Pledge Your Support for Andy Kershaw

Andy Kershaw
Following today’s news I just wanted to say that I hope Andy bounces back and doesn’t allow anyone to use this against him in the petty way that some people seem to enjoy.

I personally want to hear Andy Kershaw back on BBC Radio 3 doing what he does best.

Please add your comments of support to let the boy Kershaw know that we miss him and want him back.

And if the Beeb gets sniffy about bringing him back then it’s petition and campaign time (based on the assumption he does wish to return to Radio 3 as was of course.)

Leave your words of support for Andy below. Word on the Internet gets around you know. Here’s hoping it reaches you Andy :)

Andy Kershaw

Andy Kershaw: Champion of ‘World Music’

| BBC News
| Guardian
| Andy Kershaw’s BBC Site
| Andy Kershaw’s tribute to John Peel (mp3) (115mins/59MB)
– Credit to Steve at Bowblog, and thanks to The Peel Tapes
now I go rest me poor little eyes

— post update: 2009/04/28 ——————————————————————————
Thank you to Marseille for this…

It’s still possible to hear a selection of Andy’s programmes over at the BBC Radio 3 website.

Here’s one I converted to mp3 today for your iPodding pleasure.

On-Location Audio Features: Andy Kershaw in Marseille.

Always a fan of the cultural mix to be found in port towns, Andy went to the biggest port in Europe – Marseille, allegedly the most racially harmonious of all of France’s cities, and home to musicians from around the globe. From medieval Occitan polyphony and reggae, to Maghreb rap and a piano-playing godfather of Algerian Rai, taking in Pacific Creole and Congolese rumba à la sauce provencale, Andy uncovers a powerful sense of a personal and musical identity which is unique to Marseille.

Part 1 (Listen via RealAudio stream)
Part 1 (Download converted MP3)
Part 2 (Listen via RealAudio stream)
Part 2 (Download converted MP3)

Andy Kershaw in Marseille
Kershaw Radio 3 Programme Archive

75 Responses to “Pledge Your Support for Andy Kershaw”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2008/01/15 at 18:55

    Yeah it aint the same without him on the radio.


  2. 3 domestic empire
    2008/01/15 at 21:12

    Thanks for that :)

    I should get that social bookmarking code up and working here properly sometime.

  3. 4 Anonymous
    2008/01/16 at 09:05

    Second best DJ ever.


  4. 5 Anonymous
    2008/01/16 at 12:28

    What FiS said! The greatest Radio airtime ever: Peel followed by Kershaw.

    I wish I knew the full story: why did Mr & Mrs Kershaw split up & did she, as many do, deny Andy fair access to his children?

    Mike B

  5. 6 Naybour
    2008/01/18 at 23:15

    I can help you with that.

    Why did they split up?
    Drunkenness and serial infidelity.

    Access to children
    There is no reason why, given the will, he could not have arranged a schedule of access to his children.

    No matter how good a DJ he is he has behaved like a total knob.

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  7. 8 Liveon35mm
    2008/01/21 at 11:04

    I meant, “i’d love if you LINK the site”!!


  8. 9 tangerinebreem
    2008/01/22 at 22:28

    I miss kershaw :(

  9. 10 Anonymous
    2008/02/05 at 15:40

    Yep. Hope he gets back on the radio soon…

  10. 11 So It Goes
    2008/02/06 at 23:48

    I never was a Kershaw fan, but I feel nobody has really tried to understand the torment he’s going through.
    Miss you too, Gary. I’ve just changed my blog header for another of the ones you did for me. Cheers mate!

  11. 12 Paul
    2008/02/06 at 23:57

    I’m sad about what’s happened to him, and I even miss the name-dropping etc. On the other hand, who would want to be on the receiving end of the behaviour which apparently led to him being in this situation? Many people, and not just women, will have been through something like that. I can’t manage unconditional support in the circumstances, but I would like to hear that Rochdale accent back on Radio 3 again. Some time.

  12. 13 David Cochrane
    2008/02/13 at 14:13

    There are very few legendary Radio voices theses days.John Peel was one,Tommy Vance was another and in Andy Kershaw the BBC have another.Theses guys did and Andy Kershaw still can,capture the listeners attention though out the shows listening just as much to the DJ as to the music played.Once John Peel departed the BBC should have brought back Andy Kershaw in a bigger capacity.The man is a music man rather than the yes men and women on todays radio shows.
    Lets hope the end of this break will herald the start of Andy Kershaw’s golden era

  13. 14 Anonymous
    2008/02/24 at 00:36

    Andy hang in there. We want you back.

