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Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle (+JP DL)

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

The Format That Dare Not Speak It’s Name. Welcome Back To Adult Television.

I’ve only just got around to watching the first episode of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and it’s extremely rare these days I can empathise wholeheartedly with anything delivered via a sanctimonious mainstream media, but this was a wonderful exception.

For those that feel the merest hint of an insightful or intellectual thought made in public these days is likely to invoke a scene reminiscent of the threatening mob from Don Siegel’s 1956 classic allegory, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, switch your television to BBC2 at 10 O’clock on Mondays.

Armando Iannucci is Executive Producer. How much convincing do you need?

John Peel Footnote
But that’s not all! Upon visiting Mr. Lee’s website I found a John Peel Show file for download. “16 October 1996 – Richard Herring and Stewart Lee appear on the John Peel show, a teenage dream”. You’ll find it in the archives section. I’ve not listened to it yet so I can’t advise on how it compares with the version/s already circulating. See also “John Peel stands in for Mark Radcliffe and Rich & Stew guest”
Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle BBC2

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle is on Mondays at 10pm on BBC2

DVD & Music Update

Nice mash.

Nice mash.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle is due out on DVD in September so no more posting links once it’s commercially available please. Once it’s released the links here will have to come down. What do you want, ‘The moon on a stick’? Actually while we’re on the subject, if you liked this series then seek out the two DVDs of him performing live. His comedy works even better in longer form.

“What’s that tune in Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle?”

The server logs reveal that quite a few people are arriving here as a result of searching for the theme music used over the opening titles of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. Well it’s Tom Hark by Elias & His Zig Zag Jive Flutes, from that ‘golden year’ 1958. It appears onJohn Peel and Sheila, The Pig’s Big 78’s – A Beginner’s Guide, and is available from Trikont Records, Klang, their UK distributor, or any one of these fine indie retailers. Also, via YouTube, the ’58 original, plus Brighton band The Piranhas’ 1980 vocal version on Top of the Pops.


Peel Favourites: Tonight’s TV

Looks Like A Good Night For Music On The Telly (if you’re not off down the pub – or out again with that tart I saw you with. Has she got a mate then or what?):

BBC4 9:00pm
Ivor Cutler: Looking for Truth with a Pin.

“Friends, fans and fellow performers pay tribute to the Glasgow-born musician, poet, painter and humorist who died earlier this month. Some strong language.”
Fri 24 Mar, 21:00-22:00 60mins Stereo Widescreen

BBC2 11:40pm
Loudon Wainwright III at the BBC

“American singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III has been performing at BBC studios over the last three decades – this programme is dedicated to those shows.

To compliment the BBC Four sessions Loudon Wainwright III at the BBC consists of carefully selected highlights that include performances from Later…with Jools Holland, The Old Grey Whistle Test, Wogan and The Late Show. Classics such as Swimming Song and Rufus is a Tit Man are contrasted alongside other revered moments that include Unhappy Anniversary and Hitting Her.

This compilation confirms Loudon’s witty, self-mocking style, and an engaging stage persona made that him a cult figure and concert favourite.”
Fri 24 Mar, 11:40 pm – 12:40 am 60mins BBC2

BBC3 – or THREE as they prefer!
12:00 midnight
The Colin and Edith Show

Hmmm, ok perhaps somewhat less promising this but even the worst music shows sometimes fluke. Perhaps one to video and review later then

“Colin Murray and Edith Bowman of Radio 1 fame present a new show of live music, comedy guests and general larking about.

Starring (in order of appearance) The Zutons, Kate Bush, Radiohead, The Stone Roses, Dave Gorman, We Are Scientists, Green-ish Day, Status Quo, The Ramones & Chas ‘n’ Dave. This programme contains strong language.”
Their fuckin’ words, not mine. Ooops there I go again
Sat 25 Mar, 12:00 am – 12:55 am 55mins

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