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closing down everything must go

My rapidshare account comes to an end in a few days time and I shan’t be renewing it because, along with most people it seems, I’ve found it increasingly frustrating and unworkable in numerous ways. What this means for you is the contents of the Downloads page, and links in other posts, are likely to disappear gradually. If they were an easy way to mirror the lot of them in one go I’d do it, but frankly I haven’t the time or patience. Mind you I’m sure you’ll be able to find most over at the John Peel Wiki perhaps or on one of the various sites listed in the margin.

Oh, john peel everyday is still up and running of course.

In all I don’t think it’s that big a deal. The lack of updates is due to poor health, as usual – yawn, but things on a less ambitious scale will appear at T.B.C. What with letting the domain slip, it’s probably best to wrap things up now.

We had a few laughs though didn’t we?

Caio. (“;)

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Grab ’em While They’re Hot


Quick News Roundup

A few items that I was planning to post before the really shitty news about Tony Wilson. Although stirrings of a normal service being resumed here should be treated with the utmost contempt, I don’t think I ought to let the aproach of John Peel’s birthdate, 30th August (1939,) go without some special attention. But for now…


Radio 1 40th anniversary – BBC Request
(courtesy of the superlative Peel newsgroup)

Hello there,

I’m putting together a ‘Best of John Peel’ programme for Radio 1’s 40th anniversary, and need your help!

I wondered if you or any of your listeners had any favourite John moments or quotes from John’s Radio 1 shows (and if they remember when it was, even better) – and if so if they could please e-mail me asap. I’ll then see if we have those moments in our archives and try to include them in the programme..

Hope you can help!

All the best,


BBC Radio 1
l Yalding House | 152-156 Great Portland St | London W1N 6AJ

Contact Simon here: (I’m sure the beeb have more than adequate spam filtering in place otherwise I wouldn’t normally publish an email address in this way.)


The Launch of Unpredictable Porridge

Dear music fan

You subscribed to John Peel’s Unpredictable Porridge page. The project has been a long time in the building process, but we now want to provide you with an exclusive 7-day window in which you have the first opportunity to upload your material to the site before it goes public.

Gohereto register, then upload your biog, images and audio. Your music and contact details will be ported straight through to the inboxes of Universal’s A&R heads as well as being available for the public to enjoy.

If you’re not a musician and simply an avid music fan, then hold tight for the public launch of Unpredictable Porridge where you will be able to stream the best new and unsigned music in the UK.

This site will continue the legacy of John Peel, you can upload your new musical creations and check out other emerging talent.

Regardless of what style of music you are into, or whether you like to play music, create music, or just listen to music; this site will be for you. John’s son William, and Universal Music are seeking to further John’s commitment by providing real opportunities and potential record deals for emerging acts. This new interactive portal will be all about your ideas, your talent and your passion for music.

Unpredictable Porridge


John Peel Round Table 1978

Sound Engineer Iain Roberton has kindly offered to attempt a clean up of an old edition of BBC Radio 1’s Round Table with Kid Jenson, Kate Bush and John Peel. The recording can best be described as shite and offers several technical challenges, but mostly it requires much of time and patience. It is not simply a noise removal and EQ job. Serious offers of help from audiophile masochists can request a disc containing the 300+MB wav file by emailing me at the usual address.


Peelenium Request

Hi Gary

I was sorry to read you’ve been having health problems, I hope that you will be feeling better soon.

I was wondering if, with your extensive knowledge of the Peel Internet community, you could help me locate a download of the Peelennium shows, specifically the 1931 edition.

I lost the recording of this through typical negligence almost as soon as I’d made it. It featured two beautiful tracks, Just A Gigolo performed by Bing Crosby with the Gus Arnheim Orchestra and Dona Clara by Leyton & Johnstone, a Black vocal duo who seem to have no Internet presence. This version of Dona Clara is unlike more familiar versions, played in a soft, lilting style.

I once saw a compilation of Leyton & Johnstone’s work in Tower Records Piccadilly. It did not contain that track so I did not snap it up, not knowing then how rare and obscure their work had become.

Apart from being a wonderful piece of music which I want to hear again, the track also has special significance for my Grandmother Edith, now in her 90s. It was a favourite song of her older brother Will whom she idolised and who died tragically young.

