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↓ Spotted in the Wild : John Peel Audio Files ↓

A little list, constant work-in-progress obviously, containing some of the Peel recordings available on the internet. No percentage guarantees regards working links, but most should be alright.

This list is the work of many dedicated members of the Peel web community. Anyone is free to re-upload dead links, so make a request and keep your finger’s crossed.


14:55 05 April 2009

↓ 2004
22nd September 2004: offline
3rd March 2004: offline
2nd March 2004: offline

↓ 2003
20th August 2003: offline
3rd July 2003: offline
29th May 2003: offline
5th February 2003: offline

↓ 2002
1st January 2002:

↓ 2001

↓ 2000

↓ 1999
Sometime in 1999 (BFBS, Germany): offline

↓ 1998

FF 1998 50-34:
FF 1998 33-17:
FF 1998 16-1:
3rd March 1998 – part 1:
3rd March 1998 – part 2:

↓ 1996

↓ 1995

5th August 1995 (BFBS, Germany): offline

↓ 1994

↓ 1993

↓ 1992
1992.12.24 (John Peel’s Other Christmas Records), 274.28 MB:

↓ 1991

‘The Festive Fifty That Never Was’. Lovingly prepared by our Andrew. :)
Part 1 Size: 44301 KB, Part 2 Size: 39312 KB, Part 3 Size: 43684 KB,
Part 4 Size: 45055 KB, Part 5 Size: 38344 KB, Part 6 Size: 19453 KB.

↓ 1990

1st July 1990:

↓ 1988

↓ 1987

2nd November 1987:
9th June 1987: offline

↓ 1986

↓ 1985

↓ 1984

↓ 1982
22nd February 1982:

↓ 1981

19810216aNewOrderRezillos: offline

↓ 1980
2nd January 1980 – part 1:
2nd January 1980 – part 2:
11th February 1980 – part 1: offline
11th February 1980 – part 2: offline
1st April 1980: offline
8th April 1980: offline

↓ 1979
1979 Festive 50 – Top 10:
24th December 1979 – part 1:
24th December 1979 – part 2:
30th August 1979 – part 1:
30th August 1979 – part 2:
30th August 1979 – part 3:
30th August 1979 – part 4:

↓ 1978

↓ 1977

↓ 1976

↓ 1975
31st December 1975:
1975-09 (penultimate Top Gear):

↓ 1971

↓ 1969


↓ 1968

12th December 1968 – part 1:
12th December 1968 – part 2:

↓ 1967

↓ miscellaneous

John Peel Interview for 95b FM Auckland (2002) Size: 29547 KB
See original post for more detail.

You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again (1985)
See original post for more detail.
EP. 1: (It’s really episode 1. I named it incorrectly)
EP. 2: (It’s really episode 2. I named it incorrectly.)
EP. 3:
EP. 4:
EP. 5:
EP. 6:
EP. 7:

The Big O
See original post for more detail. Size: 57915 KB
20041004 Robert Smith (mirror):
Desert Island Discs (1990):

Upload Requests…
I want the John Peel Sessions of ‘Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike’ recorded 28/07/1982 & 17/08/1983 – also anyone who has a DECENT recording of ‘The Intimate Sound Of…’ by same.

– larn wants:

– Brian Mcneill wants:
Monday 16th March 1987

– dontsleepinthesubwaydarlin wants:
May I request the 1982 FF, if available?

– John Leask wants:
Laurel Aitken session recorded for mr.peel backed by the ruts. i think it was recorded on the 24/4/80.

– Jamie wants:
Melys sessions.

01:36 22 January 2009

33 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. 1 Santos
    2008/09/01 at 02:50

    Gracias. John Peel fue el más excelente de todo.

  2. 2008/09/01 at 14:29

    You’re welcome Santos.

  3. 2008/09/05 at 10:34

    Whoa: download overload!

    Thanks, mate. I think I have most of this apart from the Jarvis stuff, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep up these days.

  4. 2008/09/06 at 02:51

    Can’t keep it up? That’ll be your age matey. Oh sorry I see what you mean. (Cue schoolboy snigger from behind cupped hands)

    I’m a little behind myself (Chortle!), which is why I need to create a catch-up list that takes into account everything from the last few months. I’m dreading it but it’s got to be done.

    I’m not sure how long it’ll take me. I think it’s simply a matter of suck-it-and-see! (Yes alright that’s quite enough now don’t you think? Innuendo Editor)

  5. 5 dontsleepinthesubwaydarlin
    2008/09/14 at 20:55

    Congratulations on the new site!

