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John Peel 30th August 1939


The time is gone, the song is over


My only ambition was: this is fun, I hope we can make a living out of this
- Rick Wright 1942 - 2008

15 Sep 2008
The family of Richard Wright, founder member of Pink Floyd, announce with great sadness, that Richard died today after a short struggle with cancer.

The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this difficult time.

Richard Wright
Born 28 July 1943 (65)

No one can replace Richard Wright. He was my musical partner and my friend.

In the welter of arguments about who or what was Pink Floyd, Rick’s enormous input was frequently forgotten.

He was gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognised Pink Floyd sound.

I have never played with anyone quite like him. The blend of his and my voices and our musical telepathy reached their first major flowering in 1971 on ‘Echoes’. In my view all the greatest PF moments are the ones where he is in full flow. After all, without ‘Us and Them’ and ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’, both of which he wrote, what would ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ have been? Without his quiet touch the Album ‘Wish You Were Here’ would not quite have worked.

In our middle years, for many reasons he lost his way for a while, but in the early Nineties, with ‘The Division Bell’, his vitality, spark and humour returned to him and then the audience reaction to his appearances on my tour in 2006 was hugely uplifting and it’s a mark of his modesty that those standing ovations came as a huge surprise to him, (though not to the rest of us).

Like Rick, I don’t find it easy to express my feelings in words, but I loved him and will miss him enormously.

David Gilmour
Monday 15th September 2008

John Peel’s involvement with The Pink Floyd and their Free Sound goes right the way back to the beginning. Notable moments include the time he played Dark Side of The Moon in it’s entirety and HMV in Oxford St. sold out of blank cassettes. Though this might be an urban myth!


In addition to playing with Pink Floyd, Rick also released two solo albums:
Wet Dreams (1978) and Broken China (1996)

There are a ton of sites out there catering to Pink Floyd including those that both list and share many unreleased live recordings, demos and out-takes, but if you’d rather hear the band in documentary form try this one from BBC radio made by 1992 Wish You’d Been Here – The History of Pink Floyd. You’ll even have a chuckle as Bob Harris continually refers to records as rekids! It’s a DJ thing – he’s always done it. Also read this Rick Wright interview from 1986.


Fades in Slowly
Teenage Kicks
Kat’s Karavan audio: Top Gear including Pink Floyd session (1967)
BigO audio: Peel’s in Concert (1971)
Pink Floyd live at Madison Square Garden (1977) audio: 278.38 MB


Tony Wilson

*Not Just Manchester’s Loss

Founder of Factory Records and The Hacienda Club in Manchester, Anthony H Wilson lost his fight with cancer last Friday, 10th August.

Born at Hope Hospital, Salford, he went to De La Salle Grammar School, Salford, and studied English at Cambridge before beginning his TV career as a trainee with ITN in 1971. He was a reporter and presenter on Granada Reports and also worked on Granada’s flagship current affairs programme World In Action. But it was presenting the legendary So It Goes, which reflected the true state of music at the time by featuring artists such as The Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello and The Jam, that was to bring most attention. In the Eighties and Nineties his late night arts show “The Other Side of Midnight” continued the tradition by debuting The Stone Roses, 808 State and The Happy Mondays. Besides presenting, he helped to organise the annual In The City festival in Manchester which attracts musicians and critics from all over the world.

He was also a supporter of the National Secular Society and the British Humanist Association.

There is so much one could say about Tony Wilson but what made him stand out as a true modern day icon worthy of emulation for me was his total self belief and devotion to art in all it’s forms plus his finely tuned bullshit detection that refused to coerce with the non-evolutionary rancid mire that is mainstream culture.

I’ll leave the final relevant quote to Wilson himself:

“When they said I would have to pay £3,500 for the drugs each month, I thought where am I going to find the money? I’m the one person in this industry who famously has never made any money. I used to say some people make money and some make history – which is very funny until you find you can’t afford to keep yourself alive. I’ve never paid for private healthcare because I’m a socialist. Now I find you can get tummy tucks and cosmetic surgery on the NHS but not the drugs I need to stay alive. It is a scandal.” BBC source: Friends fund Wilson’s cancer drug

Further Reading:
Tributes paid to ‘Mr Manchester’ (BBC)

Wilson: my NHS love letter (BBC)

Cerysmatic Factory: Unofficial blog, history and archive about Factory Records plus many links to tributes, has much more to read including several of which I’ve highlighted below.
So It Goes
The Other Side Of Midnight
Big Issue Interview (2002)
NME Interview (1986)

Tony Wilson@Wikipedia
British Humanist Association
National Secular Society

R.I.P. Tony Wilson:
A true Working Class Hero.