I know it is a lot to ask, especially in view of your own health problems, but if you think you might be able to help (maybe you could refer me to a Peel or 1930s music fanatic) you would have my deepest gratitude.

Yours truly

Howard Flaxa

Progress can be read at my other blog: here.


And finally…

Updates here have been scarce because I needed (still?) a good long break from everything. The fact that some cunt deleted all the Peel links at rapidshare doesn’t help. Why do people need to publicly prove their immaturity? I do have plenty of files to share but I’ve not decided the best method yet.

Don’t forget the torrent feed though!

Special thanks to Jon Horne for his recent message who has long been a big inspiration behind john peel everyday. Kent at KSR for sourcing me a splendid Kurzweil and thus providing a renewed interest in life.


Music News (Week 18)

Even More John Peel Downloads:
New John Peel blog hits the internet – woohoo, can’t have enough of them I say. Already there is a wide selection of Peel programmes, sessions and other good stuff to download so get over there now and make sure you bookmark it.
| Fades in Slowly

Mark E Smith Latest:
Current issue of The Wire magazine features Von Südenfed, Mark’s new project with Mouse on Mars plus their wesite has a track from the debut album and the promo video for their forthcoming single.
| audio
| video


Web Roundup Week 8 (Part 1)

Web Roundup Week 8 (Part 1):
Links to some of the web’s finest Peel purveyors.

Every day? A new post every day. Who bleedin’ well told you that? Actually having the news about Martyn’s Peel Tapes book on top for two days is no bad thing at all. He’s since told me that he will indeed be keeping us posted with his progress. Looking forward to it.

The Perfumed Garden has, among it’s usual steady flow of Peel Sessions, The Fall’s gig from Sheffield’s Hallam University back in 1993, part of which was broadcast to mark BBC Radio 1’s Sound City initiative.
| The Fall

Sound of The Suburbs is another site I’ve featured before that regualrly posts Peel Sessions. A John Cooper Clarke session, in particular, caught my eye. Recent posts also feature Pete Wylie, Therapy, Pulp & Period Pains’ ‘Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are).
| John Cooper-Clarke
| Pete Wylie
| Therapy
| Pulp
| Period Pains

Peter writes to inform me that his site has links to a John Peel session from Medicine Head session – 26th april 1970. He would also like to hear from anyone who has the previous session one i that was “..done before the first lp (new bottles, old medicine) which was recorded in a birmingham studio and was of most of the songs on that lp” I hope I’ve got I’ve all the details correct there.
| Medicine Head

Koogy’s comprehensive music tracklistings for the SlashMusic podcasts have garnered attention from Mr Tom Ravenscroft himself stating, “I have to admit, it’s a very good site indeed,and I kind of wish we’d done it..”
| SlashMusic Playlists

Finally and certainly by no means least, I extend my thanks and appreciation to Richard for supplying me with the recent Guardian Guide which featured many of yours & my favourite websites including this one. The fact that they reproduced my ever so humble graphc design (not withstanding credit for the photographer of said pic used) without consultation infers I may do the same with their content. Unless of course they think Bloggers don’t warrant the same courtesy not to mention potential legal considerations? Huh, then Jamie went and topped it by being mentioned in Q Magazine, although a little investigative journalism (and a penchant for graphic design) on my part revealed the awful truth Media Whores & Pictures At An Exibition.


Peel Web Roundup (Week 5)

Following the uncontained joy of being listed in The Guardian (no really) I thought it prudent to kick myself into gear and post. There’s a fair degree on offer out there so without further ado……ado, ado. Huh, I lied.

Jon at The Peel Tapes: right place, right time, wrong speed:
3rd March 1998 part 1 (Session by The Fall)
3rd March 1998 part 2 (Session by The Fall)
24th December 1979 part 1 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
24th December 1979 part 2 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
2nd January 1980 part 1 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
2nd January 1980 part 2 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
30th August 1979 part 1 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 2 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 3 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 4 (JP’s 40th birthday)

| These can all be found here

The Furtive Fifty:
| Festive Fifty from 2000 nos. 20-1 from DAT
| Xmas Special 2000
| Festive 50 2002 (Sans Peel – music only!)

