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2008 Festive Fifty Vote

Turn on, Tune in and Vote!

Turn on, Tune in and Vote!

The 2008 Festive Fifty – Vote Now!
John Peel’s famous end-of-year poll continues again on Dandelion Radio

Play your part in making musical history, by taking part in this year’s Festive Fifty! Each entry gets a chance to win CDs and copies of Mark Whitby’s book ‘The Festive Fifty’, with one winner also receving a signed copy of Ken Garner’s book ‘The Peel Sessions: A Story of Teenage Dreams and One Man’s Love of New Music’.

Vote for your three favourite tracks from the past year, in order of preference. In theory they could be anything, but tracks played on Dandelion Radio (including session tracks and live recordings) or on BBC Radio 1’s special interest shows are what you should have in mind. Visit our tracklists pages to see what DJs have played this year.

Voting ends at 23:59 on 30th November. A show featuring all the results and competition winners broadcasts from Christmas Day until the end of January.

Dandelion Radio Festive Fifty 2008

Did anyone get a clean recording of last year’s show? I have most of it but noticed too late to re-download, that part of the recording was fucked. Hope I’m not blinding anyone with science there. Otherwise I would have shared it. I forget which part exactly although It might have been Andrew Morrison’s section. It’s not too late to patch it together though if there are any willing contributors.
– gary

Should have added this the other day actual.
The Superfine Dandelion – Crazy Town (Move On Little Children) From 196? – anyone?

Peace children. Love and peace.


John Peel Day 2008

↓ update: Friday 24th October @ 20:29

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Download The 2006 Festive Fifty

The Festive Fifty 2006:
Sorry about the lack of updates but here’s a rip of the 2006 Festive Fifty as broadcast on Dandelion Radio. It was requested a while ago on the newsgroup – by Mr. YankSizzler I think, anyway it’s now seeding on demonoid and I’ll eventually get round to adding it to some others too.

Now available in new handy size public tracker version: mininova Hmmm, tastes good.

Peace & out
domestic empire


Dandelion Radio’s March Schedule

Andrew Morrison:
Andy’s March show for Dandelion Radio features an exciting combination of signed, unsigned and live music. Signed music includes new releases from Bloc Party, The Race, Malcolm Middleton and Bonemachine, and there are eight exclusive live tracks from Seagull Strange recorded in London back in January. Unsigned treats come from The Steals, Roger Species & DJ Reach, Ives & 303DIDTHISTOME, amongst others. There are two more tracks from the excellent Samuraj Cities, and what is probably a first ever play anywhere in the world of what will be Autons’ second single release.

March sees the Radiodubster boys distilling yet another of their finely blended shows. With musical ingredients such as Jakokoyak, Menomena, Matthew Bayot plus The Race live from the Luminaire london, they mix together to create two hours that are good on the ear but have a kick like a full pint of Absinthe. (some songs may contain explicit lyrical content)

Neil Jenkins:
In this month’s extended 3-hour programme, Neil features three tracks from Bass’Flo (including an exclusive airing), steps back a year or two to play you something from Go Jonny Go Go Go Go Records and plays the full live set from My Device recorded especially for Dandelion Radio during Shifty Disco’s 10th birthday event at The Kilburn Luminaire, London at the end of January. As a bonus, you’ll even discover a great way to relieve boredom using a web-based language translator. So, tune in, open the Rioja and put your feet up for a while.

Rachael Neiman Experience:
March’s ‘Rachael Neiman Experience’ is jam-packed with ear-pleasing treats, including our very first exclusive live session, recorded for Dandelion Radio at Cargo in London by Bristol’s wondrous popsmiths Forest Giants, which is absolutely not to be missed!

Elsewhere in the show, we have to offer other unashamedly poptastic treats, including quirky antifolk loveliness from Brighton’s Mertle, gorgeous Sheffield pop from Balor Knights and Screaming Mimi, yet more top notch Norwichcore from the heart-breakingly lovely Tiger MCs and Charlotte and Sam from Le Tetsuo’s scuzzy new side project Chickedy and McGuffin, smart Dutch indiepop from The Sugarettes, pretty Germman pop from Rocket Upper Cut, utterly amazing London art pop from Shrag, Wolfie and Old Bamboo, Irish noise pop from the fabulous Fight Like Apes, dark pop from Emily Breeze and Captain Polaroid, good old fashioned punk from The Wot Nots, wide-eyed boy-pop from Butcher Boy, Tim Ten Yen and Lonely Boy and odd American pop from Colourful People.

Rocker’s Dandelion Radio show for March 2007: I had so much good music come in during the last month that March’s show is a 3-hour epic – it features the usual diverse mix of musical genres – the rise of MySpace continues apace with at least 10 tracks only available from the individual bands’ pages – as well as tracks from new releases by such artists as Helsinki, Smokers Die Younger; Rekorder; The Redlands Palomino Company; Ost & Kjex; and The Manhattan Love Suicides. There’s a classic Peel’s big 45 from The White Stripes and a reissued rock’n’roll medley from Ted Chippington – enjoy!

| Dandelion Radio

The ‘Dandy’ continue to go from strength to strength and seem to be growing at a nice steady pace. Be sure to have a listen.


