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Chips Off The Old Block

Tom Robinson with Tom and William Ravenscroft at BBC 6 Music

Tom Robinson with Tom and William Ravenscroft at BBC 6 Music

Steve from Teenage Kicks here! Before treading lightly in the deep waters of this hallowed ground, I just want to say many thanks to Gary for setting me up as an author here, and I hope in the coming months that I won’t do anything to disgrace the reputation it so richly deserves. So enough gab from me, and here’s info regarding Peel’s offspring and their fledgeling recording career.

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At time of writing a 58min podcast version, thus described “BBC 6 Music’s new album-length podcast – a dozen new handpicked tunes every week from Tom Robinson’s Introducing shows in the small hours of Sunday and Monday mornings: full length tracks by upcoming artists, direct from their own websites.” can be downloaded from here:
Free BBC Introducing Podacast 05/01/09

Now get downloading and enjoy the continuation of a great tradition in radio.


Steve runs Teenage Kicks, which is a great source of Peel-related features and files. It’s updated regularly too!


More John Peel For Sale

It looks like the BBC has finally come around to truly appreciate the unique talents of Sir John Peel. To cash-in, excuse me, to tie-in with the second annual John Peel Day BBC Enterprises release John Peel Remembered and Home Truths: The Peel Years & Beyond on the 2nd of October and 2nd of November respectively.

Am I being overly cynical or is it perhaps easier for the BBC to appreciate John PeelTM the brand over the previous awkwardly principled living breathing model?

John Peel Remembered includes the Radio 4 Book of the Week serialisation of Margrave of the Marshes, Peel’s part-written autobiography completed by his wife, Sheila Ravenscroft and a Home Truths Special, a special programme to mark the anniversary of John Peel’s death, in which Tom Robinson visits Peel Acres to meet John’s wife Sheila and their four children. Available on tape and CD.

BBC Radio 4’s Home Truths, which was hosted by John Peel from 1998 until his death in 2004, had a hugely dedicated following. The programme became synonymous with Peel and with his family, as well as his unique and eccentric views on British life, which were reflected in the people he chose to contribute to the programme.

From an autistic child who’s a brilliant magician, to the Page 3 girl who became a mayor; and from a man betrayed by his best friend to a fire-eater in a giant, pink rabbit’s suit, Home Truths was at its strongest when it juxtaposed the inspiring with the humorous, the moving with the idiosyncratic. Never sentimental, it was often incredibly moving and, in the voice of John Peel in particular, managed to be enquiring without being voyeuristic, concerned but never ingratiating.

This collection of the best stories from the programme reflects the particular character of the show and its contributors, ranging between comedy and tragedy, eccentricity and inspiration. A perfect bedside companion, and a book for dipping into, Home Truths: The Peel Years and Beyond wonderfully evokes the true flavour and voices of British life. Available in Hardback book.


John Peel – BBC Radio 4 Home Truths Programme

Celebrating John Peel
This week, Home Truths comes from Peel Acres in Suffolk. Tom Robinson presents a tribute to John Peel with Sheila and the family, along with your memories of John – and news of the The John Peel train.

(web page)
(direct) rtsp://
[this links to the current week’s programme and will change on Saturday – so you have until then.]

A Home Truths tribute to John Peel from 2004.
The programme, presented by Roger McGough, looks back at some of Peel’s highlights on the show.

(web page)
(direct) rtsp://


John Peel Programming on BBC 6 Music This Week


John Peel

*(I apologise for jumping ahead with what I presumed were the correct real audio links. I have given myself a stern talking to. Get the full six hours! below) plus Monday’s Top Gear programme.

6 Music Plays It Again will be extended by half an hour this week as the network remembers the late, great broadcaster John Peel. The week starts with John’s debut BBC radio broadcast, as Pete Drummond’s co-presenter on Radio 1’s Top Gear programme, back in October 1967.

Extracts from Peeling Back The Years, provide the opportunity to enjoy John Peel in conversation with his great friend and producer John Walters. Recorded in 1987, the series provides an insight into John Peel the music fan and the DJ.

The series goes on to explore the British music scene, and John’s own impact upon it, from the early 70s, through the punk explosion and into the 80s.

The archive programming is introduced by 6 Music Presenters Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq who got together, over a mic, to remember their friend and colleague.

Monday 24 Oct
Top Gear

The week starts with John’s debut BBC radio broadcast, as Pete Drummond’s co-presenter on Radio 1’s Top Gear programme, back in October 1967. The playlist is typically eclectic, opening with Martha & the Vandellas, and embracing The Hollies, The Bee Gees, The Velvet Underground and session tracks from Pink Floyd along the way.

direct link: rtsp://

Tue 25 – Thu 27 October
Peeling Back the Years

Originally recorded as 6 one hour documentaries in 1987, Peeling Back The Years is an opportunity to enjoy John Peel in conversation with his great friend and producer John Walters.

The documentaries have been re-edited to 3 one-hour shows for broadcast (Tues-Thu) but You can listen online to the compete 6 hours of programmes.

direct links (complete 6 hours):
“Listen again to episodes 5 and 6 of Peeling Back The Years
in full from 2100hrs on Thu 27 Oct”


Edited version (as if you would!)

Get the full details here:

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