  14. 15 entrailicus
    2008/02/28 at 09:10

    I’m clearly an inadequate substitute when it comes to spreading the latest word on Peel show discoveries, so please come back to us soon!

    Having said that, there’s been a sudden flurry of activity over at FiS…

  15. 16 Alastair
    2008/03/02 at 18:45

    C’mon Andy,
    pull yourself together- we miss you.

  16. 17 Anonymous
    2008/03/04 at 14:13

    Andy it is not worth it forget her love your kids and it will all come out in the wash

  17. 18 PeterG
    2008/03/10 at 23:52

    Without Peel, The Boy Kershaw was the one remaining voice I tuned into from overseas – his love for his music came through in every word he said and every record he played – we miss you – come back

    On a related note – hope the “eye thing” is working out – we miss you too – good luck – maybe an update on your porgress?!

    Cheers Peter

  18. 19 Larts
    2008/05/16 at 14:23

    Sounds like you were living out a Loudon Wainwright song on the Isle of Man, Andy. I hope you’re getting life under control again and that I can soon hear your Lancashire twang on the airwaves.

    Good wishes to your Mam an’all.

    Take care of yourself.

  19. 20 Anonymous
    2008/06/24 at 22:40

    I have never posted anything before but I miss his brilliant choices and strange collection of sounds.
    I hope he does make it back onto the radio soon. To be honest it’s boring without his passion.

  20. 2008/09/07 at 04:55

    Andy Kershaw: The year my life fell apart

    He’s been thrown in prison. He’s been rejected by his partner. He’s lost contact with his children. He’s on the run from police. How did such a successful and respected broadcaster fall from grace? Andy Kershaw talks exclusively to Rob Sharp

    Thursday, 4 September 2008

    link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/andy-kershaw-the-year-my-life-fell-apart-917948.html

  21. 22 Mascarasnake
    2008/10/30 at 15:35

    What with the Ross/Brand debacle going on at the moment there appears to be at least two spare spots going begging for an award winning broadcaster to fill… Bring back Andy!!!
    Also, could he not do something on an internet radio station, I know he’s got something going on on Last FM, but it’s not the same without Andy’s dulcet tones and insights into the music we love and the music we don’t yet know we love.
    Keep your chin up Andy, we’re all rooting for you!

  22. 23 mark carew
    2008/11/09 at 00:29

    I was standing at my kitchen sink full to the top with stuff and porridge pans, and it came to me . You are the only person who can help, I have to find you soon. Your unique experience is vital and will make a huge difference to so many people, including YOU. please help, Music was never my thing, but you and John are connected to places others simply do not reach.
    p.s. bring your wellies and the dog, especially the dog. I think we’ve got about 6 months max so don’t mess about.

  23. 24 steveshark
    2008/12/16 at 21:02

    I hope he gets real help this time – he’s too nice a guy to just end up in some sort institution or on the street.
    Really sad to see such a nice guy lose himself like that.
    All the best, Andy.

  24. 25 Expat fan
    2009/01/25 at 17:58


    I do hope life gets better for you soon and that you can get back to the radio, where you ought to be. The vast majority of the albums I have bought over recent years have been because of hearing tracks on your shows. Fortunately for me, I recorded many of your shows between 2003 and 2006 and so I can listen to them (e.g. right now), but it’s not the same – I feel I’m stagnating.

    Best regards
    An anonymous ex-pat listener living in the USA

  25. 27 tonyW
    2009/02/19 at 21:35

    It’s time to get Andy back on the air.If Ross and Angus Deaton can be forgiven for their indiscretions what’s the problem. Andy’s passion for music is greatly missed ,lets hear that Lancashire twang once again on the Beeb.

  26. 28 Antepli Ejderha
    2009/03/05 at 22:05

    I cannot listen to any of the programmes he used to present, it is not the same without him.
    Help the guy out by giving him a break, bring him back and let us remember him for what he is, a legend of a DJ who brought so much to so many, but not only in terms of music. Never forget his reports on Rwanda and his writing on the sanctions on Iraq.

