Andy Kershaw on BBC Radio 4

Andy Kershaw

Andy Kershaw talks about rebuilding his life and career.

Here’s an early notication that’s sure to be of interest to a great many that frequent this site.

On the Ropes
09:00-09:30 (repeated at 21:30-22:00)
Tuesday 28th April 2009
BBC Radio 4

John Humphrys talks to successful people who have weathered storms in their careers.

Andy Kershaw talks about rebuilding his life and career after losing his BBC radio show and spending time in prison for breaking a restraining order.

Andy has enjoyed a highly successful broadcasting career, winning a brace of Sony Radio awards and receiving critical acclaim for his reports from Rwanda, Angola, Haiti and Iraq. However, his outspoken opinions led to him being dropped by Radio One; he openly attacked Bob Geldof over his stance on Africa and in 2007 his personal life began to suffer.

He was arrested trying to break into the home of his former girlfriend and was found guilty of drink driving. A restraining order was placed on Andy, and his Radio 3 show was taken off air. In 2008 he breached this restraining order in an attempt to see his two children and ended up in jail. He is attempting to rebuild his life and career.

source: BBC Radio 4

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6 Responses to “Andy Kershaw on BBC Radio 4”

  1. 2009/04/22 at 19:28

    Sounds well worth a listen.

    Also the Down the Line special[http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qy1y] is worth a listen if, like me, you used to enjoy the local, and national, phone in shows, back when the local, and national, phone in shows we’re worth listening to. not like now, with the new local, and national, phone in shows…

  2. 2 soitgoes2512
    2009/04/23 at 12:34

    Thanks for the advance notice on this one, Gary, Should be interesting listening.
    P.S. Sorry for not posting anything recently: I will be back on form once I have my work, personal life and finances sorted out (soonish rather than laterish).

  3. 3 Mike
    2009/04/25 at 20:42

    Thanks for advance notice.

    I hope he’s getting back on his feet.

    Trying to see your own children a crime, what next!?

  4. 5 sue beer
    2009/04/28 at 10:00

    why was this pulled? WE NEED TO KNOW ……

  5. 6 Malcolm F
    2009/04/30 at 18:42


    It is very dissapointing that the programme had to be cancelled.

    To those of you who are interested look at


    Regards from


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