AWOL & Reposts

A.K.A. Here We Go Again

This is one of those, “Oh bloody hell what’s his problem now” moments. As such you have my full blessing to scoff, spit, laugh or generally ignore the following. Laughing would be my choice.

I’ve got problems with my eyes, the upshot of which is that I’m limited to using the computer, or more specifically staring at the screen. (edit: I started this at 11:51 and it’s now 15:44). This means I can’t really manage the site until I get this sorted. So please accept my apologies while I deal with this. Having Anxiety and being Agoraphobic mitigates a quick resolution to anything these days, so I can’t be sure how long this will take.

Having a conversational approach to writing doesn’t help either. This is already far bloody longer than it ought to be. Anyway I’m ok really, just putting you all in the picture so you know what’s gong on.

Thanks very much indeed to Steve for these reposts:
FF 1998 50-34

FF 1998 33-17

FF 1998 16-1

Thanks Ian for restoration – be in touch shortly.
Other emails I will reply to asap. Promise.

Finally, And Most Importantly:
If you care about your rights, freedom, democracy and all that malarky, UK residents in particular, then please take a minute to read this. It is important.

“Freedom does not die in one blow, it dies by inches in public legislation.”
– Lord Strathclyde 2006

I’ll post an update when appropriate.


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  1. 1 Onion Terror
    2008/01/13 at 19:00

    Thanks for linking to these.

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