It’s Alive

It’s Alive: A Celebration of the Session with John Walters

Michael Redgrave and Hugo. But which is the dummy?  Ealing Studios' classic Dead of Night from 1945

Michael Redgrave with Hugo. Ealing Studios' classic Dead of Night from 1945

In this BBC radio documentary from 1991, John Walters relates a potted history spanning over 70 years of the BBC music session, with conributions from John Peel, Bernie Andrews, Dale Griffin, Peter Hooton, Robert Wyatt, Phil Collins, Nick Gomm, Siouxsie, Steve Severin, and erm, Jordan. Huh?

Audio demuxed by me from a DVD compiled by Alasdair via jah-peel. The detailed running order is also courtesy of Alasdair. Thank you sir.

While you’re fetching the link from the comments, you could thank Alasdair. Fair deal? :)

01. Intro
02. Jimi Hendrix : Radio 1 Jingle
03. John Walters narration / Hoovers interview (1991-01-29)
04. Alan Price Set : Barefootin’ 1966 Saturday Club
05. Narration / interviews
06. Bernie Andrews interview / Dave Clarke Five : Bits & Pieces
07. Narration / interviews
08. Jimi Hendrix : Get My Heart Together Again (1967-12-15) / narration & interviews
09. Narration / interviews / T-Rex : Ride A White Swan
10. Narration / interviews / Soft Machine : Moon In June (1969-06-10) / narration / interviews
11. Brand X : unknown (1976-02-26 or 1976-07-15) / narration / interviews
12. Narration / interviews / Gene Vincent : Be Bop A Lula (1971-10-01)
13. 2 Chimpanzees playing piano (1971, unreleased/unbroadcast) / narration / interviews
14. Narration / interviews / Carol Concert 1970 (Rod Stewart) / narration
15. Narration / interviews / The Damned : Stab Your Back (1976-11-30)
16. Adam & The Ants : Lou (1978-01-23) / narration / interviews
17. Narration / interviews / The Slits : Love And Romance (1977-09-19) / narration / interviews
18. Narration / interviews / Siouxsie & The Banshees : Hong Kong Garden (1978-02-06)
19. Narration / interviews / The Smiths : unknown
20. Narration / interviews / The Four Brothers : unknown
21. Narration / interviews / A Guy Called Gerald : unknown (1988-10-30 or 1989-08-06)
22. Narration / interviews / The Farm : No Man’s Land (1983-04-17) / narration / interviews
23. Narration / interviews / The Ukranians : unknown (1991-09-24)
24. The Hoovers : Big Time (1991-01-29) / narration / interviews
Total Time : [59:39]

6 Responses to “It’s Alive”

  1. 2008/09/13 at 08:31

    It’s Alive: A Celebration of the Session with John Walters


    Source: jah-peel: http://www.jah-peel.no-ip.org:7070/

    Thanks Alasdair (“;)

  2. 2008/09/13 at 10:15

    ‘Güle güle oturun’ as the turks like to say (may you happily reside in your new home is a very rough translation.

    Like the feel of the new place, am planning to wordpressize FiS in a similar manner.


  3. 2008/09/13 at 18:17

    Thanks Adam.

    WordPress is certainly a more sophisticated software app than blogspot’s, however if one is using wordpress.com to host, as I am presently, one actually has limited control over the code beneath, template and CSS, compared to Blogger.

    I’m moving everything to my own paid-for server with a custom design, so in the short term it doesn’t bother me that much. The johnpeel.net domain will point wherever I choose thanks to DNS. But some people might find it a bit limiting or frustrating. Mind you, dealing with hosting companies and domain registrars can be infinitely more infuriating.

    In short:
    WordPress on your own server = Great!
    WordPress blog hosted by wordpress.com: Try it first before you commit.

    And that’s not the only consideration. I’ve written a piece on how moving from blogspot.com to wordpress.com is likely to effect one’s search results. Google owns Blogspot! Look out for that post over the weekend, once I can find which computer it’s on!

    I may be slow and a little scatty, in a wholesome and endearing way I like to think, but I get there in the end. (“;)

  4. 2008/09/14 at 01:08

    Dear Mr. God, this is a good move in my opinion! Long may you run, and thanks for this documentary. It came out at a period when things were onward and upward for me (contrasted to four years later), so radio listening wasn’t a priority, sadly.
    Take care.

  5. 2008/11/25 at 10:21

    I am really looking forward to hearing this, thank you!

  6. 2008/11/25 at 10:56

    There’s another documentary that was shared recently Elle, from our Ken I think, called Radio Radio that’s well worth having. I ought to blog that for those that might have missed it.

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