John Peel Sony Award 2007 YouTube Video

| YouTube
| YouTube Downloader

“Posthumous accolade for John Peel. Peelie wins the special one-off “Broadcasters’ Broadcaster Award” at the 25th Sony Radio Academy Awards held in London 30th April 2007. His widow Sheila, naturally overcome, collects the special award which was voted for by industry broadcasters themselves.”


Top Award For John Peel

John Peel Wins Broadcasters’ Broadcaster at the 25th Sony Radio Academy Awards

“London 30th April: It was announced at the 25th Sony Radio Academy Awards, the UK’s most prestigious radio accolades, that the late great John Peel is The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster, a special one-off award to mark the anniversary year. The posthumous Award to John Peel, himself a multiple Sony Gold winner across three decades, was collected by his wife Sheila, and was voted for by UK broadcasters from a short-list of 25 radio icons drawn up by the Sony Radio Academy Awards Committee, chosen to reflect the names most quoted by today’s broadcasters as being their greatest influence.”

“…there was little doubt who the assembled on-air talent regarded as the best radio broadcaster of their generation. To mark the 25th anniversary of the awards, all on-air broadcasters in Britain took part in a one-off poll that found the late John Peel to be the “most outstanding broadcaster of the last quarter century”.

The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster award was just the latest in a stream of accolades paid to Peel since his death in 2004. For almost four decades, he championed new music on Radio 1 and in the latter part of his career he also established a committed Radio 4 fanbase with Home Truths.”

| Memory of Peel lives on as pioneer wins ‘radio Bafta’ Independent
| John Peel hailed as the broadcasters’ broadcaster Guardian

No relevant pictures available as yet and strangly no report on BBC News. Am I being too impatient, I thought the web worked quicker than this? Mind you that comes as no surprise considering that without a direct link or web search you’d never stumble upon John’s Radio 1 site.


Sony Radio Academy Awards 2007

Another possible posthumous award for Peelie? Okay, so it may only be of passing interest, in that we don’t need anyone else to us how great John was, but I thought I’d flag it up so you can watch the live webcast tonight if you’re stuck for something to do. I’ve highlighted Alan Freeman’s name in the list below because it may well be felt he has not adequately received his just recognition. If Johnny Walker hadn’t recovered so well from cancer,(last I heard he’s ok and hopefully still doing well), then he might also have been a contender, but I think It’s reasonably certain one needs to be deceased to be in with a shot this year. Kenny Everett is an outside bet in my opinion as he’s pretty well acknowledged for his radio & TV work.

“The 2007 Sony Radio Academy Awards will take place on Monday, 30th April,
at Grosvenor House, London, from 7.00pm.

Find out the winners as they are revealed, via the live webcast. Listen here.

The Broadcasters’ Broadcasters Award
In recognition of the 25th Anniversary, this year’s Sony Radio Academy Awards will include the very special celebration of one radio broadcaster as The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster. Sony Radio Academy Awards Committee have prepared a short list from which these choices are to be made. This list is the result of extensive debate by the Committee and the following individuals were chosen to reflect the names most quoted by broadcasters as being their greatest influence. Full list of those contenders for the 2007 Broadcasters’ Broadcaster are:

Danny Baker, Zoe Ball, Tony Blackburn, Alistair Cooke, Noel Edmonds, Chris Evans, Kenny Everett, Neil Fox, Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, Paul Gambaccini, John Humphrys, Sue MacGregor, Eddie Mair, Chris Moyles, Annie Nightingale, Christian O’Connell, John Peel, Anna Raeburn, Jonathan Ross, Les Ross, Roger Scott, Chris Tarrant, Johnnie Walker, Terry Wogan, Steve Wright.”

| Sony Radio Academy Awards 2007

looking back…Sony Gold Award for John Peel 2002:

Across four decades of broadcasting, his championship of music that is both new and different has set the style for which he’s become best known. Since his days on commercial radio in the USA and his ‘Perfumed Garden’ show on Big L, he’s helped launch the careers of myriad artists including Marc Bolan, Pink Floyd, New Order and Pulp.

