1997 The Orb at Glastonbury

Spaced in Somerset

Spaced in Somerset

I’ve been quite enjoying the Orb’s current album The Dream, which makes a change from several of their previous releases. So I have to give this posting a quick mention…

“Download a live set recorded at Glastonbury. ..recorded and broadcast by Radio 1, recorded to cassette and transferred/tape hiss removed with Goldwave. I think there’s even a snippet of the late great John Peel at the end, as he used to handle much of Radio 1’s Glastonbury coverage in those days.”

1997-06-28 Glastonbury Festival
01. Majestic
02. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain that Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld
03. Little Fluffy Clouds
04. Bedouin
05. Toxygene

Source: The Nomads Tent


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