Down Down Deeper and Down

One or two features, including some images, linked to this site may not be working at present. This is due to one of the servers I use at The Planet becoming bored with it’s lot having to sit around all day re-routing traffic and answering database enquiries, deciding instead to have a go at catching fire to see how that might feel.

Apparently it felt pretty good and soon word got around the data centre that this was absolutely what all the hip servers were doing these days. Unfortunately this resulted in the latest craze becoming very passé very quickly and the original server that started the trend, not to be outdone, decided to blow itself up taking, “approximately 9,000 servers and impacting 7,500 customers” with it so no one else would be able to copy it’s incisive, though ultimately destructive, feel for the zeitgeist.

This has nothing to do with the Torrent feed being down, again, but as everything on the blog is moving soon anyway it’ll all be sorted out in the fullness of time and all that.

Nice day for it :)

| Fire at The Planet takes down thousands of websites via The Register

4 Responses to “Down Down Deeper and Down”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2008/06/08 at 11:47

    You can understand my disappointment when I realised this post wasn’t a Status Quo retrospective.

    I’ll be poisoning the bandwidths with more podcasts soon.

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2008/06/08 at 17:17

    Sorry to disappoint Adam :\

    I keep meaning to do another mix myself because I’ve found so many good things recently but never get around to it. Very much looking forward to your podcast then :)

  3. 3 entrailicus
    2008/06/09 at 06:58

    Should have added one of those smilies with an embarrassed look!

    Have just added the Magic Band gig from July, 2004.

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