  27. 29 Hilary
    2009/03/06 at 00:48


    We read your article in the Independent last year but have heard nothing since about your whereabouts or state of mind.

    We miss you and your wonderful and exciting world music contribution to Radio 3 …. however, wI am concerned primarily that you are still under threat of being arrested again – and am worried for your welfare.

    Having been through an acrimonious divorce myself, I would just suggest that you continue to look for counselling and mediation help – firstly for yourself, to help you adjust to the changes and heavy-handed treatment you have received, and then to help set up a base for yourself and where your children will be able to visit you.

    Then just keep well

    That isn’t easy – try Doctors, medication, counselling, look for emotional support !
    Things will get better

    And keep travelling – keep listening – can you record programmes independently somehow? We can’t wait to hear you again and wish you all possible luck with overcoming the obstacles you face XXX

  28. 30 Anonymous
    2009/03/10 at 14:37

    Andy you are the best.I love your show we want you back

  29. 31 Lee
    2009/03/15 at 20:33


    I know it seems unfair what’s happened, and some of it probably is, but you know you behaved badly and in doing so hurt and scared those who you love. Unfortunately with scenes like that there isn’t often a happy ending.

    But time will fix things. Until then you need to take care of yourself. You can see how many people here miss the sound of your voice. Notice everybody wants the best for you? You don’t need anybody to tell you drink is causing your problems. You seem like a great bloke on the radio and you’re surely better than this.

    The BBC would love to have you back, but they can’t shout that out. So would we all. It might be a few months but do what it takes and get yourself sorted out, including this arrest warrant. You mean too much to too many people to carry on like this. Let’s have a happy ending after all.

    And let people know you’re alright even if they don’t know where you are!


    P.S. If you miss your record collection do yourself a favour and sign up for a spotify account until you’re reunited with it! :-)

  30. 32 brendan
    2009/04/18 at 19:58

    I miss Andy’s show immensely. The music was always great and the stuff between tracks them full of information and character. Come back / bring back Andy! There’s nothing like him on radio / web. If he’s not on radio he should be writing about music. The Word magazine is the place for him.

  31. 2009/04/22 at 00:14

    Andy’s in conversation with John Humphrys on Radio 4 next tuesday, “…about rebuilding his life and career.”

    More details here: https://johnpeeldotnet.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/andy-kershaw-on-bbc-radio-4/

  32. 34 des gibbons
    2009/04/24 at 19:56

    yes come back andy

    please come back andy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 35 jenny
    2009/04/25 at 21:47

    Andy I’ve been thinking and worrying about you for a long time. I have huge empathy for what you’ve been through. I wish your friend John Peel had been around to help you through it all.
    hey – it would mean a lot to hear you back on the BBC – it’ll happen I hope.

  34. 36 carrie parr
    2009/04/26 at 21:43

    Hi Andy
    We’re both looking forward to your interview on Tuesday 28th April and hope this is a sign that you’ll be back on our airwaves soon!! Your wealth of music knowledge is immense and there are many fans, and up and coming ones who will enjoy you enlightening us once again…
    We hope that these messages for you will comfort and give you some impetus to get back in the chair, as it were!
    Time to move onwards and upwards matey :)
    best wishes and love and light
    Carrie and Sonny

  35. 37 phil
    2009/04/26 at 23:10

    Sunday night needs that Kershaw man

  36. 38 Director's Cut!
    2009/04/27 at 11:40

    Smiler (deleted)


    This site welcomes opinions that take contrary positions to those of it’s writers. Moreover it does not moralise over what constitutes good or bad language, however commentators should remember that deliberately veering off topic in order to make libellous, inflammatory or insulting remarks are unlikely to be published due to our readers being an intelligent bunch on the whole. It would be insulting to present them with rhetoric that is reactionary and undernourished. Amended comments are encouraged. :)

  37. 2009/04/27 at 16:34

    It’s still possible to hear a selection of Andy’s programmes over at the BBC Radio 3 website.

    Here’s one I converted to mp3 today for your iPlaying pleasure.

    On-Location Audio Features: Andy Kershaw in Marseille.

