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Radio 4 pulls Andy Kershaw interview

On and Off!

On and Off!

The BBC has made an eleventh hour decision not to broadcast an interview with Andy Kershaw today.

A BBC statement said: “The aim of the programme was to explore the events leading to Kershaw’s breakdown and his subsequent efforts to recover, whilst providing the other parties involved with an appropriate degree of privacy.

“This, however, did not prove possible.”

“The programme was recorded and edited very close to the day of broadcast, hence the lateness of the decision to cancel.”

The statement said that Kershaw’s “behaviour throughout the interview was in no way an issue and had nothing to do with the decision to pull the programme”.

The Radio 4 Blog:
You can comment directly on this decision to Mark Damazer, Controller of Radio 4, at the BBC’s website.

BBC News:
Interview with DJ Kershaw pulled

The Guardian:
Radio 4 pulls Andy Kershaw interview

The Times:
Andy Kershaw: ‘I’ve never laid a finger on anyone’

IOM Today:
Andy Kershaw radio show dropped by BBC Radio 4

Google News Results:
Interview with DJ Kershaw pulled

Also worth reading is this article by David Mitchell regarding the inner politics of the BBC.

Is Radio 4 too posh? Mark Damazer serves up his recipe for change.

Involved in this production? Work in programme resources?


How Peel and Kershaw First Met


Andy Kershaw & John Peel

Just happened upon this charming piece from 1995 over at the Independent: John Peel and Andy Kershaw : How We Met. Here’s the opening paragraph by Emma Cook.

John Peel, 55, was born in Heswell, near Liverpool. After finishing his military service in 1962, he began his career as a disc jockey in America. In 1967 he returned to Britain and joined Radio 1, where he has worked ever since. He lives in Suffolk with his wife Sheila and their four children. Andy Kershaw, 35, was born in Rochdale. After studying politics at Leeds University, he became a presenter for BBC2’s Old Grey Whistle Test in 1984. A year later he joined Radio 1, on which he still hosts a weekly show. He lives in north London with his girlfriend Juliette.

→ Read the complete article here.

→ I have also added it to John Peel links scrapbook where you can find numerous links to interviews and various newspaper articles relating to John that I’ve collected over a number of years.


Andy Kershaw on BBC Radio 4

Andy Kershaw

Andy Kershaw talks about rebuilding his life and career.

Here’s an early notication that’s sure to be of interest to a great many that frequent this site.

On the Ropes
09:00-09:30 (repeated at 21:30-22:00)
Tuesday 28th April 2009
BBC Radio 4

John Humphrys talks to successful people who have weathered storms in their careers.

Andy Kershaw talks about rebuilding his life and career after losing his BBC radio show and spending time in prison for breaking a restraining order.

Andy has enjoyed a highly successful broadcasting career, winning a brace of Sony Radio awards and receiving critical acclaim for his reports from Rwanda, Angola, Haiti and Iraq. However, his outspoken opinions led to him being dropped by Radio One; he openly attacked Bob Geldof over his stance on Africa and in 2007 his personal life began to suffer.

He was arrested trying to break into the home of his former girlfriend and was found guilty of drink driving. A restraining order was placed on Andy, and his Radio 3 show was taken off air. In 2008 he breached this restraining order in an attempt to see his two children and ended up in jail. He is attempting to rebuild his life and career.

source: BBC Radio 4

// audio links to follow


John Peel Interview – New Download

Library photo of John in a studio – but not New Zealand

***UPDATED 30th November WITH NEW WEB LINK***

It is with thanks to John B. we have a ‘New’, and dare I say it, ‘Exclusive’, John Peel interview? The fact is most of us won’t have heard this before so it’s a real treat.

Recorded in Auckland for Student Radio station 95bfm in 2002. I can find no reference to it on their site though. Shame it would have been nice to have a photo to accompany this.

John the raconteur is on fine form here and, as is invariably the case, very insightful. His brief narrative regarding the inner workings of Radio 1 back then, (doubtless nothing’s changed since), speak volumes.

It’s this manifest of civil servant mentality that has kept me from listening to it ever since John’s passing.

I vaguely recall certain comments made by someone on the John Peel newsgroup ridiculing me for proclaiming there was no longer any reason to listen to Radio 1. Perhaps they ought to listen to this to understand why.

It’s not the knowledge of the process but because of the results that I choose to abstain. I don’t need to know how it works, just that it doesn’t sound like anything I want to listen to.

It also explains why people flock to Dandelion Radio, SlashMusic, The Yank Sizzler and Another Fine Mess to name a few.

I am extremely grateful to John B. for sending me this. You can find his online activities here:
You Must Be From Away
Mainz Daily Photo

Download The File
You have two options again: Torrent and Web.

John Peel Interview via BitTorrent
John Peel Interview via Rapidshare


John Peel – BBC Radio 4 Home Truths Programme

Celebrating John Peel
This week, Home Truths comes from Peel Acres in Suffolk. Tom Robinson presents a tribute to John Peel with Sheila and the family, along with your memories of John – and news of the The John Peel train.

(web page)
(direct) rtsp://
[this links to the current week’s programme and will change on Saturday – so you have until then.]

A Home Truths tribute to John Peel from 2004.
The programme, presented by Roger McGough, looks back at some of Peel’s highlights on the show.

(web page)
(direct) rtsp://


John Peel Tribute – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

I had intended to do more updating this week but I’ve had computer problems (bless ’em), so I’m just sorting through things at the moment. I have quite a lot to post it seems plus I want to get on with uploading a few shows pretty soon too. In the meantime check out this tribute offering from ‘dan unda’. ABC to be specific. It’s narrated by one of those ‘fizzy’ dj’s but the content is sound enough from the bits i’ve heard to check the recording – which, incidentally I had a bit of bother getting sorted. There are sections where John is interviewed for the station so worth getting for that I think.

Web link:
triple j music specials

J FILES: John Peel
broadcast date: 01/11/2004
presenter: Richard Kingsmill

The legendary BBC DJ and radio producer was known around the world for his championing of new music ever since he hit the airwaves in the ’60s. In this one hour special, we’ll feature some of the wonderful music that was recorded over the years for The Peel Sessions, including Joy Division, The Smiths, The Jam, PJ Harvey, The Fall, Billy Bragg and New Order.

media player:
(direct) mms://

real audio:
(direct) pnm://


John Peel Interviews

I’m still experimenting with the best way to catalogue all of this. I have a lot of peel material cached from the internet plus links such as these and obviously audio/video. I’ll be adding it a bit at a time to in order to create a searchable database. Get in touch if you feel you can add something.

March 8th 2002
B92 – belgrade media network (also contains free music downloads)
cache ref: jpweb0001b

index magazine – american art & style magazine (also contains free music downloads)
cache ref: jpweb0002

Desert Island DJ – How John Peel helped shape American musical taste (includes audio links)
Oct. 28, 2004
slate – american magazine on msn
cache ref: jpweb0003

people like us peel session (mp3 download links down as of 18.10.05)
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
dozer – mp3 blog
cache ref: jpweb0004

Peel’s records may be saved for the nation
October 09, 2005
the times – uk newspaper,,2087-1817987,00.html
cache ref: jpweb0005

files & feature
peeling back the years
6music – bbc radio
cache ref: jpweb0006

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