You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again (Complete Series)

You'll Never Be Sixteen Again

You'll Never Be Sixteen Again

“A rare chance to hear this acclaimed series, presented by John Peel and first broadcast in 1985, which tells the story of the British teenager through music, archive and reminiscences.”

It’s time once again to man the editing block (ask your parents!), as “6 Music Plays It Again” but in bite-sized chunks of course. One ought not to complain though, because it’s good to know someone has the good sense to embark upon regular raids within the BBC archives.

Each of the original one hour episodes was split in two and broadcast over consecutive nights which necessitated a degree of creative editing that I only really embarked upon with any degree of flair from episode 3.

I might re-edit 1 and 2 if only to provide consistency, although I don’t think it will bother anyone too much, other than myself if, as I suspect, It becomes yet another of those empty ‘promises’ that you’ve doubtless come to expect from me.

Although fostering low expectations for this site must make anything a welcome bonus I imagine. Perhaps somewhat like the denial of a wife-beater’s prey whose loyalty rests on the claim that, “He’s actually quite a softie really”.

NOTICE: I foolishly named rar files, 1 & 2, the wrong way around. However the links are correct and so are the actual audio files within!

↓ Episode 1 : Ain’t Misbehavin’

“A look at austerity, fashion, Elvis Presley, rock ‘n’ roll and attitudes towards sex.”
01. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1985).mp3

↓ Episode 2 : Puttin’ on the Style

“Looking at skiffle, trad jazz, beatniks, beehives, coffee bars, Aldermaston and the twist.”
02. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Puttin’ on the Style (1985).mp3

↓ Episode 3 : I’m Into Something Good

“The era of Merseybeat, Mods & Rockers and ‘Swinging London’.”
03. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – I’m Into Something Good (1985).mp3

↓ Episode 4 : Hello, I Love You

“Flower power, student protest and the road to Katmandu.”
04. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Hello, I Love You (1985).mp3

↓ Episode 5 : In a Broken Dream

“The era of long hair, skinheads and tartan-trousered teenyboppers.”
05. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – In a Broken Dream (1985).mp3

↓ Episode 6 : Pretty Vacant

“The rise and fall of punk, the John Travolta disco boom and riots in the cities.”
06. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Pretty Vacant (1985).mp3

↓ Episode 7 : Best Years of Our Lives

“New Romantics, glue sniffers, casuals and psychobillies.”
07. You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Best Years of Our Lives (1985).mp3

20 Responses to “You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again (Complete Series)”

  1. 1 Chris H.
    2009/03/14 at 09:55

    Was just coming over here to mention this. Looking forward to giving it a listen later.

  2. 2 steve w
    2009/03/16 at 19:14

    Be fantastic if you can share these, Gary. I’m really badly set up for ripping streams out in foreign parts.


    Steve W

  3. 2009/03/16 at 20:18

    Sorry guys. I had to contact the BBC first because the first part cut off abruptly via the stream. They were fantastic though and sorted it out very quickly. Then I became distracted by other things. I’ll do my best to finish the edits on the first two episodes and upload tonight.

  4. 2009/03/18 at 12:43

    “Ripping out streams in foreign parts”, bet that’ll make your eyes water.

    Hope you enjoy them matey. Don’t forget you can always email me if you need anything in particular because I tend to rip more than I upload.

  5. 5 steve w
    2009/03/22 at 14:25

    Hadn’t thought about this until you pointed it out…

    Thanks for the two shows so far, Gary. Happy enough I wasn’t around at the time (1940s, 50s). Shame there isn’t more JP, but never mind.


    Steve W

  6. 6 Paul
    2009/03/23 at 15:14

    Great work by you on a great piece of British social history. Do please continue with the rest in the series.

    Many thanks.

  7. 7 steve w
    2009/03/26 at 09:49

    Many thanks for these next two, Gary. Look forward to hearing them.


    Steve W

  8. 2009/04/01 at 17:31

    Thanks Gary. Despite reminders on the group I forgot all about this one. Look forward to the rest.

  9. 9 Phil
    2009/04/03 at 12:53

    Thanks a lot for these Gary, much appreciated!!

  10. 2009/04/03 at 15:38

    …and thanks for the remaining three episodes, too!

    Episode 1 behaves a bit strangely, though: Winamp reckons it’s 96 minutes long, and Media Player Classic and VLC say it’s 72 mins. Of the players at my disposal, only Quicktime/iTunes and Windows Media Player seem to get it right. Odd!

    Heh, loved the Thatch rant. Check out this week’s Newswipe, which showed that old Nationwide clip of a viewer giving her a pasting about the Belgrano.

    Finally, can I pick your brains for some ripping tips? I’d like to grab the sound files on these pages, but I’m having a bit of trouble. I can see that there are MP3s at the backend somewhere, but don’t know how to grab them:


    Cheers mate,


    • 2009/04/04 at 21:55

      Yes the first two were done a little ‘on the quick’ and I used mp3merge which appears to mess up the file header info. Once I find what I did with the originals I’ll re-edit and re-up.

      Regards the Douglas Adams page (news of the new series with Stephen Fry is here by the way), I’ll reply proper offline as it’s a bit involved. However I have that radio series already plus the original CDROM if that’s your main concerned?

  11. 12 steve w
    2009/04/05 at 04:58

    Many thanks indeed again, Gary, for these. I’ve put a basic link to this page up on the Wiki:

    Hope that’s OK.


    Steve W

  12. 14 steve w
    2009/04/06 at 02:16

    Good one. Cheers, Gary.

    Steve W

  13. 2009/04/06 at 12:17

    Yes mate, it was the radio series episodes I wanted. I have the CDROM and audiobook, but the radio series was a very different beast to both, being more of a travelogue than DNA readings from the book. So if you have those yes, I’d be very interested.

    • 2009/04/08 at 21:55

      Email on it’s way Ed :)

      Apparently foobar2000 can sort out those incorrect mp3 headers.

      “Load an MP3 in foobar2000, right click on it, go to Utils, and click ‘Fix VBR MP3 Header’.”

  14. 2009/05/08 at 18:03

    Thank you so much, I’m really looking forward to listening to this :)

  15. 2010/05/18 at 10:52

    As the producer of ‘You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again’ I’d like to say thanks for making it available to a whole new generation of listeners. The book of the series is available free to be read in full on my website http://www.kinace.com.
    Keep the faith,
    Peter Everett

    • 2010/05/21 at 03:20

      No, thank you for great a series.

      I will feature this as a post and link you up once I get off my lazy backside.

      Really good to hear from you Peter.

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