    Always a fan of the cultural mix to be found in port towns, Andy went to the biggest port in Europe – Marseille, allegedly the most racially harmonious of all of France’s cities, and home to musicians from around the globe. From medieval Occitan polyphony and reggae, to Maghreb rap and a piano-playing godfather of Algerian Rai, taking in Pacific Creole and Congolese rumba à la sauce provencale, Andy uncovers a powerful sense of a personal and musical identity which is unique to Marseille.

    Part 1 (Listen via RealAudio stream)
    Part 1 (Download converted MP3)
    Part 2 (Listen via RealAudio stream)
    Part 2 (Download converted MP3)

    Andy Kershaw in Marseille
    Kershaw Radio 3 Programme Archive

  38. 40 RICH
    2009/04/27 at 19:10

    In the last few years, there’s only been 1 DJ worth listening to – Kershaw!! I’ve still got umpteen ‘Best of Andy Kershaw’ tapes of various quality compiled over years , going back to the late ’80s! Only trouble is that my pronunciations are all in phonetic Rochdale!! It’s about time we heard him again, come on!

  39. 41 Oliver's Mount
    2009/04/27 at 21:38


    In the end, I hope, wisdom’s brought you through what must’ve been acutely and constantly painful. Step on: you’ve been a tit at times, but you’re obviously a good man – and you’ll keep being a good Dad. And the best way’s a bit of humility and a bit more sobriety, and letting your talent for living, your scurrilous humour, and your dark-adapted eye guide you.

    I know nothing of you but what I’ve heard, read, seen. But your humanity, your kindness and your humour beam out. You’ve more friends than you’ll ever know or meet. Think of them, and the warmer times ahead.

    “Seasons came, Seasons went/
    The winter stripped the blossoms bare/
    A different tree now lines the streets…”


  40. 42 Director's Cut!
    2009/04/28 at 09:08

    Smiler: Oh dear, my post was deleted. I guess there are people that you are not allowed to mention in a derogatory fashio. I should have realised that, when posting on a site called John Peel. net. Sorry for that. Although a poster may call AK a knob in a previous post. Being disrespectful to JP is not allowed. The trouble with that is the hosts of this site are not being truthful and gilding the lily somewhat. Try this then JP was a nob.

    I think you are aware as to why the content of your previous post was not published.

    Actually Stephen, disrespect is actively encouraged around here , John Peel was a cunt [*link] if you remember?

  41. 43 Dave Jones
    2009/04/28 at 11:59

    Its a sad fact that things can go so pair shaped between people who once pledged something significant to each other. I dont know nor need to know the details of what has occurred in your life regarding your relationships, ultimately that is your business. What I do hope is that you find the strength within yourself to weather the storm and repair your relationship with your kids … the most important relationships we ever have.
    I cant express how much of an influence you have been on my own musical journey over the years .. I wish you well mate … you have been an inspiration

  42. 44 Benjamin Black
    2009/04/28 at 13:02

    Andy: – Take your time and sort your life out. Nothing will be solved over night. But the support and love for you out there reflects what a good man you have been in your life and the positive influence you have had.

    Okay, so now it has gone wrong. This is not the end of the story. Face up to yourself and what you are. We all have demons and you are far from alone. Give your kids time and in the future you can re-build a relationship with them.

    It is very upsetting for those who have appreciated your work what has happened to you. If you are an alcoholic, which seems likely, I understand the destruction that that disease causes. As a drinker, you are no more guilty for the disease, than those who do not suffer from the disease. However, you certainly have a problem to face and a hill to climb. Perhaps there are some people who have had personal experience of situations similar to your own and perhaps you can help in the healing of yourself by using the support of such people. I think such people use a phrase, which might be useful to you: Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Take care, look after yourself. We have memories of your role and influence enough to cherish, so be sure to take good time and what time you need. There need be no hurry.

  43. 45 Benjamin Black
    2009/04/28 at 13:03

    Smiler: You just want attention, JP was not a nob. Perhaps you project somewhat.

  44. 46 Director's Cut!
    2009/04/28 at 14:58

    Smiler: I personally am not a fan of JP and never have been, from hearing him on……

    Well we won’t keep you then.

  45. 47 PaulR
    2009/04/29 at 16:46

    I’ve been looking for a way to contact AK; this looks like the best route. It’s the first time I have ever written a ‘fan letter’ to anyone.

    Andy – I was looking forward to hearing your interview with Humphry’s because I was looking forward to hearing your intelligence again.

