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Get Into Radio With John Peel [CDRiP]

Getting Into Radio Introduced by John Peel (1999)

Now then, here’s a cute little curio featuring our John. It’s a rip from a promotional CD that was produced for people interested in a career in radio. I know!

Don’t be put-off though because it is in fact a well produced affair. Peelie hosts the one hour documentary featuring numerous industry professionals and it is interesting enough in itself even if you have no plans for a life on the waves. Now there’s a pun worthy of local radio. You can have that one on me!

From the Sleeve Notes:
“Getting Into Radio is a unique collection of advice, suggestions, hints and tips from our collegues throughout the radio industry. We know that you’ll find it useful and hope that you enjoy it.”

Track Listing:
01. Getting Into Radio – Introduction by John Peel
02. Engineering – From studio sessions to digits: An essential guide.
03. Production – The skills and interests you need to make it.
04. Sales and Marketing – How to sell yourself into a selling role.
05. Journalism – Editors and journalists with the inside story.
06. Commercial Production – An insider’s guide to 30 second heaven.
07. Presentation – Presenters on how to get in and get on the air.
08. Getting Into Radio – A final thought, “Never give up!”

Running time: 1hr 31sec

It’s a rapidshare link for now – you don’t mind too much do you? The comments are there if you do!

*sorry link dead*


Glasgow Dreamer

Very short notice this but I only just found out myself:

Glasgow Dreamer
Sunday 26 March 2006 20:30-21:00 (Radio 4 FM)

“A tribute to cult poet Ivor Cutler who recently died at the age of 83. Presented by Arnold Brown, with contributions from Stewart Lee, John Hegley and the late John Peel.”


Tribute To John Peel – Turn That Racket Down

BBCtv Documentary

With contributions from John Walters, Billy Bragg, Jarvis Cocker and others, this documentary was originally screened during the August Bank Holiday back in 1999. Broadcast as part of John’s 60th Birthday celebrations – even getting on the cover of the Radio Times no-less, this revised version was shown in tribute following his death in 2004.

Torrent Link: Turn That Racket Down


Torrential Peel

BitTorrent & media round-up from the John Peel Archives.

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3:
Something I should have featured ages ago is the sterling work being undertaken by Finnish Phil, as I privately refer to him. Featuring programmes John Peel made for various European radio stations. There are currently three torrents available with the promise of more to come.

John Peel shows from Finnish radio pt. 3 [449MB]
John Peel shows from Finnish radio pt. 2 [645MB]
John Peel shows from Finnish radio pt. 1 [748MB]
Euro Peel links

Singles Club:
The John Peel Record Box torrent: mp3 versions of the 7” vinyl collection. An incomplete but on-going project passionately sourced by some very nice folk over at the I Love Music forum, where current torrent links are posted – help with the project if you can. The tracks are also to be found using slsk.

John Peel’s Record Box TV Documentary:
The previous mentioned channel 4 television programme at the wonderfully eclectic and my personal tracker of choice, Secret Cinema, is still available.
John Peel’s Record Box

Many more John Peel television programmes are to come including BBC2’s John Peel Night, Travels With My Camera, DJ Heaven, Snapshots and This Is Your Life, though I’m slightly worried not to have located this one along with the others, but it should hopefully materialise with a bit more searching. A pc is currently being put together for the sole purpose of capping and seeding these.

New to BitTorrent?
I recommend these free clients:
1/ utorrent (No installation required. No fuss. Perfect for beginners.)
2/ ABC (More features. Open Source.)
3/ Azureus (Not tried this but comes highly recommended. Requires Java.)

BitTorrent guide and much more useful info.

As with all file sharing formats, once you have the completed file please continue to share so that all may benefit. It also encourages those responsible to post again.

Please note we don’t link to or promote anything that is commercially available. If it’s in the shops, buy it. Indie bands more than anybody need to recoup their advance. This site is for fans of John Peel and for people who want to discover more about the man.



