1976 Revisited

From Fades in Slowly:
“I’ve always felt that ’76 was important enough to warrant a 50 of its own. I’m going to compile all of your votes and do a series of podcasts round about the end of December / beginning of January based on your favourite records of that stupendous year.”

So click over to Adam’s site to vote for your favourite 3 tracks from 1976. I was nine and can’t recall what was around in that year without checking first but I do remember having one of those Anarchy patches with the crossed-through A on my jacket, so that’s a clue I suppose. Mind you no one has the right to call themselves a full fledged anarchist if they have to ask their Mum to sew on the patch.

Ah happy days?
Not really no.

| 1976 Revisited

2 Responses to “1976 Revisited”

  1. 1 entrailicus
    2008/08/25 at 06:10

    A fairly meaningful top 10 is starting to form but all of your votes will make a difference.

    You’ve got until the start of December to send me your choices!

  2. 2 domestic empire
    2008/08/25 at 10:32

    Yes I have a feeling my own choice, once finalised, will form an ‘interesting’ look to the lower end of the chart. Looking forward to seeing, and hearing, the final result. Will send it over asap.

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