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I See No Files!

Missing/Deleted Files:
As many of you will have no doubt noticed, a number of Peel links have gone A.W.O.L. Some claim, “Uploader has deleted file”, or words to that effect, but I would think the truth might be that Andrew’s RS account has elapsed. He’d hardly delete them himself. Though this has happened before now as I recall. If you need assistance in any way Andrew please let me know buddy. Later today and during tomorrow I shall go through all the links from several months past and re-up those that require it. Hang on in there. I’m slow but steady! Oh and in the meantime, don’t let me stop anyone else uploading!


John Peel Files 1981, 1982 & 1992

*** UPDATED 21st may 2008 ***

Over to Andrew once again:

“Couple more to see you through to the weekend.”

Kitchens of Distinction and Babes In Toyland 12th September 1992 3hrs (almost)
12th September 1992 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
12th September 1992 part two (rapidshare) * new link *
12th September 1992 part three (rapidshare) * new link *
12th September 1992 part four (rapidshare) * new link *

New Order and Vice Squad 1st June 1982 2hrs
1st June 1982 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
1st June 1982 part two (rapidshare) * new link *
(Cheers Dave)

and judging by the download stats, this one wasn’t as visible as I

New Order and The Rezillos 16th February 1981 2hrs
16th February 1981 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
16th February 1981 part two (rapidshare) * new link *

Cheers, Andrew

Many thanks to Andrew and Dave :D

| Peel Newsgroup


1992.08.14 Small Factory & The Orb John Peel Files

*** UPDATED 21st may 2008 ***

Hello John Peel friends and fans of good music and welcome to Andrew’s John Peel site! ;D

Small Factory and The Orb 14th August 1992 3 hrs
14th August 1992 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
14th August 1992 part two (rapidshare) * new link *
14th August 1992 part three (rapidshare) * new link *
14th August 1992 part four (rapidshare) * new link *

Cheers, Andrew

Cheers to you friend and many thanks for this and all your recent shares.
Sourced from Peel Newsgroup


John Peel Files (1980,1992,1999)

*** UPDATED 21st may 2008 ***

Some recent shares from top man Andrew at the Peel Newsgroup. Thank you very much indeed Sir.

PiL & UB40 January 2nd 1980 2hrs
“This is taken from a 16 year old copy tape of a 12 year old original tape, so be warned – it’s a bit ‘hissy’. Having said that, I’m not fussy meself and would be happy to hear something of this quality if I hadn’t heard it before.”
January 2nd 1980 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
January 2nd 1980 part two
Many thanks to Ashley Pomeroy for spuring me into action by re-uploading the above. Did you up part 2 Ashley or shall I do it?

Pavement and Sultans of Ping FC 10th July 1992 3hrs
10th July 1992 part one (rapidshare) * new link *
10th July 1992 part two (rapidshare) * new link *

Festive Fifty 1999
…These ones are on a drive somewhere! :\

“Anybody got any 84,85 or 86 shows tucked away in the back of the cupboard?”


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! (2008)

Music should be primal and intuitive. So no convoluted reviews discussing age/catalogue, and all the other self-congratulatory bollocks so beloved of hack reviewers. Just listen to this taster track from the new album. Then buy it. It’s great!

| We Call Upon The Author mp3 8.32 MB (8728068 bytes)
From Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! (2008)

And make sure you buy from an Independent record retailer. The corporations will only squander it ;-p

| Nick Cave Website
| Nick Cave @ Wikipedia


The Sonics in 2008 (Radio Session)

On BBC Radio 2 this Friday at midnight this seminal group play live in session. Is this news to you? It is to me. I had no idea they were a going concern once more.

According to Wikipedia, “In 2007, The Sonics reunited again, this time for the Cavestomp garage rock festival in Brooklyn (November 2-4, 2007). The line up featured original members Gerry Roslie on vocals/keyboards, Larry Parypa on guitar and Rob Lind on tenor sax; with Ricky Lynn Johnson (of The Wailers) on drums and Don Wilhelm (of The Daily Flash) on bass and vocals.”

