BBC iPlayer Technical Support

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

I foresee ongoing problems with iPlayer that will certainly delay future uploads. I’ve taken heed and bookmarked technical support.

However they were great at fixing the problem last week by re-editing the programme in question. Moreover they achieved this very quickly indeed. Easily within the space of 5 hours. So, technical issues with the software aside, I wish to give the BBC iPlayer Support and 6 Music Website Team a huge thank you. Respect ;)

I may occasionally moan about the Beeb but that’s all to do with upper management, not the people who do the real grafting.

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  1. 1 smakarl
    2009/09/13 at 16:58

    iplayer: browser independent problem, when selecting a feed to play with the bbc iplayer, it takes so long to start the playback that people give up waiting as ” it must have failed” .

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