The Perfumed Garden:
| Gregory Isaacs – 6th December 1982
| Public Image Ltd – 17th December 1979
| The Flatmates – 24th September 1986 (Re-Post)
| Dinosaur Jr – 14th November 1988
| The Would Be’s – 19th March 1990 (Re-Post)
| Cocteau Twins – 15th July 1982
| Kevin Coyne – 24th January 1974
| The Mod-ettes – 4th February 1980 (Re-Post)

The Runout Groove:
| Peel Session: Twist (1999)
| Peel Session: Mono (2004)
| Peel Session: Will Oldham (2002)

Dandelion Radio:
Dandelion Radio are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shifty Disco with a retrospective look at the label’s colourful history, a trawl through their diverse and prolific back catalogue, and an interview with label boss Dave Newton. There’s a chance to win a load of shiny new Shifty Disco releases and celebrations are rounded off with live sets from Shifty bands, The Race, Seagull Strange, My Device and Paperlung. The show starts on Jan 27th & repeats through February. We also have an exclusive four track session from Autons.

| Dandelion Radio website.

John Peel Day Flickr Site:

Thanks to Roo Reynolds’ posting, I’ve re-discovered the John Peel Day photo blog.

| Flickr photo pool

The Roaring Machine:
Elizabeth has posted Peel session track “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” by the Wedding Present.

| A wedge of Gedge

Pimpernel Jones:
Pompey DJ and rising star Pimpernel Jones plays the Wedgewood Rooms on Saturday 10th February with Radio One/Talkin’ Loud’s Gilles Peterson. So far I’ve only heard the chilled out mixes that Chris has been kind enough to point me to but judging from that and the favourable comments he’s been receiving lately, it should be a good night. Definately a name to watch!

| Tickets
| Pimpernel Jones @ MySpace
| Pimpernel Jones @ Slash Music
| Taster Two compilation on the Cookshop Label.

There are bound to be things I’ve forgotten or simply missed so contact me if you want a mention.


Peel Web Roundup (Week 1)

I suppose you lot think I’ve got nothing better to do than trawl the internet looking for links. So what of it? Well besides the usual suspects here are a few nuggets of binary goodness for you to savour…

Time Has Told Me:
“John Peel Presents Top Gear album (BBC REC 52S) issued in 1969
and comprising selected sessions from his “Top Gear” radio show.”

DE SAYS: Includes scans of the BBC vinyl.

| Visit…

Curly Wurly+:
“For this project I’m going to center on John Peel’s Festive Fifties and other (predominantly American) best-ofs from the 1980-90s. Generally, the Festive Fifty will come mid-week, and another list from the same year will follow by the end of the week. That’s what I’m aiming for, at least. The first two posts will be Festive Fifties 1978 and 1979, and other lists will commence with 1980 in the next week.”

DE SAYS: Consists of several mp3’s – not the actual radio archive.

| Visit…

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats
“And now, If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger . . . kicks off its New Year’s Eve John Peel extravaganza”

DE SAYS: Scroll down the page to find numerous downloads including: Tim Buckley, Syd Barrett, The Adverts, Billy Bragg, The Smiths and links to a couple of tv programmes featuring John on YouTube

| Visit…

Sound of the Suburbs:
“30 years of listening to Peel and reading NME , or as my parents said a wasted youth , I think not , I’ll let you judge”

| Visit (Billy Bragg)…

| Visit (Elastica)…

| Visit (the Only Ones)…

DE SAYS: Various Peel session recordings as indicated above. More in Archives.

BigO Worldwide:
“Joni Mitchell and James Taylor
At The Royal Albert Hall, Oct 28, 1970 [1CD]
The king and queen of new folk were an unlikely match of the sweet, smooth-talking Taylor and the giggly, elfish Mitchell. Together they visited London and were graciously hosted by the BBC’s John Peel whom you can hear introducing the pair. At the time of post-Dylan folk music, much interest was shown to introspective songwriting, hence Peel’s interest.”

