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Missing/Deleted Files:
As many of you will have no doubt noticed, a number of Peel links have gone A.W.O.L. Some claim, “Uploader has deleted file”, or words to that effect, but I would think the truth might be that Andrew’s RS account has elapsed. He’d hardly delete them himself. Though this has happened before now as I recall. If you need assistance in any way Andrew please let me know buddy. Later today and during tomorrow I shall go through all the links from several months past and re-up those that require it. Hang on in there. I’m slow but steady! Oh and in the meantime, don’t let me stop anyone else uploading!


Fascism Back is in Vogue – and it affects us all.

No ulterior motive…

Art not Ads!

Highly Recommended…

John Peel Sessions by Ken Garner
Book - Bad Science
Book - Belching out the Devil


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