Tonight’s The Night…

John Peel’s Record Box…

…Tonight | CH4 | 11:10pm

At last after all the conjecture and tracking down of, er tracks, and torrenting and downloading and…..we can finally get a closer look inside ‘that’ box. Of particular interest to those compiling a digital version of John Peel’s collection will be the opportunity to scrutinise the sleeves to iron out out some of the finer details. I hope Elton doesn’t go on too much, he’s fine but really a two hour programme just looking at the sleeves and watching the records go round would suit me.

I’ve uploaded a couple of hi-res photographs (acquired from the lovely ch@nnel 4 press dept.) of said box sitting at Peel Acres which make fantastic desktop backgrounds.

Between you, me and the gatepost, I have it on good authority the programme will be ‘upped’ by Tuesday night

John Peel’s Record Box: image 1 | image 2

Direct link, thus: click to view or right click/save as


John Peel’s Record Box – Channel 4 date

Friendlier old school logo from better days!

John Peel’s Record Box
Monday 14th November 2005
Channel 4

I’m sure I’m not the only one to head straight for the record collection on being invited in to someone’s house for the first time. Far more revealing than any psychometric or ink blot test, one can tell an awful lot about a person in this way and many a good friendship can built on this premise. It’ll also get you of the requisite house tour.

‘Our Tom’, (As John would say), promises to take us on an hour long tour of some of the 142 musical gems inside that legendary box his Dad cherished and delves into the history behind them. It’s in no way a definitive list of John’s all time favouries, as all us record collectors know our ‘favourites’ can change on a daily or hourly basis as the mood takes us, but there are, without doubt, some here that would have been perenials to Peelie?

As Tom rightly declares, “The only reason for so many White Stripes singles is that they were his latest band, In another 12 months, there may not have been any White Stripes at all.”

Despite the circumstances – how many times will I have to use that phrase to justify myself – this promises to be, not only a must-see for all John Peel fans, but an absolute delight for all music fans?

So when do we get the full works ‘John Peel’s Record Library’ eh Tom? It would need it’s own tv channel I feel!

The complete list:

