John Peel Files (1980,1992,1999)

*** UPDATED 21st may 2008 ***

Some recent shares from top man Andrew at the Peel Newsgroup. Thank you very much indeed Sir.

PiL & UB40 January 2nd 1980 2hrs
“This is taken from a 16 year old copy tape of a 12 year old original tape, so be warned – it’s a bit ‘hissy’. Having said that, I’m not fussy meself and would be happy to hear something of this quality if I hadn’t heard it before.”
January 2nd 1980 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
January 2nd 1980 part two
Many thanks to Ashley Pomeroy for spuring me into action by re-uploading the above. Did you up part 2 Ashley or shall I do it?

Pavement and Sultans of Ping FC 10th July 1992 3hrs
10th July 1992 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
10th July 1992 part two (rapidshare) * new link *

Festive Fifty 1999
…These ones are on a drive somewhere! :\

“Anybody got any 84,85 or 86 shows tucked away in the back of the cupboard?”

8 Responses to “John Peel Files (1980,1992,1999)”

  1. 1 And
    2008/04/06 at 18:58

    Good to see you around again Gary!

    I’ve got to let my mate DJ Dave the Rave in Bournemouth have the credit for lending me the 1980 tape (amongst others.) Hopefully he’ll remember to bring the originals with him when he visits later in the year (hint hint)

  2. 2 JM
    2008/04/07 at 13:17

    I have 84, 85, 86 and 87. The last two being complete shows (10 Hrs). I will try to get them up on Rapidshare soon.

  3. 3 jm
    2008/04/07 at 13:24

    I have 84, 85, 86 and 87 FF. The last two being complete shows (10 Hrs). I will try to get them up on Rapidshare soon

  4. 4 Ashley Pomeroy
    2008/04/09 at 17:58

    I like his introduction for that reggae song by that band, you know the one.

    “And the first coming up in just a moment from UB40 – that’s U B, as in, like, what are they called, letters, you know, 40 as in numerals, not as it says in the Music Machine ad in this week’s Melody Maker, You Be Forty in the kind of Walter Gabriel “Harr, you be forty then””

  5. 5 Entrailicus
    2008/04/10 at 05:58

    Great work, sorry for long lay off but work is a bitch.


  6. 6 Anonymous
    2008/04/16 at 18:56

    mate links for UB40 not work. can You upload that files again, please?

    thanks bro.

  7. 7 Ashley Pomeroy
    2008/04/20 at 11:23

    I’ve uploaded the first of the PIL/UB40 shows here:

  8. 8 domestic empire
    2008/04/21 at 04:54

    Good man Ashley. Many thanks. I shall up the pavement/ping recording,(and others), once I’ve dragged them from their archive across this USB 1.1 connection.

    I did buy a new laptop recently with the express purpose of replacing this 7 year old Sony but then decided it was too good for the likes of the Internet. I suppose I ought to get another one. Ha, any excuse!

    I shall put up a post in a day or two to act as a a rolling re-uploads list.

    Thanks again Sir :D

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