    Many thanks for the Phantom Fifty, one of the greatest compilation achievements of all time.

    May I request the 1982 FF, if available. Thanks again!

  6. 2008/09/15 at 01:04

    And, “Don’t stand in the pouring rain..”

    I wish I could remember who made the Phantom Fifty compilation. Respect is indeed due.

    There were in fact two charts in 1982. The regular annual chart plus the All Time Festive Fifty. I’ll assume you mean the former. I presume I have it. Remind me again at the end of the week ok?

  7. 7 Andrew
    2008/09/15 at 20:50

    I’m hoping to re-do the Phantom50 as a better quality wav file in the next couple of months.

    I’m not sure if the 82FF doing the rounds is the one I shared a couple of years ago, but I’m hoping to re-do an improved version of this one as well (using the original tapes with a bit of luck, rather than my copies)

    The 82Alltime was interlaced with the Annual FF, so if you’ve got one, you’ve got both- bargain!

  8. 2008/09/16 at 01:47

    I hope you’ll forgive my bad memory. There is still a lot of organising that needs doing here too, like crediting all the files, but it’s coming on slowly. Still aim to create the database that I’ve been harping on about since the beginning of jped. Having to master php/mysql to do so (“;)

    Wow, I look forward to the audio upgrades. Lossless transfers are the way to go. I’m sure I do have the ’82 here somewhere – thanks for the additional info.

    And thanks again for all your contributions Andrew :)

  9. 9 Brian Mcneill
    2008/09/19 at 00:08

    Hey love the site!!!

    Does anyone have an mp3 of Johns show from Monday 16th March 1987. Would greatly appreciate if you could download. Thanks

  10. 10 larn
    2008/10/01 at 19:07


    thx for ur site!
    Tried to dl ‘19810216aNewOrderRezillos’ but got ‘1998 Peel 19920912a Kitchens and Babes.mp3’, which is pretty confusing. The second part of the show materializes as ‘1991 Peel 19810216b New Order and Rezillos.mp3’.
    It would be reeeally nice, if you could up the ’81 show!

    Thx again

  11. 2008/10/04 at 02:23

    Have you tried downloading 1998 Peel 19920912a Kitchens and Babes to see if you get 19810216aNewOrderRezillos? According to the file sizes I suspect both are 19920912a in fact.

    Ho hum, well it looks like some fool, me I suspect, has labelled that one incorrectly. 166 downloads without a word and you have to go spoil it all larn. ;-p

    I’ll add it to the list but I am notoriously slow on these things plus I’m a bit distracted by this black dog at my door again. A.S.A.P. OK?

  12. 12 Andrew
    2008/10/04 at 22:58

    Wonderful stuff Gary – keep it up mate!

  13. 13 Blue Koyote
    2008/11/10 at 00:59

    Brilliant to get some of those Festive 50s. I have some on tape, but some gaps that you’re helping to fill. Thanks so much. I’ve just d/l the 1985 one. I see it’s at 96kbps. It’d be nice to be able to get stuff in the 192-320kbps range, although I realise that that would bloat the filesize. Anyway, just a thought, for us Audiophiles out there.

  14. 15 louise Nicholson
    2008/12/01 at 19:31

    I’m trying to get the festive 50 from 1978-82 for my boyfriend for Xmas. I’m a total techno Numpty and can’t work the download above. Also can only see one bit of one year anyway. Please help

  15. 16 CandyTalking
    2008/12/07 at 15:25

    Pulp – The Peel Sessions (2006)
    Disco lanzado el 2006 con sesiones grabadas desde 1981 hasta el 2001 en “John Peel Show”, programa de la radio BBC. Muchas canciones ineditas grabadas, con otras más conocidas. Un genial compilado.

  16. 2009/01/22 at 00:40

    I want the John Peel Sessions of ‘Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike’ recorded 28/07/1982 & 17/08/1983 – also anyone who has a DECENT recording of ‘The Intimate Sound Of…’ by same.

    GREAT blog this! Thanks for the postings!

  17. 18 Andy
    2009/02/06 at 15:34

    I would love to hear any sessions by Man, Deke Leonard’s Iceberg, Help Yourself and Captain Sensible’s King from ’78. That would just be fab! Thanks for a great site.

