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
| <!––>in progress…<!––>

1997 Festive Fifty 31 to 01 including live Pavement set
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
| <!––>in progress…<!––>
| <!––>in progress…<!––>

1997 Festive Fifty 31 to 01 including live Pavement set [TORRENT]
| FF97.torrent
Thanks to bbrbr57

6 Responses to “REPOSTS”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2007/12/28 at 06:27

    This is so appreciated!

    The other pofessional idiot at FiS

  2. 2 cuppatea
    2008/01/01 at 17:34

    Thanks again, the torrent is especially good

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2008/01/02 at 08:52

    You have Peel Newsgroup user bbrbr57 to thank for the torrent.

    By the way cuppatea you have a most baffling site!


  4. 4 Anonymous
    2008/01/12 at 16:03

    Many thanks to Gary for his great site. Not sure if he got my email a few days back but I’ve re-upped the 1998 Festive Fifty ones if anyone is looking for them. Hope the links work OK:

    FF 1998 50-34

    FF 1998 33-17

    FF 1998 16-1

  5. 5 domestic empire
    2008/01/15 at 15:46

    Many thanks for the reposts Steve. Sorry I haven’t said so earlier. I’m a bit slowed down at the moment.

  6. 6 Spp
    2008/04/29 at 10:51

    Has anybody downloaded the FF84 torrent? I’ve had it open for ages but there’s no seeds. If anybody’s got it and could temporarily open it again you’d have my eternal gratitude!

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