How Peel and Kershaw First Met


Andy Kershaw & John Peel

Just happened upon this charming piece from 1995 over at the Independent: John Peel and Andy Kershaw : How We Met. Here’s the opening paragraph by Emma Cook.

John Peel, 55, was born in Heswell, near Liverpool. After finishing his military service in 1962, he began his career as a disc jockey in America. In 1967 he returned to Britain and joined Radio 1, where he has worked ever since. He lives in Suffolk with his wife Sheila and their four children. Andy Kershaw, 35, was born in Rochdale. After studying politics at Leeds University, he became a presenter for BBC2’s Old Grey Whistle Test in 1984. A year later he joined Radio 1, on which he still hosts a weekly show. He lives in north London with his girlfriend Juliette.

→ Read the complete article here.

→ I have also added it to John Peel links scrapbook where you can find numerous links to interviews and various newspaper articles relating to John that I’ve collected over a number of years.

3 Responses to “How Peel and Kershaw First Met”

  1. 2009/04/25 at 00:00

    Thanks Gary: an interesting little read, with unusually, some anecdotes I’d not heard before. But bloody Nora – has the Indy really been online since 1995?

  2. 2 notJohn
    2009/04/28 at 11:28

    I was at Leeds U around the same time as the infamous A. Kershaw. ‘studying’ politics may be somewhat of an exaggeration as he was best known for his efforts as Ents.Sec. and his show on Radio Aire.

  3. 2009/06/12 at 03:36

    I have always regretted not listening to more of John. I have discovered more music from these guys than anyone else.

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