He can claim an unrivalled record of 35 years of broadcasting for Radio 1 – along the way his unmistakable voice has cropped up on at one time or another, all of the BBC’s networks including the World Service. He’s been a regular on BFBS. Currently he’s promoting the benefits of DAB on the nation’s commercial stations, but most significantly in recent years, he’s been reflecting on the trials and tribulations of home life on Radio 4’s ‘Home Truths’.

| Radio award for ‘unrivalled’ Peel

Thanks to Jane Anderson from the Radio Times for bringing this to my attention. Anderson and Alison Graham remain, for me, the only two reasons to bother with RT these days, other than it’s radio listings, but don’t let me get started on dumbing-down!


John Peel’s Festive Fifty 1990

Probably the final post of the year and I’ll keep it short because I’m a miserable cunt and if I had my way I’d be off somewhere they don’t indulge in this intolerably churlish festive facade. Don’t get me started.

Couple of downloads for you then. We’ll kick off with a message from Uphallman.

Turn That Racket Down
I’ve upped ‘Turn That Racket Down’ on to a couple of torrent sites I use cos 1 is a members site and they are generally very good at seeding. The response has been amazing. I put it on at the weekend and it’s been downloaded 75 times in those few days. There are 11 seeders (plus me and I’ll leave it on inevitably) and six people are downloading at the mo. Found that no matter what happens with the length of time it takes to download on the Digitaldistractions site, once they’ve downloaded it they just bugger off!

Turn That Racket Down – P2P: BitTorrent
Demonoid (members site) 687.49 MB (720,886,168 bytes)
Torrentportal 687.49 MB (720,886,168 bytes)

Yes I agree, Demonoid is pretty good. Thanks for your contribution Uphallman.

John Peel’s Festive Fifty 1990
We miss Peelie every single day of the year right – we’re all agreed on that? But there was always something special about the Festive Fifty. John always took great pride in putting the thing together. He would always confide how nervous he was of making a mistake – as if we ever minded. We loved him for it. It’s what made him ‘one of us’ a ‘regular guy’. How many tracks would the Fall/Wedding Present/HMHB, etc have in the chart this year? Would the tracks I voted for make an appearance – yes but always pretty low down! Would John have sniffed out another feeble attempt at vote rigging? Would it all fit comfortably on our newly unwrapped C90’s. I can’t have been the only one shining a torch inside the rapid unwinding cassette praying that I don’t see the leader tape for just a minute or two longer, followed inevitably by the ceremonial panic that was the manic tape flip. Happy days :-)

So here, from 1990, is the Festive Fifty as broadcast on BBC Radio 1. This is partly filling a request from Chris and maybe it’s one Eddie wanted too, I forget off hand (and we WILL sort out those dvd’s I promise – 2007 good for you?).

Further notes and full track listings are contained in the file which may be aquired with one of the following options. Make sure you share around the file freely and have a toast to John and the Ravenscroft family. Oh, and a merry fucking Christmas from me. Foul mouthed bastard.

Domestic Empire

Festive Fifty 1990 – P2P: BitTorrent
294 MB (308,875,374 bytes)

Festive Fifty 1990 – HTTP: Rapidshare
Part 1 76.2 MB (80,000,000 bytes)
Part 2 76.2 MB (80,000,000 bytes)
Part 3 76.2 MB (80,000,000 bytes)
Part 4 67.2 MB (70,558,763 bytes)

The rapidshare Peel folder – as listed in the top left corner – contains all these files and more.


John Peel Night Lineup & CD Announced

The Raconteurs, The Horrors and Squarepusher have been confirmed as the acts for the forthcoming Radio 1 Peel Night. The event, which perhaps rather predictably has already sold out, forms part of the BBC’s Electric Proms at The Roundhouse in Camden, north London on October 26th.

As you are probably already aware, the gig will be preceded by a the release of the compilation John Peel – Right Time, Wrong Speed: 1977-1987 on October 9th (I wonder if Jon Horne gets a credit for the title?). It’s a double CD featuring numerous Peel favourites – see below…

Artwork will come from Peter Blake, the man resposible the classic cover of Sgt Pepper by The Beatles of course.

