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Support Indie Retailers. Support Indie Music.

Much has been made of the demise of the Independent Record Shop, but there is a network out there still, and we must support them in order to support independent music in general. Here’s a brief list. You can read more about Spillers struggle to save their shop from the evil developer here. Wikipedia has info too.

I’ve dealt with several record shops listed here over the years, and I have quite a backlog on my personal shopping list so sometime in the near future it might be fun to buy something from each shop in turn, say on a Monday morning, sit back, wait, then compare the service. From experience I don’t imagine I’ll have any problems but it would be good to present a personal reccommendation rather than just another list of shops. I writing this here now to remind myself to do it!

↓ Spillers Records

“Spillers Records is the world’s oldest record shop, established in Cardiff in 1894 by Henry Spiller. We have contined to trade in music ever since from our premises in Cardiff. We specialise in independent music of most genres in both CD and vinyl, plus we have knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help you, either in the store or here at our website. We like records, tea, instores and if you bring us biscuits from Wally’s deli (in the arcade next to us) we’ll like you a lot.”
Spillers →

↓ Rhythm Online

“We can offer all the newest indie releases and also a huge selection of rare and collectible items. We’re also dead good at tracking stuff down for our customers, so if there’s something that you are after that we haven’t got listed then drop us a line and we’ll do our best to get it for you! We are passionate about offering our customers – some of the coolest and most dedicated musos in the world – a real, friendly, helpful, personal service. We care about this stuff, and we also care about making sure our listings are as up-to-date, accurate and relevant as possible to people like you. If you want to listen to our track-of-the-week and add yourself as our friend then visit
Rhythm Online →

↓ Dub Vendor

“DUB VENDOR has always been at the cutting edge of Jamaican music- whether ska, rocksteady, roots or dancehall – for over 30 years. With two retail outlets, a comprehensive mail order service, website, and distribution arm, we are the best possible source for all things Reggae. We also cater for a suitably diverse range of urban music styles – music which can sit comfortably alongside our reggae foundation. Dub Vendor began in 1976 as a market stall in south-west London’s Clapham Junction. The business was started in response to the unavailability in london of in demand tunes from Jamaica, and the resultant level of interest from both the U.K.and abroad quickly brought about the establishment of our now worldwide mail order operation.”
Dub Vendor →

↓ Norman Records

“we cover a mixed range of genres covering electronica, indie/ alternative, americana, folk and psych folk, experimental, avant garde, noise and everything else around and in between. We deal with all the main UK indie and major label distros as well as loads of small labels direct. So there’s masses of stuff we can get which we don’t stock. If you can’t see what you want then feel free to ask! We sell both new and used records. The vast majority of what we sell is new though We like the idea of you being able to get new records even if you don’t have the cash to buy them just by trading your old ones in.”
Norman Records →

↓ Townsend Records

“Townsend Records was launched over 25 years ago with a sole independent record shop & quickly expanded into a thriving record store chain, which is still active today. was launched in 1998 & quickly achieved a worldwide reputation for supporting, acclaimed singer-songwriters, proudly releasing a series of exclusive albums from a host of artists. As well as UK releases we are also able to supply import items from all over the world.”
Townsend Records →

↓ Sterns Music

“World music specialists since 1983. The largest distributor of African records outside Paris, with a catalogue of 3,000 titles, including 100 on their own labels (Sterns and Earthworks), and customers across the globe.”
Sterns Music →

↓ The Record Album

“For the most comprehensive collection of original film soundtracks and shows look no further than a small shop in the heart of Brighton (conveniently adjacent to Brighton Station) where stands The Record Album a treasure trove of collectable vinyl carefully and lovingly selected by owner George Ginn. The shop enjoys a worldwide reputation. Opened in 1948, ‘The Record Album’ focuses on film soundtracks, stage, musicals and high quality classical recordings. The Record Album also stock all genres of music on LP & 45rpm. All of the stock is either new unplayed or absolute mint unless otherwise stated.”
The Record Album →

