The Sonics in 2008 (Radio Session)

On BBC Radio 2 this Friday at midnight this seminal group play live in session. Is this news to you? It is to me. I had no idea they were a going concern once more.

According to Wikipedia, “In 2007, The Sonics reunited again, this time for the Cavestomp garage rock festival in Brooklyn (November 2-4, 2007). The line up featured original members Gerry Roslie on vocals/keyboards, Larry Parypa on guitar and Rob Lind on tenor sax; with Ricky Lynn Johnson (of The Wailers) on drums and Don Wilhelm (of The Daily Flash) on bass and vocals.”

I really can’t imagine what they might sound like now. I think it’s nigh on impossible to equal the energy of said debut LP but I do hope they retain something of that pre-punk attitude.

You’ll find a track of theirs from the last year’s John Peel Faith Healer MiX. If you like that, and who in their right mind wouldn’t, you need to buy the album because every track is a blinder. Really. And make sure you buy from an Independent record retailer. The corporations will only squander it ;-p

| John Peel Faith Healer MiX (info & track listing)
| John Peel Faith Healer MiX (direct download)
| John Peel Faith Healer MiX (torrent)
| The Sonics @ Wikipedia
| The Sonics @MySpace
| The Sonics Fan Site

“The Sonics recorded very, very cheaply on a two track you know, and they just used one microphone over the drums, and they got the most amazing drum sound I’ve ever heard. Still to this day, it’s still my favorite drum sound. It sounds like he’s hitting harder than anyone I’ve ever known.” – Kurt Cobain

extra album tasters…
| Psycho by The Sonics (1965) wma 2.09 MB (2198923 bytes)
| Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics (1965) wma 2.43 MB (2557513 bytes)

“If our records sound distorted, it’s because they are. My Brother (Larry, guitar) was always fooling around with the amps. They were always overdriven. Or he was disconnecting the speakers and poking a hole in them with an ice pick. That’s how we ended up sounding like a train wreck” – Andy Parypa (1984)

Other Radio Highlights
While on the subject of Radio. The Reggae Show is back for another run on Radio 2 and Radiohead are on the Mark Radcliffe show, (unfortunately still with that insufferable maconie twat in tow), on Tuesday 1st April.

3 Responses to “The Sonics in 2008 (Radio Session)”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    2008/03/23 at 18:46

    I’m sorry to hear you feel so hateful against Stuart Maconie, who’s shows I like. Could you elucidate on your reasons for hating himso much?

    Mike B

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2008/04/06 at 16:55

    Well Mike, “hating himso much” (sic), would be over stating it I think. I’ll settle for ‘Not worth my time’. Although such grinning mediocrity in anyone can be irritating if encountered accidentally.

    Many years ago he appeared to show promise. Today he’s just another perpetrator of the bland. That he is more interested in maintaining a comfortable seat on the BBC gravy train is apparent from his RT column alone.

  3. 3 domestic empire
    2008/06/02 at 14:32

    REQUEST: Did anyone record this edition of the Mark Lamarr programme with The Sonics in session?

    Knob’ead here missed the bloody thing after all. The entire show is preferable but I’ll be content to just hear the session itself.


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