Chips Off The Old Block

Tom Robinson with Tom and William Ravenscroft at BBC 6 Music

Tom Robinson with Tom and William Ravenscroft at BBC 6 Music

Steve from Teenage Kicks here! Before treading lightly in the deep waters of this hallowed ground, I just want to say many thanks to Gary for setting me up as an author here, and I hope in the coming months that I won’t do anything to disgrace the reputation it so richly deserves. So enough gab from me, and here’s info regarding Peel’s offspring and their fledgeling recording career.

128kbp/s MP3 Part 1 of 2:
Size: 58720 KB

128kbp/s MP3 Part 2 of 2:
Size: 56847 KB

Or, RealAudio web-rip:
Size: 57881 KB


At time of writing a 58min podcast version, thus described “BBC 6 Music’s new album-length podcast – a dozen new handpicked tunes every week from Tom Robinson’s Introducing shows in the small hours of Sunday and Monday mornings: full length tracks by upcoming artists, direct from their own websites.” can be downloaded from here:
Free BBC Introducing Podacast 05/01/09

Now get downloading and enjoy the continuation of a great tradition in radio.


Steve runs Teenage Kicks, which is a great source of Peel-related features and files. It’s updated regularly too!

3 Responses to “Chips Off The Old Block”

  1. 1 Will Knot B. Revealed Snr.
    2009/01/08 at 17:19

    Cheers for this. I can never download from iplayer.

  2. 2 dickvandyke
    2009/01/11 at 20:57

    Blimey Steve, you put it about a bit!

  3. 3 peter weyer brown
    2009/05/28 at 18:56

    this is a message for william ravenscroft
    i just received my copy of the olivetti chronicles and read his introduction where he refuses to include articles from gandalf’s garden and international times. he follows this up with the hypocrisy of “he often expressed mild embarassment at some of the things he used o write , but this seems to us to be utterly without foundation” does this men that only william’s “mild embarassment” (sic) counts? what john used to say on the perfumed garden, gandalf’s garden, international times, and the early days of BBC 1 and the late night programs was an inspriration and gave direction to my life
    peter weyer brown

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