↓ Intoxica

“Rare Records. Vinyl Specialists. Intoxica record shop sells and buys Jazz, 70’s funk, 60s Soul, Soundtracks, 60’s Beat, Psychedelic, Exotica, 50s R’n’B, R’n’R, Punk, Hardcore, Beats & Breaks, New Independent releases. All in fantastic vinyl. Available by mail order internationally.”
Intoxica →

↓ Copasetic Mailorder

“Copasetic is based in Germany, run by collectors for collectors, and we range from vintage ska/reggae vinyl to soul, mod/powerpop, dashes of garage and young, lesser known bands we like of this genres.”
Copasetic →

↓ Rough Trade

“Rough Trade began trading in 1976 at 202 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill. Originally specialising in US and Jamaican imports, it soon became one of the leading outlets for the burgeoning punk scene, and subsequently a pilgrimage point for anyone buying or selling new DIY new wave music and fanzines. And now in 2007 alongside a refurbished Talbot Road store (just the racks, not the historic walls), you see a our biggest project yet, the new 5,000 sq. ft. East End shop just off Brick Lane complete with coffee shop, performance stage, exhibition space, and ‘snug’ internet/workshop corner.”
Rough Trade →

↓ Piccadilly Records

“Piccadilly Records was born in 1978, was taken over by the present management in 1990 and moved up the road to our current location in Manchester’s record shopping Mecca, the Northern Quarter in 1997”
Piccadilly →

↓ Rooted Records

“Established in 1998, the real life Rooted Records is a small independent vinyl specialist based in Bristol, England. Other than Dubstep & Grime, we specialise in Drum n Bass, Jungle, independent UK & US Hip Hop, funk & soul, contemporary UK Roots reggae and revive reggae, electronica, breakcore & US Ragga Jungle and much more…. Most of all, we are passionate about vinyl and independent music.”
Rooted →

↓ Action Records

“Action Records has been established since 1979, starting off on a stall in Blackpool just as the independent music scene was emerging. From there we soon opened a site in Preston, where we have been ever since, continually expanding into a main shop with a warehouse behind. We are members of The Chain With No Name, The Knowledge, The Network and other specialist chains, therefore we are offered all limited editions and special offers. “
Action →

↓ Pure Groove

“We started in 1989, selling imported dance records, then set up some labels, and evolved the shop until we were literally bursting at the seams, so it was time for a change. We’ve moved to a swanky new shop beside Smithfields Market. At its core, this new place is a record store. But it’s more than that – it’s a place to hold instore shows (we had Mystery Jets and Lykke Li in the first week…) music related art (we had a My Bloody Valentine exhibition in the first week too!) and generally anything that grabs us and hopefully you! Plus we now have the space for exciting installations – come down now and see the amazing exhibition by Kate Moross instore – coming soon Peter Saville!”
Pure Groove →

↓ Juno

“– info coming later when I can be arsed. Hey this is a one-man-site y’ know? –“
Juno →

↓ Phonica

“– info coming later when I can be arsed. Hey this is a one-man-site y’ know? –“
Phonica →

↓ Make Mine Music

“– info coming later when I can be arsed. Hey this is a one-man-site y’ know? –“
Make Mine Music →

↓ Rocket Girl

“– info coming later when I can be arsed. Hey this is a one-man-site y’ know? –“
Rocket Girl →

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1 Response to “indie record shops”

  1. 2009/02/10 at 04:14

    Hi, I own a new all vinyl indie record shop in East Lansing, Michigan across the street
    from Michigan State University called The Record Lounge.
    We carry everything from Classic Rock to R&B and Hip-Hop to Classical and all things in between.
    We buy sell and trade great condition vinyl as well as sell all of your fave new things just coming out. We also special order hard to find items too.
    Looking for a great used turntable? We have them but hurry as they go fast!!
    Now having acoustic shows on Monday nights from 7pm-11pm.

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