    There’s more than enough inane blather on the airwaves: your passion and knowledge are all too rare. (Shame that ‘The Times’ couldn’t raise its sights any higher today than ‘jailhouse rocker’. You deserve better).

    Your promotion of music has always put you ahead of the pack; indeed, your documentaries from invisible corners of Africa put you into a different league.

    Be strong, AK. And know that there are many people out here wishing you well.

  46. 48 Adrian
    2009/04/29 at 18:37

    Keep your chin up Andy. Remember that lots and lots of people still miss your voice, enthusiasm for the world of music and musicians and your no nonsense take on life which makes your programmes special. Only one in a thousand will find their way to a site like this which shows support, so persevere – we are waiting!

  47. 2009/04/29 at 19:59

    Andy Kershaw is not only a very talented man but a man with a big heart. I met him many years ago whilst in London trying to get a record deal. He gave me the time of day and although I was not successful he at least did not close his ears because I had a northern accent.
    Having your children taken away from you is probably the hardest thing anyone could ever have to deal with.

    I wish you all the best Andy and may I say on behalf of millions, we miss you and want you back.

    Take care


    P.S ( I hope you like my new song, and hope it brings you a little comfort ).

  48. 2009/04/30 at 14:32

    Hey Andy.
    I really hope you get the access schedule sorted out properly. You need it, and so do your children. It’s great to know that you’re staying off the drink. Take inspiration from the many people who have managed to achieve great things after coming through big problems. Traumas happen to many of us in one way or another. It sounds like you are well on the way to recovery as long as you can maintain enough patience and commitment.

    I hope the BBC will finally recognise they have not been treating you with the care and respect that they have shown to others, and that they will change their attitude and support you in re-establishing the pre-eminent position that you certainly merit.

    I look forward to hearing you back in Radioland.

    All the best

  49. 51 Lorcan
    2009/04/30 at 21:13

    Mark Damazer (Controller Radio 4) gave a rather vague comment on the cancelling of Andy’s interview in his blog here:


    and has been met with a blizzard of disapproval from Andy’s fans. he must be wondering what hit him!

  50. 52 angus
    2009/05/01 at 12:34

    I’ve been following with increasing concern the treatment you have suffered Andy and I want you to know that you are respected, admired and supported by the majority of listners.To be honest I was never a fan, but tell you what I’m your greatest fan now.
    You’ve been well shafted mate and a lesser man may have thrown in the towel, but through it all your dignity and the love and devotion you have for your treasured children shows through. They will grow up to know that their father loves then and nobody can stop them.
    You will come out of this a stronger man with a far greater support from your public because the shit you have had to endure.
    You have captured the hearts of the nation.

  51. 53 ian
    2009/05/02 at 23:21

    Hope to hear Mr. Kershaw again very soon.

    For me, there are no significant DJs on the BBC any more. (ok Mr Gilette is ok, but I only seem to hear his world service show when I can’t sleep.)

    And I will celebrate Mr. Kershaw’s return by eating 6 crumpets with cheese and a sprinkling of soy sauce…

    and will listen again to a DJ who posseses, in obvious abundance, that rarest of commodities amongst those lesser, vapid playlist whores…

    For Mr Kershaw had, has & will have


  52. 54 Shaun
    2009/05/04 at 02:47

    Andy is an excellent broadcaster and his recent treatment at the hands of Radio 4 is disgarceful.

  53. 56 Shaun
    2009/05/04 at 21:12

    In addition to what I said previously about how the treatment Andy has recieved has been disgarceful might I add that I think the treatment he’s recieved has also been disgraceful!

    Thank you!

  54. 57 mikey w
    2009/05/05 at 21:03

    I really miss Kershaw from the radio, a fantastic DJ and an entertaining bloke. Hope it all comes together soon for him.

  55. 58 Closeneighbour
    2009/05/17 at 23:29

    I’m sorry, how many of you who call him “a nice guy” have actually met him or had to live in close proximity? I will not dish any dirt but as far as I am concerned, I give my full support to Juliet, his much maligned ex-partner and feel only the deepest sympathy for his two kids, who have probably been on the receiving end of some vile behaviour. A man like this needs to grow up, take responsibility for himself and stop using his children as a way of getting back at his ex or to rehabilitate himself in his career. Abuse of women, if it happens, should never be tolerated.