The Tracks:

Buzzcocks – ‘What Do I Get?’
Stiff Little Fingers – ‘Alternative Ulster’
The Cure – ‘A Forest’
Killing Joke – ‘Pssyche’
The Slits – ‘Typical Girls’
The Only Ones – ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’
The Jesus and Mary Chain – ‘Just Like Honey’
Laurie Anderson – ‘O Superman’
The Modern Lovers – ‘Roadrunner’
Misty In Roots – ‘Mankind’
The Rezillos – ‘Can’t Stand My Baby’
The Ruts – ‘In A Rut’
4 Brothers – ‘Pasi Pano Pane Zviedzo’
The Damned – ‘New Rose’
The Jam – ‘Down In The Tube Station At Midnight’ Scritti Politti – ‘The Sweetest Girl’
Steel Pulse – ‘Ku Klux Klan’
The Mekons – ‘Where were You?’
Ivor Cutler – ‘Life In A Scotch Sitting Room’

Joy Division – ‘Atmosphere’
The Cocteau Twins – ‘Musette and Drums’
The Smiths – ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’
Echo & The Bunnymen – ‘Over The Wall’
The Associates – ‘Party Fears Two’
Grandmaster Flash – ‘The Message’
Wah! – ‘Hope (I Wish You’d Believe Me)’
The Sugarcubes – ‘Birthday’
Red Guitars – ‘Good Technology’
Poet & The Roots – ‘All Wi Doin Is Defendin’
The Redskins – ‘Keep On Keeping On’
The Birthday Party – ‘Release The Bats’
The Wild Swans – ‘Revolutionary Spirit’
Gang Of Four – ‘Damaged Goods’
The Wedding Present – ‘Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft’
Cabaret Voltaire – ‘Just Fascination’
The Undertones – ‘You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It?)’
The Fall – ‘Eat Y’self Fitter’
Half Man Half Biscuit – ‘The Trumpton Riots’

Others confirmed for Electric Proms are Kasabian, who will perform with a full orchestra at Camden Roundhouse on October 28. Also, Jamiroquai will play the Jazz Cafe on October 25, Fatboy Slim will play a yet-to-be announced pub in the area on October 27, and Basement Jaxx play KOKO on October 29. Other acts already announced include James Brown, The Who and Damon Albarn’s new band The Good, The Bad And The Queen.


John Peel Day 2 Confirmed

John Peel Day 2 : 12th October
A second “John Peel Day” marking the anniversary of the music legend’s final broadcast on Radio 1 has been confirmed for Thursday 12th October 2006.

Last year, on the first anniversary of Peel’s last Radio 1 show, more than 500 events took place across the UK and around the world.

This year, music fans, bands, artists and DJs are being encouraged to stage their own gigs and club nights in honour of Peel.

Radio 1 will report live from John Peel Day events on October 12, and broadcast a host of classic Peel Sessions. The station also announced Radio 1’s Peel Night, a special gig dedicated to Peel on a date in October during the BBC Electric Proms.

John’s widow Sheila Ravenscroft said: “I hope many bands and venues will want to celebrate John’s anniversary. “There is so much good new music around – everyone should have a fantastic night.”

Radio 1 live music and events editor Jason Carter: “Last year’s first John Peel Day was a phenomenal success with over 500 artists and bands and music promoters at every level hosting live events both within the UK and around the world in John Peel’s name. October the 12th is a day in which we can celebrate the great man, new music and continue his legacy.”

Celebrate John Peel’s Legacy And Put On Your Own Tibute Gig
After the massive success of last year’s John Peel Day BBC Radio 1 is once again inviting people to join the celebration of John’s legacy and live music by putting on their own gigs. See link below.

Submit Event/Gig for John Peel Day
The Electric Proms
Download the John Peel Day logo to use on your gig flyers/posters


Joseph Hill (1949-2006)

Jamaica born Joseph Hill, singer and songwriter with Culture has died while on tour with the band in Berlin.

Culture recorded three Peel Sessions: 1982, 1988, 2002, as well as performing at the Royal Festival Hall in 1998 as part of John Peel’s Meltdown festival lineup. The 2002 session forms part of a John Peel show that’s currently available for download – see links below.

If you have knowledge of any tribute programmes from radio being available or any other related media (non-commercial) please leave details in the comments.

We’re losing far too many good people lately.

Culture Website
A meeting with Joseph Hill
Peel show from 2002 featuring Culture’s final session

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