Radio Ravenscroft

Tom and William Ravenscroft on BBC Radio
BBC 6 Music Schedule for Saturday 3rd January 2009 at midnight

00:00 BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson
Tom and William Ravenscroft, sons of the late John Peel, guest on Tom Robinson’s programme with two hours of new music.

So that’s midnight Saturday until 2am Sunday morning on BBC 6 Music.

Read less at the new and crappy BBC website
Unpredictable Porridge A going concern? Forum still not working prop.
→ Tom’s podcasts for Channel 4


I’m sending out invites so that others can contribute news and links to their own Peel site updates. Just because I want to take a back seat shouldn’t allow the site to go unloved. If you’ve got a reason to be invited just ask.

7 Responses to “Radio Ravenscroft”

  1. 2009/01/03 at 12:51

    Dear Gary

    Lovely to see you here again: can I have an invite please? To write here would be an honour. Truly.

    Take care, and Happy New Year!


  2. 2009/01/03 at 17:19

    Steve, you don’t have to ask!

  3. 2009/01/06 at 04:50

    :D But of course. I tried adding you both several days ago but you need to sign up for a wordpress account first. If you use the same email as you do to comment here I can add you in seconds! Check your respective inbox a little later. I’ll be sending over some additional info as well. (“;)

  4. 2009/02/03 at 13:38

    Hi just saw our unpredictable porridge review, thanx for the kind comments we are about 3 days away from havin a shiney new debut EP in our hands that we would love you to have a listen to (no break song im afraid but were really happy with it its a bit of a beast) how would we get a copy over to you guys?

  5. 2009/02/27 at 00:06

    hope you like some of my music, enough to play it;
    mother earth and Jerusalem are proving v. popular.
    can send you the cd or mp3’s

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