  56. 59 hero
    2009/05/21 at 19:19

    ‘close neighbour’ has been on many sites trying the same tactic of trying to squash Andy down and paint him as abuser rather than distressed and hurt. I;m sick of you and your evil bullying. Please stop. People make mistakes and men have passion both have been forgotton by your campaiging. Trying to build a monster from some weakened behaviour is shameful. You are trying to make us forget that he is the most loved, best informed, most passionate DJ and music fan the nation has ever known – perhaps because you no longer have a positive relationship with him you want the whole nation to join in – reminding you of schoolgirl behaviour at all. … Juliette?

  57. 2009/06/05 at 09:02

    Anybody who has stood on the edge will know what Andy is going through. To show support for him doesn’t mean you are taking sides against his ex. I have never met the bloke or spoken to him, i only know him through his friendship with John Peel and his radio shows.
    I read about his problems for the first time last year in the Independent and immediately thought ‘there but for the grace of God’. Its not about taking sides, its about human compassion.

  58. 61 David
    2009/06/09 at 00:55

    I miss listening to him & wish the BBC would put him back on the radio. The alternative presenters just seem bland, boring and oh so patronising after Andy.

    If he is capable of being back on and keeping his personal life separate from his professional then the BBC should be big enough to put him back on.

  59. 62 Closeneighbour
    2009/06/14 at 23:29

    Dear “Hero” – I am NOT Juliette. I know little of what she is doing now but she has shown huge restraint and great personal dignity. Seen her on any TV shows lately? Or in magazines? There are many of us who knew Andy Kershaw in varying degrees of closeness in Crouch End. We, not you, know what went on. I have NOT made comments on any other sites but was moved to write when the flack hit over the On The Ropes broadcast. YES, he made a difference in terms of music and yes, he had / has passion. He has personal problems and I wish him all the best in his struggle to overcome them. However, there is in our society a tendency to overlook bad behaviour in celebrities and to fail to tell people that they may have problems, they may have trouble with alcohol or substance abuse. But at some point, surely we have to take responsibility for our own actions. It is a mistake to blindly forgive bad behaviour simply because you admire the person’s musical taste. Surely you’re not that simple?

  60. 63 Geoff
    2009/06/20 at 23:53

    Closeneighbour seems to think that the many posts in support of Andy “blindly forgive bad behaviour” because he is a celebrity. A close reading shows that most acknowledge his failings but miss his unique contribution to the awareness of all the world’s music: is it better to kick a guy when he is down or say ‘there but for the grace of god go I’?

    She also asks if any of those blogging have ever met him. Well, I have have. It may have been a long time ago but the guy I met when he was Ents Sec at Leeds University, who bought ads in my fanzine and put me on the guest list for some amazing gigs (The Clash in summer of ’82), was the same genuine guy I heard all those years later on the World Service and Radio 3. I am financially richer for all the CDs I do not get to buy after listening to his shows but poorer for the music I do not get to hear. I also wrote to him when he was in jail and got a reply when he was staying with his sister Liz.

    Good luck Andy wherever you may be.

  61. 64 david
    2009/06/25 at 06:02

    please put andy back on air,the world needs peels ,vierty sharps and kershaws. my cd collection
    is a testioment to this.

  62. 65 Ashbeak
    2009/07/04 at 20:58

    Definitely missed on the radio – show excellent, world roots incredible…just been listening to the radio ballads on R7 (from 1960s?) and these international recordings will potentailly have similar historical importance so characters with a passion Such as AK should be encouraged.

  63. 66 Manxman
    2009/07/22 at 10:53

    I think it’s about time “closeneighbour” had a bit of support because he/she is obviously the only person so far who knows Andy and the current situation well. As some one who as also known Andy and Juliette closely over quite a few years I have witnessed his behaviour towards Juliette and the kids before the split and after. Juliette has shown exceptional loyalty to stick by him during has 19 years of philandering. The claims that he is prevented from seeing his kids are incorrect; he does occasionally see Dolly under supervision, but Sonny is frightened of him and refuses to meet him. His treatment in the courts – often viewed as unfair by his supporters, was in fact very lenient by Manx standards; if you or I behaved in the same way we wouldn’t see daylight for years.

