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1976 Revisited

From Fades in Slowly:
“I’ve always felt that ’76 was important enough to warrant a 50 of its own. I’m going to compile all of your votes and do a series of podcasts round about the end of December / beginning of January based on your favourite records of that stupendous year.”

So click over to Adam’s site to vote for your favourite 3 tracks from 1976. I was nine and can’t recall what was around in that year without checking first but I do remember having one of those Anarchy patches with the crossed-through A on my jacket, so that’s a clue I suppose. Mind you no one has the right to call themselves a full fledged anarchist if they have to ask their Mum to sew on the patch.

Ah happy days?
Not really no.

| 1976 Revisited


John Peel – BBC4 Monday

BBC4’s Liverpool on the Box season features three programmes with our John providing the voice over duties. Two of which you will no doubt have seen before and probably already have archived, but the first, Chambré Hardman and the Lost City of Liverpool, is a new one on me. Looks good!

Monday 18th August 19.30-20.00
Chambré Hardman and the Lost City of Liverpool

“The life and career of Liverpool photographer Edward Chambre Hardman, whose work captured the people and city of Liverpool during its pre-war heyday.”

Monday 18th August 01:25-02.15
Rock Family Trees: The Mersey Sound

“The rise and fall of the Mersey Beat scene during the 60s, including a look at the Beatles, the Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemaker and Billy J Kramer.”

Monday 18th August 02:15-03.05
Rock Family Trees: The New Mersey Beat

“A look at the next generation of bands after Mersey Beat to emerge from Liverpool including Echo and the Bunnymen, the Teardrop Explodes, OMD and the Lightning Seeds.”

| BBC4
| Chambré Hardman (National Trust Print Collection)
| E. Chambré Hardman Archive
| Chambré Hardman Photographs
| Peter Frame’s Rock Family Trees
| 1999 Pete Frame interview


Sheila Edits New John Peel Book For Autumn Release

The Olivetti Chronicles: Notes On Life, Music And Facial Hair

“John Peel, best known for his four decades of music-scene radio broadcasting, was all the while committing his laconic brilliance to paper in articles and reviews. Selections of these writings amount to a second autobiography.”
– source: Random House

“The articles were personally selected by Peel’s wife Sheila, and feature musings on Tubular Bells, Eurovision, shaving and the loss of virginity.”
– source: NME

The book is due to appear either, October or November, depending on which of the above two sources you choose to place your faith. Although the guardian does seem to share the NME’s optimism for October 23rd. This would coincide with the annual John Peel Day, so is probably the more likely. But this doesn’t stop Am*zon being the most adventurous of all by declaring September!

“John Peel is best known for his four decades of radio broadcasting. His Radio 1 shows pretty much defined popular culture as it emerged and shaped the taste of successive generations of music lovers. His Radio 4 show, “Home Truths”, became required listening for millions. But all the while, Peel was also committing his laconic brilliance to paper, in articles and reviews for newspapers and magazines, his diaries and his letters. Now for the first time, these writings have been brought together. Selected by his wife, Sheila, and his four children, these writings amount to a second autobiography, telling the John Peel story as it happened. From his earliest journalism – and, as Peel admitted in the original synopsis of his autobiography: ‘starting with crap pieces (opportunities for hilarious quotes from same “clouds are poems written in the sky”)’, he also wrote contributions for “International Times”, “Oz”, “Gandalf’s Garden” and “Disc and Music Echo”, then “Sounds”, the “Observer”, the “Independent”, “Radio Times” and he was even briefly a correspondent for “Bike” magazine.

Woven through these pieces are Peel’s diary entries, letters and personal reflections from his family who are the subject of so many of them. This extraordinary, hilarious and moving book is a reminder of just why John Peel remains a truly great Briton and how much we still miss him.”
– source: Am*zon


Radio Cocker

Two recent radio documentaries featuring Jarvis Cocker.

• Zine Scene (in two parts)
“Jarvis Cocker explores the history of fanzines, small publications designed and produced by devotees of popular phenomena.

Broadcast in January 2008 on BBC Radio 4
Zine Scene rapidshare
50.9 MB (53395488 bytes)

• Jarvis Cocker’s Musical Map of Sheffield.
“Former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker takes you on an intimate tour of Sheffield. In his evocative musical map, Jarvis creates a soundtrack that drives his memories, feelings and observations about his home town. Growing up in a city that was still reeling from the loss of big industry, Jarvis recalls his childhood, surrounded by family, and listening to conversations about love and disappointment. Along the way, he introduces the music of Sheffield legends, including Joe Cocker, Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League and Artery.”

