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Ravenscroft at the Weekend & Archive Peel


• Archive Peel Recordings Online At The Beeb

Glastonbury isn’t the same without John, but then nothing is anymore is it? Anyway, some bright spark at the BBC – Thank You – has riffled the archives to replay several Peel shows from happier days.

Many thanks to Chris for initially drawing my attention to this and to Steve ‘saipanda’ for saving me having to track down the links. Is that the best link to use for you Steve, you are the wikimaster are you not?

No doubt everyone has already checked out the old JP Glastonbury stuff that is still being streamed by the BBC. If not, here’s the links (I think):

24 June 1994 (60 mins), part 1, Madder Rose (60 mins)
24 June 1994 (60 mins) part 2, Dreadzone part 2 (60 mins)
27 June 1995 (120 mins) Ash, Sleeper (120 mins)
29 June 2004 (Belle and Sebastian, PJ Harvey) (120 mins)

Think the 2004 show is available via torrent (in of the 17 set), but as far as I know the others are not generally circulated. If anyone could mp3 these, I for one would really appreciate it – some technical issues at this end.”

John at Glastonbury Festival Picture Gallery
• Don’t forget Paul Battley’s excellent Open Source cross-platform iPlayer Downloader!

If Steve or anyone else is still in need of mp3 links for the above, leave a comment and I shall see to it.

• Ravenscroft On BBC6 Music This Weekend

Tom Ravenscroft is back on BBC6 Music this coming Friday and Saturday.

Friday 3 July 2009 19:00-21:00
“Tom Ravenscroft sits in for Tom Robinson with a session from Tinariwen.”

Saturday 4 July 2009 00:00-02:00
“Tom Ravenscroft sits in for Tom Robinson with more great internet discoveries.”

• The BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson will doubtless have full playlists in due course.


Peel Web Roundup (Week 5)

Following the uncontained joy of being listed in The Guardian (no really) I thought it prudent to kick myself into gear and post. There’s a fair degree on offer out there so without further ado……ado, ado. Huh, I lied.

Jon at The Peel Tapes: right place, right time, wrong speed:
3rd March 1998 part 1 (Session by The Fall)
3rd March 1998 part 2 (Session by The Fall)
24th December 1979 part 1 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
24th December 1979 part 2 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
2nd January 1980 part 1 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
2nd January 1980 part 2 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
30th August 1979 part 1 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 2 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 3 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 4 (JP’s 40th birthday)

| These can all be found here

The Furtive Fifty:
| Festive Fifty from 2000 nos. 20-1 from DAT
| Xmas Special 2000
| Festive 50 2002 (Sans Peel – music only!)

The Perfumed Garden:
| Gregory Isaacs – 6th December 1982
| Public Image Ltd – 17th December 1979
| The Flatmates – 24th September 1986 (Re-Post)
| Dinosaur Jr – 14th November 1988
| The Would Be’s – 19th March 1990 (Re-Post)
| Cocteau Twins – 15th July 1982
| Kevin Coyne – 24th January 1974
| The Mod-ettes – 4th February 1980 (Re-Post)

The Runout Groove:
| Peel Session: Twist (1999)
| Peel Session: Mono (2004)
| Peel Session: Will Oldham (2002)

Dandelion Radio:
Dandelion Radio are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shifty Disco with a retrospective look at the label’s colourful history, a trawl through their diverse and prolific back catalogue, and an interview with label boss Dave Newton. There’s a chance to win a load of shiny new Shifty Disco releases and celebrations are rounded off with live sets from Shifty bands, The Race, Seagull Strange, My Device and Paperlung. The show starts on Jan 27th & repeats through February. We also have an exclusive four track session from Autons.

| Dandelion Radio website.

John Peel Day Flickr Site:

Thanks to Roo Reynolds’ posting, I’ve re-discovered the John Peel Day photo blog.

| Flickr photo pool

The Roaring Machine:
Elizabeth has posted Peel session track “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” by the Wedding Present.

| A wedge of Gedge

Pimpernel Jones:
Pompey DJ and rising star Pimpernel Jones plays the Wedgewood Rooms on Saturday 10th February with Radio One/Talkin’ Loud’s Gilles Peterson. So far I’ve only heard the chilled out mixes that Chris has been kind enough to point me to but judging from that and the favourable comments he’s been receiving lately, it should be a good night. Definately a name to watch!

| Tickets
| Pimpernel Jones @ MySpace
| Pimpernel Jones @ Slash Music
| Taster Two compilation on the Cookshop Label.

There are bound to be things I’ve forgotten or simply missed so contact me if you want a mention.


