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There simply ain’t enough room on the front page for all the worthwhile links. Below is a quick cut ‘n’ paste job from the old blogger site.

Full SP with pics and reviews to come.

• John Peel Links

John Peel (BBC Radio 1)
John Peel (BBC 6 Music)
Home Truths (BBC Radio 4)
Front Row (BBC Radio 4)
John Peel Newsgroup
The Peel Tapes
The Perfumed Garden
Kat’s Karavan
Fades in Slowly
Teenage Kicks
John Peel’s Record Box
John Peel Torrents
John Peel Wiki
A Peel A Day
The Furtive Fifty
The Peel Sessions
Peel’s Festive 50s
John Peel Session Tapes
Peel Playlist Archive
Radio Plus
John Peel Press Clippings
Tribute To John Peel
Radio Rewind
John Peel Quotes
Dandelion Records
Strange Fruit Records
John Peel ~ BBC News
John Peel ~ The Guardian
John Peel ~ Wikipedia
John Peel Scrapbook
Sir John Peel Appreciation Group
BigO Feature
Unpredictable Porridge
John Peel News
John Peel@FSK Radio
Peel Acres

• Music Links

Archived Music Press
temporary traffic lights
My Old Tapes
it’s not for the cock
17 seconds
The Quietus
Drowned in Sound
Nothing But Green Lights
The Runout Groove
Rare Indie Classics
The Line Of Best Fit
Spoilt Victorian Child
The Mixing Bowl
Headphone Sex
Reggae Train
The Reggae Show Blog
No Rock and Roll Fun
Funeral Pudding
Story of The Fall
Indie MP3
EC Brown’s mp3 Archive
Black Balloon
Rocker’s Radio
Beware of the Blog
Hot-Dance & Vintage Jazz
Spread The Good Word
Sound Of The Suburbs
Tribute to John Peel
The Cyber Thief
Nothing But Green Lights
Border Music
Locust St.
The Indie Pages
Fruitier Than Thou
Cover Mounted Cassette
The Roaring Macine
Just Gimme Indie Rock
Indie Selections For Your Erections
french teen idol

• Online Music Links

Dandelion Radio
Tom Ravenscroft:
New Music Download
Slash Music Archive
koogy’s SlashMusic Listings
Radio Scratch
The Yank Sizzler
Radio Dubster
Far From Moscow
Another Nice Mess
John Peel Tribute Radio
John Peel Archive
Indiepop Radio
NPR In Concert
Sounds Eclectic
Planet Claire
BBC Radio:
Steve Lamacq (BBC)
Mark Lamarr (BBC)
Mark Radcliffe (BBC)
Andy Kershaw (BBC)
One Music (BBC)
6Music Hub Sessions (BBC)
Live Lounge (BBC)
Brain Surgery (BBC)

• Friends and Aquiantences Links

KSR : Kent Spong Restorations
Steve Heineman
Slow Thrills
thought intersect
There Is No Cat
Suffolk Punch (vol.iii)
coma emilio
Pimpernel Jones
Sunshine Pop
Portsmouth Daily Photo Blog
James Cadden
Chris Hathway
Text Infected
The Other Soundz
Golfing For Heroes
Frankie Machine
Nozin’ Around
Woooden Elephant
simon + becs
Cassettes & Chocolate Milk
The Pathedral & The Kazoo
Life on Butterwhat Lane
Martyn Baldock
Ashley Pomeroy
think small
This Recording
From The North
Chasing a Bee
Lightning Field
the choir croaks

• Sites of Interest

No More Panic
Spy Blog

Missed anyone? Let me know! By the way, none of these links are in any real order of preference and perhaps I should alphabetise them, but for now they’re all pretty much randomly cut & pasted in wherever.

• Be More Like..

Bill Hicks
Mark Thomas

• l’apprivoise empire réseau

That would be telling… (“;)

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