  18. 19 Christina
    2009/02/22 at 14:25

    It seems like all the rapidshare files have been deleted recently! They have all expired! (I am heartbroken because I had them all downloaded then my computer was stolen, so I’m trying to re-collect the available peel files) Any that anyone feels like putting up again would be greatly appreciated because they are a very treasured collection of radio shows!
    Thanks, and thanks for all the work put into the site, and for making them available in the first place.

    • 2009/02/23 at 19:04

      No not all deleted at all.

      I’ve checked my uploads and they are all still alive and kicking! Around a couple of dozen or so.

      There is a Link Checker at in which one can paste in links to check en masse.

      Sorry to hear about the loss of your computer but don’t despair, there are many files still active here. Don’t forget the other Peel blogs too including the PeelWiki.

  19. 21 Christina
    2009/02/24 at 17:05

    Ok, thanks very much. I’ll try them again, and other sites as well..

  20. 2009/04/01 at 16:43

    Hi Andy

    Marc Riley

    Radio 6 7pm-9pm Mon-Thurs)

    Session tracks usually starting at about 7.20pm)
    He’s repeating the Deke Leonards Iceburg from 1978 this week

    One track each night between Mon-Thurs (so you’ve missed 2) also i track each night from smiths,age of chance (you misssed a cover of prince’s kiss last night) and sonic youths fall peel session but swapped around each night so may have to wait till 7.20pm or 8.55pm for the required session

    Pretty sure you can listen again on the radio 6 website

    Go to Mark Riley page

    This should work i have to do with tape at the mo as no internet at home

    good luck andy

    • 23 Andy
      2009/06/01 at 06:45

      Hi – just sending a very belated reply to say thanks for supplying all this info ( I unfortunately missed it) all very much appreciated though..please keep up the good work,
      best Andy

  21. 2009/04/25 at 16:58

    1989 Festive Fifty

    Here we have the 1989 Festive Fifty for John Peel’s radio show. At the end of every year his listeners would vote for that years best songs, and John Peel would count them up and put a show together. I could rewrite the Wikipedia entry or you can read it here. I listened to this show earlier today and had a “what the..” at this years winner. England is a weird place.


  22. 25 PAUL
    2009/05/22 at 14:48


    Could I request the 27/10/1982 – Sex Gang Children John Peel session?

    Would love to hear it!



  23. 26 Steeve
    2009/05/25 at 08:19

    Hi and congratulations on a great site.

    What I would love to hear again is the John Peel Show that featured Pete Wylie in the studio almost completely taking over the show and featuring four Wah! sessions. I can work out that it went out in 1983 in the week when The Smiths’ “William It Was Really Nothing” was played for the first time by John as there was “some disagreement” about the song’s merits between Peel and Wylie!

    It would make me a very happy man to hear this again if anyone has a copy lurking around.



    • 27 au711
      2010/01/07 at 03:22

      I have just discovered this site whilst trying to find the date of the recording. I have a cassette of the program. It is only the first 90 minutes. I converted it to MP3 so I could send a copy in one format or another.

  24. 2009/06/29 at 12:34

    6 Music at Glastonbury – John Peel at Glastonbury – 2004 is on the iplayer;

    Another chance to enjoy the late great John Peel, broadcasting amongst friends, at Glastonbury festivals gone by.
    Broadcast on:BBC 6 Music, 2:00am Monday 29th June 2009
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Available until: 3:02am Monday 6th July 2009

  25. 29 Jen
    2009/06/30 at 10:56

    I have a bit of a particular request! I’m trying to track down a recording of a JP session from July 31st (thursday?) 1997 – would any of you know how I could find it? I know it’s along shot but I’d appreciate any help you could give me! :)

  26. 30 domesticempire
    2009/08/28 at 18:09

    From now on one will require a WordPress account to post comments.

    Sorry about that, but it’s free, painless, and will only take a minute:


  27. 31 bholesurfer
    2010/03/29 at 10:39

    Does anyone know how I can get a copy of the 2 Dr and the Crippens sessions from 8th May 1988 and 16th July 1989 please? I have searched EVERYWHERE to no avail. By the way this is a great site and its fantastic that I can hear John’s voice again. The void left by his untimely death has never been filled on the radio.

  28. 2011/03/04 at 10:52


    Can anyone help me? e I’d really like a excerpt (e.g. mp3) of John Peel saying something along the lines of “..and this one starts off rather quietly”/”this one fades in rather quietly” for a friend’s compilation. Anyone know where I can get one?

    MR M

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