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Nirvana Boots

A quickie post concerning a couple of Nirvana links spotted at the always dependable BigO, who now have a roio* audio blog in case you haven’t heard. I hadn’t until now.



* Recording of Indeterminate Origin

ROIO Audio Blog


John Peel 1994 Playlists

Peel Acres Record Library

Peel Acres Record Library

Well, I don’t expect this message to be greeted with the excitement that heralds the arrival of a batch of newly-digitised tapes, but I’ve just completed typing up the playlists for (virtually) the whole of 1994. It comes in at almost 37,000 words and took far, far longer than I had expected.

You can see the results of my efforts at

In its heyday the avistic website was updated on a (sort of) weekly basis from Ceefax listings published by the BBC, and getting them on the website was just a matter of a quick cut and paste. Today, however, I’m working from a mixture of ancient PasBs and handwritten lists provided to me some years ago by various listeners and quite apart from the typing, the cross-checking of the entries for consistency was a huge task. There are one or two incomplete entries and I’m sure some mis-spellings have slipped in, so if anyone can supply me with corrections please do and I’ll get them entered up.

Now I’m off to the Wikia to do some linking..


source: John Peel radio show discussion group

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