01. al casey – surfin’ hootenanny + easy pickin (pie international) 1963
02. al ferrier – i’m not drinking more + don’t play blue eyes’ (master trak) 1980
03. alan price set – i put a spell on you (decca)
04. andy capp – popatop + reco – the lion speaks (treasure island) 1969
05. anemic boyfriends – guys are not proud + bad girls in love (red sweater records) 1980
06. ann peebles – i can’t stand the rain + i’ve been there before (london) 1972
07. anti-social – traffic lights + teacher, teacher (dynamite records) 1977
08. arthur k adams – wildwood flower + it’s a wild, wild, wild, wild wildwood flower (jetstar)
09. big stick – drag racing + hell on earth (recess records) 1985
10. bill oddie – harry krishna + on ilkla moor baht’at (dandelion) 1970
11. boards of canada – aquarius + chinook (skam)
12. bobby lee trammell – if you ever get it once + don’t you know i love you (alley records)
13. cat power – headlights + darling said sir (the making of americans)
14. charlie feathers – deep elm blues + nobody’s darling’ (holiday inn records)
15. charlie feathers – nobody’s women + when you decide (king) 2x copies
17. charlie feathers – today and tomorrow + wild wild party’ (memphis recordings)
18. charlie feathers – tongue-tied jill + get with it’ (meteor records)
19. charlie feathers – when you come around + too much alike’ (king)
*20. cheeze – dancin with the dead – dancin queen + direwolf 1989 (bob records) 1989
21. clague – the stride + i wonder where (dandelion) 1969
22. clefs of lavender hill – stop! – get a ticket + first tell me why (date)
23. cleveland crochet – sugar bee + drunkards dream (goldband)
24. don covay – it’s better to have + leave him (mercury) 1973
25. don french – lonely saturday night + goldilocks (quality) (lancer) 2x copies
27. dreamland express – groovy + u.f.o (emi)
28. easy teeth – car noise + her blade (dental records) 1980
29. eddie & ernie – i believe she will + we try harder (chess) 1984
30. eddie & ernie – i’m gonna always love you + outcast (eastern)
31. eddie & ernie – time waits for no one + that’s the way it is (eastern)
32. electro hippies – mega-armageddon death (strange fruit) peel session
33. elmore james – the sky is crying + standing at the crossroads (flashback records)
34. firemen – old smokie + louie’s theme (le cam)
35. freshmen – you never heard anything like it + bombing run (release records) 1979
36. g l crockett – it’s a man down there + every hour, every day (4 brothers)
37. g l crockett – look out mabel + did you ever love somebody (checker)
38. geater davis – for your precious love + wrapped up in you (house of orange)
39. gene dozier & the united front – give the women what they want + the best girl i ever had (mercury) 1974
40. golinski brothers – bloody + toy (badge records) 1980 2x copies
42. green hornes – stayed up last night (italy records)
43. hooten 3 car – danny + numena (rumblestrip records)
44. idle race – here we go round the lemon tree + my father’s son (liberty) 45. izzy royal – coronation st (wea) 1983
46. jane bond and the undercover men – hot rod lincoln + come on up (ear movies records) 1982
47. jerry byro – memories of maria + invitation (monument) 1961 2x copies – different labels
48. jody reynolds – endless sleep + western movies (liberty)
49. johnnie taylor – i’ve been born again + at night time (stax) 1974
50. johnny adams – you’re a lady + i wish it would rain (atlantic) 1972
51. johnny fortune – dragster + soul surfer (sonet) 1964
52. ken colyers jazzmen (tempo records) 1953
53. la peste – black + better off dead (black records) 1978
54. larry bright – mojo workout + i’ll change my ways (tide)
55. laurie anderson – o superman + walk the dog (one ten records) 1981
56. lee perry – bafflin’ smoke signal + black smoke signal (black arc) 1978
57. lightnin hopkins – mojo hand + glory be (flashback records)
58. marc bolan – marc bolan talking to stevie dixon, 1973. jennifer sharp, steve harley & john peel talking to stevie dixon 1977. (cube/pye records)
59. mary monday – i gave my punk jacket to richie + popgun (malicious productions)
60. max romeo – sipple out deh’ lee perry + revelation (upsetter)
61. mc5 – looking at you + borderline (a-square records) 2x copies
63. medicine head – coast to coast + all for tomorrow (dandelion) 1970
64. medicine head – his guiding hand + this love of old (dandelion) 1969 2x copies
66. mel and tim – starting all over again + it hurts to want it so bad (stax) 1972
67. meow – kat nip + one night stand + anthem + kill kill kill + catastrophe + boy groupies (twist like this records)
68. mickey lee lane – tuitti fruitti + with your love (mala)
69. mike spencer and the cannibals – good guys + nothing takes the place of you (big cock records)