DE SAYS: Always worth visiting this site for some interesting ‘Recordings of Indeterminate Origin’, as they refer to them. Bootlegs to you and me.

| Visit…

And I know I’ve been plugging it a lot but make sure you visit Dandelion Radio for, among other things, the 2006 Festive Fifty. I’ve caught about two thirds of this five hour marathon so far but it’s being repeated all through January so there’s still time. And if, like me, you’ve not really been ‘on the ball’ as far as keeping up with music lately it’s a good time to catch up as they’re playing some cracking songs. If you need reminding, they live here: Dandelion Radio

And finally to every blog owner that believes they are doing the right thing by being responsible and, God forbid, politically (spit!) correct by editorialising any mention of the Jarvis’ track down to ‘Running The World’ – I know where you cunts live. I do hope 2007 isn’t going to be a further decent into the puss-filled quagmire of Corporate Mentality by otherwise normal minded individuals. I think I’ll make the effort to be especially cantancorous this year – that’ll cheer me up. Hmm, feeling better already…


20 Fun-Packed Peel Sessions

Here’s a quick end-of-year round-up of the last 20 Peel Sessions brought to you courtesy of The Runout Groove and The Perfumed Garden. There are plenty more where these came from so go and take a gander. Don’t these boys work hard on our behalf?

| The Runout Groove

Aerial M (1998)
Trans Am (2000)
Aereogramme (2003)
Man Or Astro-Man? (1999)
Calexico (2003)
Calexico (1999)
Bardo Pond (2001)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (2003)
Ballboy (2000 & 2003)
PJ Harvey – Live at Peel Acres (2004)

| Or jump over to The Runout Groove and browse…

| The Perfumed Garden

Bikini Kill (1993)
Monkey Steals The Drum (2000)
Camera Obscura (2001)
Ride (1990)
Tim Buckley (1968)
Carcass (1989)
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (F.S.K.) (1986)
Gallon Drunk & Breed (Clawfist Records Peel Sessions)
Viv Stanshall (1977)
The Wedding Present – John Peel’s 50th Birthday Bash (1989)

| Or jump over to The Perfumed Garden and browse…


Peel News Roundup

Siezed by an almost overwhelming and unexpected urge to live (at least when I started the draft), it’s a new posting!

It’s good to know that the John Peel torrents are still going strong. And I’m sure there are others with more MB’s per second than me who have even better ratios. Thanks to all the seeders :)

John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1 – Share Ratio: 10.114 Uploaded: 6.77GB
John_Peel_20020821.rar – Share Ratio: 27.246 Uploaded: 2.04GB

I don’t know how long the Rapidshare folder has been empty but clearly people do prefer Torrents to RS it seems, however I thnk there ought to be a range of download options so I’ll see about getting some plain old http files available.

I offer my upmost apologies to the helpful Neil Kelleher who kindly sent in a good print-size version (1387×1387) of Peter Blake’s artwork – only for me to ignore him. If you’ve breathed more than a few strong words to the effect of my ungratefullness then I don’t blame you! Grab it here…

And now direct from the JP Web News Desk we bring you …di-di-di-di, di-di-di, di-di-di-di-di… (70’s style news jingle) more John Peel Web News.

Peter Blake just so happens to be the subject of The South Bank Show tonight on ITV1 Sunday 19th November at 22:45, although there might be regional variations. There’s also an extended interview online at

Kat’s Karavan
Check out Kat’s Karavan for some vintage Peel. DuffPaddy has an edition of Night Ride or ‘Son of Night Right’ but I’ll let him fill you in with the complete details, from May 1969.

The Peel Tapes
The Peel Tapes continue unabaited with Jon Horne‘s 1980 retrospective including the Festive Fifty and the Independent Labels Special from April of that year.

The Perfumed Garden
Kris has a Tim Buckley session recorded for Peel’s Top Gear program in 1968 along with a mountain of others.

The Runout Groove
Local (to me anyway) lad Jamie continues his knack for uncovering new hidden gems and dispensing old Peel sessions despite now having to live in the Real World where care-free memories of student days are now just a haze. From July 2003 comes a Peel sesh by The French, whose only song I know is the one that got into the Festive Fifty, and Do Make Say Think from 2000

Indie MP3
Indie MP3 is always worth visiting and now has it’s own “indie mp3 rapidshare archive”, which currently contains the complete Festive Fifty from 1986.

Cafe Puschkin
The serving of the following special Peel dishes is now available: 5th December 2003, 4th February 2004, 30th March 2004, 27th November 2003, 29th November 2003, a Peel Compilation and a few other things.