Peel Web Roundup (Week 5)

Following the uncontained joy of being listed in The Guardian (no really) I thought it prudent to kick myself into gear and post. There’s a fair degree on offer out there so without further ado……ado, ado. Huh, I lied.

Jon at The Peel Tapes: right place, right time, wrong speed:
3rd March 1998 part 1 (Session by The Fall)
3rd March 1998 part 2 (Session by The Fall)
24th December 1979 part 1 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
24th December 1979 part 2 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
2nd January 1980 part 1 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
2nd January 1980 part 2 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
30th August 1979 part 1 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 2 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 3 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 4 (JP’s 40th birthday)

| These can all be found here

The Furtive Fifty:
| Festive Fifty from 2000 nos. 20-1 from DAT
| Xmas Special 2000
| Festive 50 2002 (Sans Peel – music only!)

The Perfumed Garden:
| Gregory Isaacs – 6th December 1982
| Public Image Ltd – 17th December 1979
| The Flatmates – 24th September 1986 (Re-Post)
| Dinosaur Jr – 14th November 1988
| The Would Be’s – 19th March 1990 (Re-Post)
| Cocteau Twins – 15th July 1982
| Kevin Coyne – 24th January 1974
| The Mod-ettes – 4th February 1980 (Re-Post)

The Runout Groove:
| Peel Session: Twist (1999)
| Peel Session: Mono (2004)
| Peel Session: Will Oldham (2002)

Dandelion Radio:
Dandelion Radio are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shifty Disco with a retrospective look at the label’s colourful history, a trawl through their diverse and prolific back catalogue, and an interview with label boss Dave Newton. There’s a chance to win a load of shiny new Shifty Disco releases and celebrations are rounded off with live sets from Shifty bands, The Race, Seagull Strange, My Device and Paperlung. The show starts on Jan 27th & repeats through February. We also have an exclusive four track session from Autons.

| Dandelion Radio website.

John Peel Day Flickr Site:

Thanks to Roo Reynolds’ posting, I’ve re-discovered the John Peel Day photo blog.

| Flickr photo pool

The Roaring Machine:
Elizabeth has posted Peel session track “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” by the Wedding Present.

| A wedge of Gedge

Pimpernel Jones:
Pompey DJ and rising star Pimpernel Jones plays the Wedgewood Rooms on Saturday 10th February with Radio One/Talkin’ Loud’s Gilles Peterson. So far I’ve only heard the chilled out mixes that Chris has been kind enough to point me to but judging from that and the favourable comments he’s been receiving lately, it should be a good night. Definately a name to watch!

| Tickets
| Pimpernel Jones @ MySpace
| Pimpernel Jones @ Slash Music
| Taster Two compilation on the Cookshop Label.

There are bound to be things I’ve forgotten or simply missed so contact me if you want a mention.


Festive 50 2006 on Dandelion Radio

Festive Fifty 2006: At a computer near you now!
There are a good many programmes worth listening to at Dandelion of course but for convenience sake I’ve highlighted that “All important”, as John would say, Festive Fifty countdown.

Exclusive, exclusive…
Where’s that family Ravenscroft jingle when you need it? Dandelion is the new home for the Festive Fifty and as such you won’t hear it anywhere else, so get tuning :->. Further details on how to listen, scheduling, playlists and a whole lot more can be found here:
Dandelion Radio @ MySpace


The ‘Dandy 50’ Awaits Us

The news from Dandelion Radio is that all the votes for the Festive 50 poll of 2006 are now in!

“So now, all you have to do is wait till midight on New Years Eve and listen to the outcome. The entire Festive 50 will be streamed during the whole of January. Unfortunately due to the licensing restrictions, we cannot publish the actual tracklistings until the cessation of the Festive 50 broadcast. These will therefore be published on the 1st February 2007. Happy listening.”


The Festive Fifty 2006 – VOTE NOW!

The Dandy Fifty?
Dandelion Radio to be new home of the Festive Fifty.

Here’s what the guys from Dandelion Radio have to say. “Radio 1 has decided, for a variety of good reasons, to not run a Festive Fifty for 2006. However, Dandelion Radio is proud to announce that John Peel’s old programme team has asked us if we would take up the baton of hosting this annual yuletide music fest The Festive Fifty.”

The setup is the same as usual, meaning you vote for your three favourite tracks from 2006. “In theory they could be anything, but tracks that you have heard on Dandelion Radio or on BBC Radio 1 OneMusic shows are what we expect will be at the front of your mind”, they explain. “We will be closing the voting before Christmas and then putting the show together to play in January (or maybe even sooner if we can find all of the tracks quickly).”

Well, I hope everyone supports Dandelion Radio with this, so pass on the message, tune in, and get voting in the 2006 Festive Fifty, (Or the Dandy Fifty as I’ve amusingly taken to name it!), by using the form located here:

Vote now for the The Festive Fifty 2006.

And as soon as I’m informed of the actual broadcast date we can all huddle around a roaring internet with festive cheer and countdown together!

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