70. nice – the thoughts of emerlist davjack (immediate)
71. nilsson – everybody’s talkin’ (rca)
72. nilsson – kojak columbo (rca)
73. nilsson – without you (rca)
74. o v wright – that’s how strong my love is + there goes my used to be (goldwax)
75. paul blake & the blood fire posse – every posse get flat + flat out (studio work) 1984
76. paul revere & the raiders – him or me – what’s it gonna be? + legend of paul revere (cbs) 1967
77. pavement – demolition plot j-7 (drag city) 1990
78. pocket fishrmen (sic) – yr story + the leader is burning (noiseville) 1989
79. quads – you’ve gotta jive + there must be thousands (big bear records) 1979
80. ray martin – blue tango + bell of the ball (columbia) 81. revelino – step on high (musidisc)
82. rod bernard – this should go on forever
83. roshell anderson – the grapevine will lie sometimes + such a beautiful thing (contempo) 1974
*84. roy head – treat her right + so long, my love (vocalion) 1965
85. sam & dave – i can’t stand up for falling down + soothe me (stax)
86. sasha caro – grade 3 section 2 + little maid’s song (decca) 1967
87. scrugg – will the real geraldine please stand up and be countered + only george’ (pie) 1969
88. sheena easton – 9 to 5 + moody (emi) 1980 2x copies
90. sipho bhengu – tickey
dopies + i saluti (inkonkoni) 1971
91. soledad brothers – sugar & spice + johnny’s death letter, with jack white (italy records)
92. some chicken – new religion + blood on the wall (raw records) 1977 2x copies
94. spit out – o from i + tan + rot’n’roll’ (ma frog records) 1996
95. stanley winston – no more ghettos in america + it’s alright (jewel)
96. status quo – down down (vertigo) 1974
97. super sister – no tree will grow + she was naked (dandelion) 1971
98. the beatles – come together + octopus’s garden + something (foreign pressing, country unknown)
99. the big three – you’ve gotta keep her under hand + if you ever change your mind (decca) 1964
100. the buzzcocks -ever fallen in love (united artists) 1978
101. the factory – path through the forest + gone (mgm) 1968
*102. the galactic symposium – y.m.c.a + money (vague records) 1978
103. the legion of super-heroes – the great name dropper part 1 + the great name dropper part 2 (amy records)
104. the mark four – hurt me if you will + i’m leaving (decca) 1965
105. the mighty avengers – so much in love + something they say (decca) 1964
106. the misunderstood – i can take you to the sun + who do you love (fontana) 1966
107. the move – i can hear the grass grow + wave the flag and stop the train (deram) 1967
108. the negatives – love is not real + stakeout (look) 1979
109. the nightcaps – wine wine wine + nightcap rock (musicor)
110. the ramrods – zig zag + riders in the sky (london american) 1960
111. the smoke – my friend jack + we can take it (columbia) 1966
112. the squirrels – oz on 45 + alone again (popllama prod) 1988
113. the undertones – teenage kicks (good vibrations records) 1978 3x copies
116. the upholsterers – makers of high grade suites (sympathy for the record industry)
117. the upsetters – bucky skank + yucky skank (down town)
118. the upsetters – key card + domino game (dl international)
119. the users – sick on you + i’m in love with today (raw records) 1977 2x copies
121. the versalites – cutting rasor + black belt jones (dl international) 122. the white stripes – lafayette blues + sugar never tasted so good (italy records)
123. the white stripes – party of special things to do + china pig + ashtray heart (sub pop)
124. the white stripes – merry christmas from…. (xl)
125. the white stripes – it takes two, baby + fell in love with a girl (sympathy for the record company)
126. the white stripes -dead leaves and the dirty ground (xl) 2001
127. the white stripes – hand springs (extra ball records)
128. the white stripes – hotel yorba (xl) 2001
129. the white stripes – lord, send me an angel (sympathy for the record industry) 2x copies
131. the white stripes – hello operator + jolene (sympathy for the record industry) 2000
132. the white stripes – the big three killed my baby (sympathy for the record industry) 2x copies
134. the henchmen featuring jack white – some other guy + psycho daisies (italy records)
135. 2 star tabernacle – ramblin man’ (bloodshot records) 1998 cover photo by jack white
136. the wildbunch – danger – jack white backing vocals (flying bomb)
137. surprise package vol 2 featuring white stripes, rocket 455 and the blowtops (flying bomb)
138. surprise package vol 3 featuring the real pills, mhz, the dirtbombs (flying bomb)
139. travis wammack – fire fly + scratchy (ara) 140. xl-capris – my city of sydney + dead bugies (axle)
141. yami bolo – richer than cory (jamaica international)
142. yardbirds – happenings ten years time ago + psycho diaries (columbia) 1966