The Ted Chippington Revival at Frankosonic
I also want to happily jump on the Ted Chippington publicity bandwagon. It seems the laconic comic – again from the 80’s – is appearing in public again with hopes for a new box set of his complete recordings. I can’t recall where I first saw him. Maybe on Channel 4’s The Tube or it could have been any one of a number of New Variety/Alternative Comedy events of it’s day, but suffice to say that I’ve never forgotton him and it’s good to hear his name being mention again. If you like dry northern humour consider a move to Lancashire or on the other hand visit Frankosonic and lsiten to some audio examples beacuse my description doesn’t do him justice. Welcome back Ted.

And finally…
Things have been quite here for about a month or more but regulars no doubt know this is to be expected due to health (no sympathy please – just stating facts), and, well because the internet is like that isn’t it? That’s what makes it so darn fun. I’ve also been spending a little time and a lot of money building up a studio to record my own musical ideas. Big Up to Turnkey; F.O.A.D. to Studiospares (useless cunts)! Rest assured though that any lulls will generally be followed by peaks of activity.

More torrents are planned – I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting something completed before Christmas. And Eddie (not Eric), may even get his disc soon too!

I’ve a feeling I’ve forgotten one or two things I wanted to mention but if I remember they’ll go in the comments. I tire so easily these days – that do ya for now?


News Roundup


What’s Occurring?

Jollyroger over at The Furtive Fifty has posted one side of a tape from the year 2000: 20th July – Side 2 to be exact, with Side 1 to follow!

The Perfumed Garden is still happily churning out the Peel sessions as is The Runout Groove.

The John Peel Tapes always has a good selection too and not forgetting DuffPaddy’s Kat’s Karavan either.

I feel guilty if I leave anyone out whether they’ve recently updated or not!

Thanks to Darryl for alerting me to the problem with the torrent feed. The John Peel Torrents Live Search Results is now fixed and working again.

Thanks also to everyone who voted in the Poll – even if, as I suspect, some of you may have voted more than once, you cheeky blighters. The results were still a good indication as to what you folks want and it looks to me like a Rapidshare/BitTorrent split, so I shall be responding to this in the very near future.

Apologies to Tom, and everyone else of course, for not uploading any Syd Barrett material or even acknowledging his passing here but as my own reclusive existence somewhat reflects that of Roger’s later years – without the financial assistance of Pink Floyd unfortunately – I’m afraid I couldn’t really deal with posting anything about it at the time. Although it’s sad for us to see him go I’m imagine it was an appreciable release for him.

Staying on a personal note I’m feeling somewhat more optimistic. I’m planning to buy a new car, (which I’ll hardly ever use but without one….), and having gained modest, short-term at least, finacial security, converting that back room into the recording studio space it’s been crying out to be for ages. Having produced one solo album for a friend I’m keen to get back into it. You might even get to hear some of my own work if I’m feeling particularly confident. Either way I hope to have some fun making lots of noise! The new and more powerful PC that will be required for this will mean a chance to digitise those John Peel TV programmes from video tape.

The whole point of this site is to share John Peel recordings and never let his contribution to our lives and the world of music ever be forgotten or taken for granted so I appreciate everyone that gets involved simply by leaving comments or otherwise.

May the spirit of Peel never fade from our lives


The Festive 50 2003

I’ve not been relaying as much info here as I should have been of late but I simply have to inform of the new Peelie blog The Furtive Fifty

JollyRogered tells of one particularly grueling Festive Fifty recording and share said 50 from 2003 (FM->DAT->Tape no less!).

I can’t confess to having quite such an awful time of it as he clearly did but I’ve spent several Christmases past convincing various girlfriends that it is absolutely vital that the festive fifty gets recorded ‘properly’ and not on ‘that pissy excuse for a ghetto blaster’ or I’ll be in no mood to spend Christmas with. So I’d cart all my hi-fi seperates round to theirs – even used a digital multitrack once when that was the only option. Somehow though there would never be quite the same concentration available for flipping tapes or discs in these altered surroundings and I never rarely came away with anything quite as polished as I’d hoped for. ‘No thanks I don’t want to watch Flashdance I’m listening to Peel……..John Peel…..John, oh never mind!’

I must register my dissapointment after downloading part 1. Please be aware that Rog has removed all of John’s comments so what you get is the music only. Sacrilege! If you’re happy with that, fine, but just so you know what you’re downloading.

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