    No-one can deny his contribution to the world music cause and his role in spreading its popularity, and for that he must be applauded. But please leave any character assessments to those who have truly known him and have been on the receiving end of his bizarre, abusive and bullying behaviour over the last few years. Believe me he is not a pleasant man, and the persona he projects on air is merely a small facet of his character.

    Even the most star-struck residents of Peel now weary of his constant self-pitying whinging and he can now clear a pub in record time.

  64. 67 Alan Davies
    2009/07/25 at 10:27

    We miss you Andy

  65. 2009/07/27 at 16:21

    Look, this may not be what people on this site want to hear but I can verify 100% the comments left here by Manxman and closeneighbour.

    Juliette Banner is one of the most caring, decent, level headed people you could hope to meet. She showed the patience of a saint by sticking with Andy for as long as she did, enduring his constant philandering, boozing, drug taking and increasingly vicious behaviour, towards both her AND the children.
    In the end she was forced to conclude that enough was enough and only then because the damage being inflicted on Sonny and Dolly was becoming so apparant. His claims in the press that he was denied access are complete rubbish. The only time Juliette took the kids back was when Andy was drunk and raging and she was frightened they would come to harm.

    Face up to it people – YOU DONT KNOW ANDY – YOU JUST FEEL LIKE YOU DO.

    Andy is a unique talent and sorely missed – granted – but the sad fact is that he has ruined a lot of lives over the years, as well as his own. If he does ever get another stab at broadcasting there are many that would argue it’s more than he deserves.

  66. 2009/07/29 at 18:10

    Hey Andy

    I came across your name while reading WOMAD feedback to see what people thought of our performance there this past Sunday. So I asked my promoter if he knows you and he told me you’ve been in a lot of trouble lately. That led me to checking you out online and I found this page by chance.

    You might not remember me. I’m 31 now and I was only about 12 when you came to visit my family in Louisiana. But you were so genuinely nice to the awkward girl I was then (and still very much am now) and it wasn’t a way of kissing up to my parents but something that really came from your heart. We were friends.

    So thanks for being my friend, take it easy, and hope to see you again someday real soon.

    Sarah Savoy

  67. 70 isgoods
    2009/11/08 at 07:38

    I can’t believe it’s been almost 23 years since our fateful chance meeting in the NOLA bar where I was waiting for my ride to the festival. I’m still not sure what it was about you, andrew- you’re certainly not much to look at. Maybe it was the Mr. Potato Head work out video tee shirt you were wearing or your passionate joi de vie, but I was intrigued.

    It wasn’t till later that night when we were thrown out of that sleazy club together, for complaining about the disrespect and ill treatment that they were dishing out to the great Lazy Lester. Yeah, they kicked us to the curb! But afterwards, licking our wounds and laughing over beignets and cups of mud at the Cafe du Monde, we became fast friends. Little did I know that you were some kind of celebrity. You never let on. I was impressed enough with your smarts, your courage and enthusiasm but above all, it was your kindness and generosity towards those weaker and less fortunate that I admired most about you. I haven’t forgotten when you bought all those muffelates and fed the homeless who were living on the street outside our hotel. In all our travels together, I rarely saw you pass a beggar without unloading your pockets. Little kids worshiped, adored and pestered you to distraction and you were so patient and joyful with them! So many good deeds, too many to list here.

    For the next few years, some of the happiest times I have had in my life were spent traveling with you. I think I got to know you pretty well under some fairly harsh conditions, too. Remember that time we decided to drive from Mexico to the Grand Canyon, in the middle of the night after fishing on the Pacific all day? We were both so tired and crabby by the time we got there and you were really annoying too, now that I think about it. And there was the time you almost got us thrown off Mugabe’s plane.

    Yes, there is no denying that you could be exasperating and I was on the receiving end of a legendary tongue lashing of the scolding type, by you a time or two but were you ever violent, threatening or scary, towards me or anyone else that I ever witnessed? No way! I did see you were on the receiving end of a head butt and a few punches but I never saw you raise a fist in anger or even in your own defense, (or mine for that matter.) With a smile and a saber wit like yours, you didn’t need to! We walked through some pretty dangerous neighborhoods together, back in the day and I remember your sage advice on how to stay safe, when I was afraid- You said, “Keep smiling!”

