Sheila Edits New John Peel Book For Autumn Release

The Olivetti Chronicles: Notes On Life, Music And Facial Hair

“John Peel, best known for his four decades of music-scene radio broadcasting, was all the while committing his laconic brilliance to paper in articles and reviews. Selections of these writings amount to a second autobiography.”
– source: Random House

“The articles were personally selected by Peel’s wife Sheila, and feature musings on Tubular Bells, Eurovision, shaving and the loss of virginity.”
– source: NME

The book is due to appear either, October or November, depending on which of the above two sources you choose to place your faith. Although the guardian does seem to share the NME’s optimism for October 23rd. This would coincide with the annual John Peel Day, so is probably the more likely. But this doesn’t stop Am*zon being the most adventurous of all by declaring September!

“John Peel is best known for his four decades of radio broadcasting. His Radio 1 shows pretty much defined popular culture as it emerged and shaped the taste of successive generations of music lovers. His Radio 4 show, “Home Truths”, became required listening for millions. But all the while, Peel was also committing his laconic brilliance to paper, in articles and reviews for newspapers and magazines, his diaries and his letters. Now for the first time, these writings have been brought together. Selected by his wife, Sheila, and his four children, these writings amount to a second autobiography, telling the John Peel story as it happened. From his earliest journalism – and, as Peel admitted in the original synopsis of his autobiography: ‘starting with crap pieces (opportunities for hilarious quotes from same “clouds are poems written in the sky”)’, he also wrote contributions for “International Times”, “Oz”, “Gandalf’s Garden” and “Disc and Music Echo”, then “Sounds”, the “Observer”, the “Independent”, “Radio Times” and he was even briefly a correspondent for “Bike” magazine.

Woven through these pieces are Peel’s diary entries, letters and personal reflections from his family who are the subject of so many of them. This extraordinary, hilarious and moving book is a reminder of just why John Peel remains a truly great Briton and how much we still miss him.”
– source: Am*zon

7 Responses to “Sheila Edits New John Peel Book For Autumn Release”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2008/08/11 at 07:17

    I’d heard mention of this elsewhere, thanks for the info.

    Have you voted in the ’76 Festive 50 yet?

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2008/08/12 at 01:33

    “Have you voted in the ’76 Festive 50 yet”


    I think I’m rather out of the loop on this one. In fact I’m afraid I have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. 3 entrailicus
    2008/08/12 at 06:28

    I know I’m going to regret it but…


  4. 4 DuffPaddy
    2008/08/16 at 10:33

    Thanks for the info. I’d been planning to take a trip to the Birmingham Central Library at some point to see if I could copy all Peel’s Radio Times articles. I’ll wait to buy this instead now.

    Hope you’re doing well mate, and that you’re able to get back on the scene soon. It’s proving a vintage year for the peel group.

  5. 5 domestic empire
    2008/08/17 at 20:45

    Well? Don’t talk to me about well, and me with this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side…

    I hadn’t thought of trawling the public archives for John’s RT articles. That’s a damn good idea as the book is only going to be a selection out inumerable other things he wrote over the years. That reminds me I have a few RT’s myself. If I ever get my server back they can go up on johnpeel.net. I reckon some people may get a bit sniffy about us reprinting them but, well what’s life without adventure?

  6. 6 Alastair
    2008/08/17 at 22:54

    I don’t know how to let you know other than by commenting rather randomly on your blog, but I’ve added an unpublished footballing photo of John to my own blog:
    http://blogspot.com/temporary trafficlights/
    I’ve got one or two more Peel related curios that I’ll be adding soon.

    Alastair x

  7. 7 domestic empire
    2008/08/18 at 05:43

    Thanks Alastair.

    I’ve added your blog my links. Nice site :)

    If anyone’s having trouble with the link above, try this ;-p


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