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1997 The Orb at Glastonbury

Spaced in Somerset

Spaced in Somerset

I’ve been quite enjoying the Orb’s current album The Dream, which makes a change from several of their previous releases. So I have to give this posting a quick mention…

“Download a live set recorded at Glastonbury. ..recorded and broadcast by Radio 1, recorded to cassette and transferred/tape hiss removed with Goldwave. I think there’s even a snippet of the late great John Peel at the end, as he used to handle much of Radio 1’s Glastonbury coverage in those days.”

1997-06-28 Glastonbury Festival
01. Majestic
02. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain that Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld
03. Little Fluffy Clouds
04. Bedouin
05. Toxygene

Source: The Nomads Tent


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A huge thank you to all the original cappers and uploaders at the Peel Newsgroup couldn’t do it without them!

Thanks to Jon for making me smile regarding his updated comments regarding this site. Cheeky bugger LOL :)

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