I really can’t imagine what they might sound like now. I think it’s nigh on impossible to equal the energy of said debut LP but I do hope they retain something of that pre-punk attitude.

You’ll find a track of theirs from the last year’s John Peel Faith Healer MiX. If you like that, and who in their right mind wouldn’t, you need to buy the album because every track is a blinder. Really. And make sure you buy from an Independent record retailer. The corporations will only squander it ;-p

| John Peel Faith Healer MiX (info & track listing)
| John Peel Faith Healer MiX (direct download)
| John Peel Faith Healer MiX (torrent)
| The Sonics @ Wikipedia
| The Sonics @MySpace
| The Sonics Fan Site

“The Sonics recorded very, very cheaply on a two track you know, and they just used one microphone over the drums, and they got the most amazing drum sound I’ve ever heard. Still to this day, it’s still my favorite drum sound. It sounds like he’s hitting harder than anyone I’ve ever known.” – Kurt Cobain

extra album tasters…
| Psycho by The Sonics (1965) wma 2.09 MB (2198923 bytes)
| Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics (1965) wma 2.43 MB (2557513 bytes)

“If our records sound distorted, it’s because they are. My Brother (Larry, guitar) was always fooling around with the amps. They were always overdriven. Or he was disconnecting the speakers and poking a hole in them with an ice pick. That’s how we ended up sounding like a train wreck” – Andy Parypa (1984)

Other Radio Highlights
While on the subject of Radio. The Reggae Show is back for another run on Radio 2 and Radiohead are on the Mark Radcliffe show, (unfortunately still with that insufferable maconie twat in tow), on Tuesday 1st April.


(Audio) Waving, Not Drowning

I didn’t intend this to be a proper posting but such is the conversational style of my writing it’s already become too long to be contained in a single paragraph.

Apologies once again for the lack of activity here but I am devoting energy, what there is of it, to concentrate on recording my own work. I’ve invested a fair few quid over the years on my humble little studio and I need to prove, at least to myself, this has been worthwhile. Writing is the easy part. Recording I find a chore so I need to completely immerse myself in order to get anything done. I also feel the need to step away from this site for a while to get some perspective. Whatever the hell that means. I shall still post but for the time being they shall be even less regular than usual – if such a thing is possible!

I don’t want you to think I’ve been completely idle. Here are two possible ways the site might go:
| Version 1 : lo-fi
| Version 2 : hi-fi

Peel Bites
John Peel Wiki
Be part of the community and contribute your vast knowledge. The wiki about John Peel that anyone can edit.

John Peel Torrents
The torrent feed is back online and working again. Apologies for the downtime.

Emails Quickies
Iain, re. Peel audio restoration: Many thanks. I shall forward my address to you. Andrew, Re. Joe Strummer/Pulp, it was at the Wedgewood Rooms not the Pyramids, with Elastica supporting and the much missed Joe Strummer at the after show do. I do have some on and off stage pics from this and a Wedding Present gig, from my time as music journo, that I really must get around to scan and Flickr one of these days. But that’s incidental and like most things will happen in the ‘fullness of time’. In the meantime on the subject of rock photography, have a look at these very talented clickers.

James Cadden:
| Flickr
| MySpace

Valerio Berdini:

There are, as usual, quite a number of other emails I need to follow up besides those. I apologise.

My favourite records of the moment, should you be interested in such a notion, are The Weather Clock by July Skies, Dandelion Gum by Black Moth Super Rainbow. Links to audio further down…

And finally please don’t forget to Pledge Your Support for Andy Kershaw. He’s obviously been thrown off balance at the moment and nobody wishes this sort of thing for themselves or those around them. None of us can be absolutely sure how we might act under moments of great stress. We can all talk righteously when it’s not us that’s affected. Many thanks to those who have already left words of support here. I hope that he soon finds the strength to regain control of his life for the benefit of all concerned.

| July Skies music @MySpace
| Black Moth Super Rainbow mp3s

Be seeing you…


Fascism Back is in Vogue – and it affects us all.

No ulterior motive…

Art not Ads!

Highly Recommended…

John Peel Sessions by Ken Garner
Book - Bad Science
Book - Belching out the Devil


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