Broadcast in July 2008 on BBC Radio 2
Jarvis Cocker’s Musical Map of Sheffield rapidshare
51.6 MB (54146195 bytes)

I haven’t checked that these might already be uploaded elsewhere, so I apologise in advance for any possible duplication.


Down Down Deeper and Down

One or two features, including some images, linked to this site may not be working at present. This is due to one of the servers I use at The Planet becoming bored with it’s lot having to sit around all day re-routing traffic and answering database enquiries, deciding instead to have a go at catching fire to see how that might feel.

Apparently it felt pretty good and soon word got around the data centre that this was absolutely what all the hip servers were doing these days. Unfortunately this resulted in the latest craze becoming very passé very quickly and the original server that started the trend, not to be outdone, decided to blow itself up taking, “approximately 9,000 servers and impacting 7,500 customers” with it so no one else would be able to copy it’s incisive, though ultimately destructive, feel for the zeitgeist.

This has nothing to do with the Torrent feed being down, again, but as everything on the blog is moving soon anyway it’ll all be sorted out in the fullness of time and all that.

Nice day for it :)

| Fire at The Planet takes down thousands of websites via The Register


Uploaded and Updated

The following posts have been updated with new links:

• Kitchens of Distinction and Babes In Toyland 12th September 1992
• New Order and Vice Squad 1st June 1982
• New Order and The Rezillos 16th February 1981
John Peel Files 1981, 1982 & 1992

• Small Factory and The Orb 14th August 1992
1992.08.14 Small Factory & The Orb John Peel Files

• PiL & UB40 January 2nd 1980 [Did you get part 2 online Ashley?]
• Pavement and Sultans of Ping FC 10th July 1992
• Festive Fifty 1999 (awaiting re-up)
John Peel Files (1980,1992,1999)

A huge thank you to all the original cappers and uploaders at the Peel Newsgroup couldn’t do it without them!

Thanks to Jon for making me smile regarding his updated comments regarding this site. Cheeky bugger LOL :)

| The Peel Tapes
| Peel Newsgroup


New John Peel Site

A Peel A Day:

Yup there’s a new kid in town with plenty of John Peel files to download. Make room in your bookmarks for A Peel A Day. Over to Chris…

“I’ve just unearthed about 8gb of Peel shows that I recorded direct from DAB around 2002/2003. They’re mostly complete shows with a few partial ones where the radio connection died – quality is generally pretty good. I’ve set up a blogspot blog to start posting them to –


The site also states, “New shows will be posted sometime around 10pm GMT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Just like old times.” Nice touch Chris. Good to have you along :D

So go and say hello to the lad and get downloading.

| A Peel A Day.


I See No Files!

Missing/Deleted Files:
As many of you will have no doubt noticed, a number of Peel links have gone A.W.O.L. Some claim, “Uploader has deleted file”, or words to that effect, but I would think the truth might be that Andrew’s RS account has elapsed. He’d hardly delete them himself. Though this has happened before now as I recall. If you need assistance in any way Andrew please let me know buddy. Later today and during tomorrow I shall go through all the links from several months past and re-up those that require it. Hang on in there. I’m slow but steady! Oh and in the meantime, don’t let me stop anyone else uploading!


John Peel Files 1981, 1982 & 1992

*** UPDATED 21st may 2008 ***

Over to Andrew once again:

“Couple more to see you through to the weekend.”

Kitchens of Distinction and Babes In Toyland 12th September 1992 3hrs (almost)
12th September 1992 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
12th September 1992 part two (rapidshare) * new link *
12th September 1992 part three (rapidshare) * new link *
12th September 1992 part four (rapidshare) * new link *

New Order and Vice Squad 1st June 1982 2hrs
1st June 1982 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
1st June 1982 part two (rapidshare) * new link *
(Cheers Dave)

and judging by the download stats, this one wasn’t as visible as I

New Order and The Rezillos 16th February 1981 2hrs
16th February 1981 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
16th February 1981 part two (rapidshare) * new link *

Cheers, Andrew

Many thanks to Andrew and Dave :D

| Peel Newsgroup


1992.08.14 Small Factory & The Orb John Peel Files

*** UPDATED 21st may 2008 ***

Hello John Peel friends and fans of good music and welcome to Andrew’s John Peel site! ;D

Small Factory and The Orb 14th August 1992 3 hrs
14th August 1992 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
14th August 1992 part two (rapidshare) * new link *
14th August 1992 part three (rapidshare) * new link *
14th August 1992 part four (rapidshare) * new link *

Cheers, Andrew

Cheers to you friend and many thanks for this and all your recent shares.
Sourced from Peel Newsgroup

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