* John Peel Record Box Torrent?
Someone on a site somewhere (sorry I forget which) suggested we create a torrent for these. It’s a good idea but I feel we may have trouble aquiring more than just a few. I’ve highlighted three of the possibly harder-to-get items which I have in my possession should this plan take hold!

Link update (2009.04.23):


John Peel Tribute – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

I had intended to do more updating this week but I’ve had computer problems (bless ’em), so I’m just sorting through things at the moment. I have quite a lot to post it seems plus I want to get on with uploading a few shows pretty soon too. In the meantime check out this tribute offering from ‘dan unda’. ABC to be specific. It’s narrated by one of those ‘fizzy’ dj’s but the content is sound enough from the bits i’ve heard to check the recording – which, incidentally I had a bit of bother getting sorted. There are sections where John is interviewed for the station so worth getting for that I think.

Web link:
triple j music specials

J FILES: John Peel
broadcast date: 01/11/2004
presenter: Richard Kingsmill

The legendary BBC DJ and radio producer was known around the world for his championing of new music ever since he hit the airwaves in the ’60s. In this one hour special, we’ll feature some of the wonderful music that was recorded over the years for The Peel Sessions, including Joy Division, The Smiths, The Jam, PJ Harvey, The Fall, Billy Bragg and New Order.

media player:
(direct) mms://

real audio:
(direct) pnm://


John Peel programme on BBC World Service

The Music Biz

“As a mark of respect on the first anniversary of his death, this week’s Music Biz pays tribute to the legendary BBC World Service music presenter John Peel with a half hour special programme.

Mark Coles will be looking at the massive influence he has had on DJ’s and presenters around the world and explores what made him unique.

There is also a report from the recent John Peel concert which took place in London and featured many of his favourite acts from over his thirty-seven year BBC career.

Elsewhere, John’s widow Sheila Ravenscroft explains how the family decided to complete his half-finished autobiography and her recollections of travelling with John to countries like Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Japan and Russia in search of new music.”

Music Biz Link:

Companion Report From BBC News Online:

BBC Radio Player Link:

Media Player Link:

Direct Link:


One World: John Peel Tribute Programme

Radio 1 BBC Radio 1’s One World

John Peel :: Around the World
Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 10th October 2005: 0100-0300

Just found this 2 hour programme on the Radio 1 website.

“Producers Note:

This week’s programme is a tribute to the late, great John Peel.

We wanted to pay tribute to John on the One World Show and there was no better way of doing it by demonstrating John’s love for music from all corners of the world.

This week we play you excerpts of shows which John made from all over the world. From Brussels to Japan, Sonar to the Eurovision Song Contest One World tries to cram in as much as we can.

Some of the programmes are over twenty years old and you’ll hear for yourself that John’s presenting style changes from formal to irreverent. Most of the trips which John went on he was accompanied by his wife Sheila who he mentions throughout the programmes.”


Programme Link:

BBC Radio Player:

Direct Real Player Link:


John Peel Programming on BBC 6 Music This Week


John Peel

*(I apologise for jumping ahead with what I presumed were the correct real audio links. I have given myself a stern talking to. Get the full six hours! below) plus Monday’s Top Gear programme.

6 Music Plays It Again will be extended by half an hour this week as the network remembers the late, great broadcaster John Peel. The week starts with John’s debut BBC radio broadcast, as Pete Drummond’s co-presenter on Radio 1’s Top Gear programme, back in October 1967.

Extracts from Peeling Back The Years, provide the opportunity to enjoy John Peel in conversation with his great friend and producer John Walters. Recorded in 1987, the series provides an insight into John Peel the music fan and the DJ.

The series goes on to explore the British music scene, and John’s own impact upon it, from the early 70s, through the punk explosion and into the 80s.

The archive programming is introduced by 6 Music Presenters Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq who got together, over a mic, to remember their friend and colleague.

Monday 24 Oct
Top Gear

The week starts with John’s debut BBC radio broadcast, as Pete Drummond’s co-presenter on Radio 1’s Top Gear programme, back in October 1967. The playlist is typically eclectic, opening with Martha & the Vandellas, and embracing The Hollies, The Bee Gees, The Velvet Underground and session tracks from Pink Floyd along the way.

direct link: rtsp://

Tue 25 – Thu 27 October
Peeling Back the Years

Originally recorded as 6 one hour documentaries in 1987, Peeling Back The Years is an opportunity to enjoy John Peel in conversation with his great friend and producer John Walters.

The documentaries have been re-edited to 3 one-hour shows for broadcast (Tues-Thu) but You can listen online to the compete 6 hours of programmes.

direct links (complete 6 hours):
“Listen again to episodes 5 and 6 of Peeling Back The Years
in full from 2100hrs on Thu 27 Oct”


Edited version (as if you would!)

Get the full details here:

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