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John Peel programme on BBC World Service

The Music Biz

“As a mark of respect on the first anniversary of his death, this week’s Music Biz pays tribute to the legendary BBC World Service music presenter John Peel with a half hour special programme.

Mark Coles will be looking at the massive influence he has had on DJ’s and presenters around the world and explores what made him unique.

There is also a report from the recent John Peel concert which took place in London and featured many of his favourite acts from over his thirty-seven year BBC career.

Elsewhere, John’s widow Sheila Ravenscroft explains how the family decided to complete his half-finished autobiography and her recollections of travelling with John to countries like Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Japan and Russia in search of new music.”

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Margrave of the Marshes by John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft

BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week. 24th to 28th October 2005
Margrave of the Marshes by John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft
9.45-10.00am, repeated 12.30-12.45am

Excerpts from John Peel’s much anticipated Biography gets an airing next week, Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October 09:45. Details will appear here:

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