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20 Fun-Packed Peel Sessions

Here’s a quick end-of-year round-up of the last 20 Peel Sessions brought to you courtesy of The Runout Groove and The Perfumed Garden. There are plenty more where these came from so go and take a gander. Don’t these boys work hard on our behalf?

| The Runout Groove

Aerial M (1998)
Trans Am (2000)
Aereogramme (2003)
Man Or Astro-Man? (1999)
Calexico (2003)
Calexico (1999)
Bardo Pond (2001)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (2003)
Ballboy (2000 & 2003)
PJ Harvey – Live at Peel Acres (2004)

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| The Perfumed Garden

Bikini Kill (1993)
Monkey Steals The Drum (2000)
Camera Obscura (2001)
Ride (1990)
Tim Buckley (1968)
Carcass (1989)
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (F.S.K.) (1986)
Gallon Drunk & Breed (Clawfist Records Peel Sessions)
Viv Stanshall (1977)
The Wedding Present – John Peel’s 50th Birthday Bash (1989)

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The John Peel Show 23rd, 24th & 25th July 2002

Thank you for all the positive feedback. I never fish for sympathy but if I’m in a low I see no reason why I shouldn’t mention it just as a matter of fact really. Having said that I can’t begin to tell you just how good it does me to get any response at all. I enjoy making these recording available – especially to people who may not have much knowledge as to who John Peel is. See Bruce Hodder’s post for the shocking evidence!

A bit late this week, but here’s the latest batch of uploads – and pretty good sessions too!

Tuesday 23rd July 2002
Peel Session:
Misty In Roots

Wednesday 24th July 2002
Peel Session:
Icarus Line

Thursday 25th July 2002
Peel Session:
Belle and Sebastian

NEW! The John Peel Torrent Index & Bonus File!
You may have noticed a new feature that’s been added to this site: It’s the John Peel Torrent Feed. It shows you what’s currently available without having to search yourself. Neat huh?

I found this programme while casually searching torrent files the other day. I’ve no idea who seeded this originally but I’m certainly glad they did as it was one that I was missing. You’ll find the link to it over there down on the left!

Tuesday 24th December 2003
Peel Sessions:
Laura Cantrell
The Peel Family Choir

Some really nice photos from this programme feature on the Ballboy website here. You might find you suffer mixed emotions when looking at the happy faces in this gallery. It was the last Christmas programme from Peel Acres of course.


The Festive 50 2003

I’ve not been relaying as much info here as I should have been of late but I simply have to inform of the new Peelie blog The Furtive Fifty

JollyRogered tells of one particularly grueling Festive Fifty recording and share said 50 from 2003 (FM->DAT->Tape no less!).

I can’t confess to having quite such an awful time of it as he clearly did but I’ve spent several Christmases past convincing various girlfriends that it is absolutely vital that the festive fifty gets recorded ‘properly’ and not on ‘that pissy excuse for a ghetto blaster’ or I’ll be in no mood to spend Christmas with. So I’d cart all my hi-fi seperates round to theirs – even used a digital multitrack once when that was the only option. Somehow though there would never be quite the same concentration available for flipping tapes or discs in these altered surroundings and I never rarely came away with anything quite as polished as I’d hoped for. ‘No thanks I don’t want to watch Flashdance I’m listening to Peel……..John Peel…..John, oh never mind!’

I must register my dissapointment after downloading part 1. Please be aware that Rog has removed all of John’s comments so what you get is the music only. Sacrilege! If you’re happy with that, fine, but just so you know what you’re downloading.


John Peel Show 29th July 2003

Always good to fulfil requests especially when it’s from someone who’s featured on one of John’s shows. Enter Seph at 36 minutes 31 seconds in this edition of the John Peel Wingding from 29th July 2003 – a fine piece of hardcore Joe :) Also features Mos Eisley in session.

You can grab the latest upload from the usual place: Click on the jolly wheeze that is the spoof paypal ad! <—over there on the left



Mos Eisley:


Peel: July 2003 – programme 3

3rd July 2003: The final programme from this first week in July. Featuring Cat Power in session. Another random week of Peel from 2003 soon :)


Access code:



Peel: July 2003 – programme 2

No confessional today I’m afraid. I know how much you were enjoying the jaunt into my troubled psyche but you’ll just have to put up with a dusty old copy of the John Peel show for now. Tsk!

2nd July 2003: More Glastonbury highlights in the form of the Flaming Lips and more familiar fun with technology.


Access code:



Peel July 2003

Ok so I know I’ve been a bit of a miserable sod lately but who was it that said, ‘Play to your strengths’? Actually that’s not entirely acurate because generally I’m one of the most optimistic, affable and gregarious people you’re likely to meet – cut through with a rapier-like wit, good looks and easy-going charm set upon a bedrock of genuine self-effacement. Oh yes indeed!

‘So what’s this got to do with John Peel then?’, I hear you ask, ‘Isn’t this supposed to be a Peelie blog?’. I’m coming to that. Round here you have to listen to the monkey sing and watch him dance before you get your link. So here’s the rub: Despite this obviously enviable personality I have also been struck down by Anxiety, Depression and Agorophobia, which is a real hoot plus it works out cheaper if you get all three up-front. I won’t bore you further with all the ins and outs – not today anyhow. Hence this makes me somewhat techy at times and ultimately accounts for the sporadic manner in which this blog site get’s updated. So there you are then: john peel everyday – hosted by a true looney, but just take a look at the charming photo on the about page and tell me you couldn’t forgive such a chap his occasional mood swings? I’m the one on the left.

Alrighty then back to business.
BBC Radio 1 programme from july 2003
68.40 MB


Access code:


The next two programmes from that week are to follow.


At last, A Proper Update!

It’s awfully dull to publish apologies and excuses rather than updates to one’s blog – almost as bad as using one of those ‘under construction’ images. Almost, but not quite. Anyway the point I wanted to make is that the reasons for the infrequency of my posting is related to poor health and not due to any dwindling interest in the late and great Peelster or this site. People who send me news and links however will always take priority over anything I have to say because it’s John’s legacy I wish to promote not my own delusions of adequacy. So with all that out the way and my guilt tendencies somewhat pacified…

John Peel Shows From Finnish Radio Part 4:
…is now available via the following torrent links. Woohoo! A big thank you to finnish-phil for this excellent series and for keeping me informed:
pirate bay

John Peel Tape And File Project:
Let’s also not forget the mighty dubster over at the John Peel Tape And File Project who, despite my previous critcisms over the free download sites, continues to make available some great peel material (well it looks good to me.) Maybe it’s time I did a bit of trading with the man….hmmmm.

The Peel Tapes:
Jon’s site has four shows recorded by Peelie fo BFBS – that’s the British Forces Broadcasting Service to you – plus two other complete radio 1 programmes from 2003. One of my own, rather inadequate, claims-to-fame is that I once spent a few days installing new data links for the UK BFBS studios. I’d like to tell you more but it’s probably subject to the official secrets act and then, as we say, they’d have to kill me.

The Yank Sizzler:
Podcasts, podcasts, everyone has one it seems but this one from Peel fan Lawrence in the US is both eclectic and professionlly put together and comes highly recommended. Five shows are currently available last I looked and full tracklisting is available on site. Direct from Kansas, gateway to oz.
I know I had some other things on my mind but they seem to have wandered off, except to say that if you have time and are of a benevolent nature please view this website and help in any way you can.

Thank you and goodnight.

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