    I wanted to come here to wish you a Happy Birthday and to let your fans who might be wondering, know what I know to be true about you. In real life, you are the same sweet guy they all know and love from your work. No one can be privy to what happens behind closed doors between a couple, or presume to know the whole story but all sorts of pacts are made. I’m sure there is plenty enough blame to share between you both, for what happened. Juliette might be a saint, I don’t know but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be married to one.

    It’s a shame you have such awful neighbors, these days. I’m grateful that my neighbors don’t post cruel judgments, ugly lies and gossip on line about me when I’ve had hard times. But on the net, every twit is an authority and some cretins can’t resist kicking you when you’re down. Please don’t let it get to you.

    Have a wonderful birthday with lots of love and best wishes!

    as ever, always-

  68. 71 kipperama
    2009/11/15 at 00:08

    Thanks “e” – a moving post, a loyal testimony and clearly many happy memories there…….
    …..memories…….from 23 years ago.

    Been around Andy recently? Since he hit the alcoholic self destruct button and became a public nuisance? Ever witnessed one of his frightening and bizarre temper tantrums?

    We see Andy EVERY DAY and, believe me, you wouldnt choose to live near him now.
    We havent heard the last of all this. Theres more trouble to come.

  69. 72 isgoods
    2009/12/09 at 20:08

    Kippermama, you must be another neighbor- FYI: I speak with him by phone regularly. I know he’s been through hell and back. Like I said in my previous post, I have never seen Andy lift a finger to harm anyone. Is he annoying, sometimes? Yes, isn’t everyone? But to demonize him as some violent criminal is an outrageous lie and it did serve it’s purpose well. Would anyone care to predict how they might behave if they were to lose complete contact with their young children for 9 months without reason, without notice and without recourse?

  70. 73 kipperama
    2009/12/16 at 12:45

    Well, if you want to believe what Andy tells you, fine, best of luck.
    I can only confirm what others have already said here.
    Dolly has seen Andy throughout his separation from Juliette and now often sleeps at his house on non school nights.
    But Sonny has refused to see him for his own reasons.
    Should he be forced to do so?
    Sorry if you find that hard to swallow, but anyone in Peel will tell you the same.

    No one denies Andy has been through a very tough time but it’s been largely of his own making.
    And yes, FYI, I am a “neighbor” and I might suggest that the people of this community, who you have been so quick to denigrate, are better placed to know the truth of the matter than an “old friend” making the odd transatlantic phone call.

  71. 74 isgoods
    2009/12/17 at 02:56

    Just can’t leave it alone, can you, Kipper– makes me wonder what sort of creatures would come to a “Pledge Your Support” blog to denigrate the person it’s meant to support- trolls, perhaps? WTF?

    I’ve known the man as a close friend for 23 years. You have been his nosy neighbor for less than three. You are also a gossip and a liar. You know nothing about the man nor the way his children feel about him. FACT: As a loving and devoted father, his troubles had absolutely nothing to do with his treatment of the children.

    This comment from you is particularly disturbing-

    [“We see Andy EVERY DAY and, believe me, you wouldnt choose to live near him now.
    We havent heard the last of all this. Theres more trouble to come.”]

    I’ll bet you can’t wait for more! You can almost taste it, can’t you? It must give your pathetic existence some meaning and puff you up full of self-importance. Shame on you! Quit making yourself out to be some kind of expert on the man, based on what you think you see see through a slash in your curtain. Do us a favor and crawl back under your rock.

  72. 2009/12/17 at 08:28


    A reminder that although comments are moderated, I have no desire to adopt a nannying approach. I presume you all to be adults that can look after yourselves. However, bickering back and forth in a decidedly polarised fashion is pointless, frankly isn’t it?

    Incidentally, the ‘Support’ aspect of this thread refers to Kershaw’s return to broadcasting, and not an attempt to condone or take sides in what, we must remember, is a personal and, ideally private, family matter.

    So, can we all agree that the children at the heart of this matter remain the most vulnerable and deserve the greatest consideration? And If we can’t place the welfare of the family foremost, then I shall, very reluctantly, impose harsher moderation. Those who ignore this polite and considered proposal are wilfully admitting to being somewhat of a cunt.


    I don’t believe in a seasonal ‘goodwill to all’. I prefer to think it should exist at all times.

    Gary Walsh

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