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Download The 2006 Festive Fifty

The Festive Fifty 2006:
Sorry about the lack of updates but here’s a rip of the 2006 Festive Fifty as broadcast on Dandelion Radio. It was requested a while ago on the newsgroup – by Mr. YankSizzler I think, anyway it’s now seeding on demonoid and I’ll eventually get round to adding it to some others too.

Now available in new handy size public tracker version: mininova Hmmm, tastes good.

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Festive 50 2006 on Dandelion Radio

Festive Fifty 2006: At a computer near you now!
There are a good many programmes worth listening to at Dandelion of course but for convenience sake I’ve highlighted that “All important”, as John would say, Festive Fifty countdown.

Exclusive, exclusive…
Where’s that family Ravenscroft jingle when you need it? Dandelion is the new home for the Festive Fifty and as such you won’t hear it anywhere else, so get tuning :->. Further details on how to listen, scheduling, playlists and a whole lot more can be found here:
Dandelion Radio @ MySpace


The ‘Dandy 50’ Awaits Us

The news from Dandelion Radio is that all the votes for the Festive 50 poll of 2006 are now in!

“So now, all you have to do is wait till midight on New Years Eve and listen to the outcome. The entire Festive 50 will be streamed during the whole of January. Unfortunately due to the licensing restrictions, we cannot publish the actual tracklistings until the cessation of the Festive 50 broadcast. These will therefore be published on the 1st February 2007. Happy listening.”


The Festive Fifty 2006 – VOTE NOW!

The Dandy Fifty?
Dandelion Radio to be new home of the Festive Fifty.

Here’s what the guys from Dandelion Radio have to say. “Radio 1 has decided, for a variety of good reasons, to not run a Festive Fifty for 2006. However, Dandelion Radio is proud to announce that John Peel’s old programme team has asked us if we would take up the baton of hosting this annual yuletide music fest The Festive Fifty.”

The setup is the same as usual, meaning you vote for your three favourite tracks from 2006. “In theory they could be anything, but tracks that you have heard on Dandelion Radio or on BBC Radio 1 OneMusic shows are what we expect will be at the front of your mind”, they explain. “We will be closing the voting before Christmas and then putting the show together to play in January (or maybe even sooner if we can find all of the tracks quickly).”

Well, I hope everyone supports Dandelion Radio with this, so pass on the message, tune in, and get voting in the 2006 Festive Fifty, (Or the Dandy Fifty as I’ve amusingly taken to name it!), by using the form located here:

Vote now for the The Festive Fifty 2006.

And as soon as I’m informed of the actual broadcast date we can all huddle around a roaring internet with festive cheer and countdown together!


The John Peel Show (four new downloads)

John Peel Archive

John Peel Archive

Not one, not two, not three but four John Peel radio programmes have been uploaded today for your enjoyment. That’s 8 fabulous hours of the mighty Peelster – join now and get this fantastic ring binder absolutely free!!!!

All from the week of July 2002 plus a bonus from the 18th June, the week before where our John discusses his time in Barcelona. You know how last time I said I’d match the date of the uploads to the present day? Well it didn’t last beyond that one but coincidentally the first batch I pulled off my set of DVD’s are close‘ish!

There is a minisite at over at Radio 1 concerning the Sonar festival in Barcelona including lo-if video our of John’s expedition.

Sonar 2006 at Radio 1
Sonar 2006 Official Website
“Oh to be in Spain now the summer’s here”

The John Peel Show – 18th June 2002 (68.4MB)
Included here as the last week before July but where John talks of his time at the Barcelona Sonar Festival. At 8 minutes 13 seconds in is the track What Kinder World by Uplifter which John describes as loving “ the point of madness” – I agree and confess to having this play on a loop here at domestic empire HQ!

The John Peel Show – 2nd July 2002 (68.4MB)
Features Dj/Rupture Recorded Live At The Sonar Festival In Barcelona.

The John Peel Show – 3rd July 2002 (68.4MB)

The John Peel Show – 4th July 2002 (68.4MB)
Features Nina Nastasia Live at Peel Acres.

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