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Directory in chronological form for the various interviews John Peel has given in audible, televisual and in print-form. There is so much more to add so keep checking back :)


• John Peel fabriclive 07
Matthew Walton
BBC Collective 28 November 02

Fabriclive 07 is John Peel’s first ever compilation. Why? “Because nobody had asked me to do it before,” he says simply. “And it’ll be nice for my children to have when I’m dead and gone,” he adds. “Dad chose these.”

Format: Text, Audio


• OneMusic in Nottingham
Mary-Anne Hobbs and The Datsuns
BBC Radio 1’s OneMusic in Nottingham 2002

As part of Radio 1’s music seminar in Nottingham, John was supposed to be interviewed by the Datsuns, who were phenmoninally late. Due to a delayed sound check you can watch the whole of the John Peel one-on-one session with Mary-Anne Hobbs as well as The Datsuns interviewing John. It’s well worth a viewing, for some great Peel anecdotes.

Format: Video


• One Live in Cardiff
Iestyn George at One Live in Cardiff

Radio 1 in the early days: “…it was a disadvantage to like music…” Impersonations of him: “…Mike Reid, the former Radio 1 DJ, used to do impressions of me, but I had to be told when he was doing me…”

Format: audio


• Peeling back the years
John Mulholland, Monday August 11 1997 15:24 BST

‘I used to get this loyalty payment from the BBC, but then it dawned on them that no one else was trying to seduce me’ – John Peel

The last time John Peel did this (welcomed a journalist into his house, offered them food and drink and introduced them to his family) the result wasn’t all he had hoped for. ‘It was a guy from Q magazine. They did this feature called ‘Who The Hell Does John Peel Think He Is?’, they do it each month on someone. I was pretty upset … We were all upset about it, because they came up here, and we rallied round to make a fuss of them and gave them lunch … and they stayed long enough for the children to come home from school. Then they went away and wrote this rather spiteful piece in which they took the piss out of all of us, including my dad, who’s dead, and that didn’t do an awful lot to cheer me up …’

Format: Text

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