20 Fun-Packed Peel Sessions

Here’s a quick end-of-year round-up of the last 20 Peel Sessions brought to you courtesy of The Runout Groove and The Perfumed Garden. There are plenty more where these came from so go and take a gander. Don’t these boys work hard on our behalf?

| The Runout Groove

Aerial M (1998)
Trans Am (2000)
Aereogramme (2003)
Man Or Astro-Man? (1999)
Calexico (2003)
Calexico (1999)
Bardo Pond (2001)
Pretty Girls Make Graves (2003)
Ballboy (2000 & 2003)
PJ Harvey – Live at Peel Acres (2004)

| Or jump over to The Runout Groove and browse…

| The Perfumed Garden

Bikini Kill (1993)
Monkey Steals The Drum (2000)
Camera Obscura (2001)
Ride (1990)
Tim Buckley (1968)
Carcass (1989)
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (F.S.K.) (1986)
Gallon Drunk & Breed (Clawfist Records Peel Sessions)
Viv Stanshall (1977)
The Wedding Present – John Peel’s 50th Birthday Bash (1989)

| Or jump over to The Perfumed Garden and browse…


The John Peel Programme 13th April 2004

Alrighty then, I’ve thought of a slightly different way of doing things (until, perhaps I become bored with the idea). Instead of choosing programmes at random I’m going to put up shows that mirror the date they were originally broadcast. So jumping to 2004 we have The John Peel Wingding from the 13th April. Good eh? No, well ok it’s as lame as any regular radio ‘feature’ but it’ll do for now. An idea is an idea no matter how lame it is and they can’t take that away from me, “No, no they can’t take that away from me”. Oh if only you were here to hear me sing that line – heavenly!

Usual download drill. Click on the the new PeelPal corporate spoof-ad (over there on the left somewhere) for the following:

The John Peel Programme 13/04/04
Playlist Link:

The programme feaures Frank Sinatra as the Pig’s big 78 and coincidentally it was a Sinatra song I was singing to you a moment ago. Synergy I tell you. And you think I just throw these things together at the last minute eh? Hmmm…

Sometimes I include the playlist. Sometimes I point to the Radio 1 database as I have been with these last few, but this one is all over the place so I’ve corrected and pasted it below. Have the other playlists been like this? All the tracks are there (with one or two over) but not necessarily in the right order – as Eric Morecambe would no doubt have observed.

Also is it me or does john sound somewhat tense here? It’s subtle but regular listeners might notice the difference? He certainly seems on top of things and gives a good impression of being relaxed but to me it sounds like he’s feeling the strain of ‘keeping up’. Easy to be wise in hindsight of course but listening to this did make me feel a litte sad, paternal even – especially at the point of his remarks about blood pressure. Perhaps it’s just me. Still a good programme for all that.

Ignition Technician – Fluke (12″)’ (Potential)
Trencher – ‘Leaches (LP – ‘When Dracula Thinks “Look at Me”‘)’ (Trencher)
Unknown – ‘Moon Moods (LP – ‘Waves in The Ether: The Magical World of Thermin’)’ (Rev-Ola)
Decoration – ‘Pink’ (Peel Session)
Sound Murderer and SK1 – ‘Bad Sound (LP – ‘Sound Murderer and SK1′)’ (Rewind)
Kode9 and Daddi Gee – ‘Sign of the Dub (10″)’ (Hyperdub)
EZ-T – ‘Downs Pain (LP – ‘Goodbye Little Doll’)’ (Monitor)
Facs and UCA – ‘Paperclip (12″)’ (Biotic)
Sluts of Trust – ‘Leave you Wanting More (7″)’ (Chemikal Underground)
Jeff Mills – Expanded (12″) (Axis)
Decoration – ‘Oversight’ (Peel Session)
The Upsetters – ‘Black Panta (LP – ‘Blackboard Jungle’)’ (Auralux)
Your Codename is Mylo – ‘All Roads to Fault’ (Unknown)
Frank Sinatra – ‘September Song’ (Pig’s Big 78)
New Order – ‘Atmosphere (LP – ‘New Order in Session’)’ (Strange Fruit)
The Little Killers – “You Got it Made” (7″) (Sweet Nothing)
DJ Friction & Nu Balance – “Robocop” (12″) (True Playaz)
Landed – “They were eating caca” (LP – ‘Old Tyme Lemonade’) (Hospital Productions)
Decoration – “Joy Adamson” (Peel Session)
Jason Forrest – “180 Mar Ton” (LP – ‘The Unrelenting Songs..’) (Sonig)
Bloc Party – “The Marshalls are Dead” (LP – ‘Duct Tape Rainbow’) (Dim Mak)
Plasticman – “Death By Stereo” (LP – ‘Rephlex Presents: Grime’) (Rephlex)
Tracer AMC – “The Understudy” (LP – ‘Flux & Form’) (We Love)
Tinariwen – “Oualahila Ar Tesninam” (LP- ‘Amassakoul’) (Independent)
Decoration – “86 TV’s” (Peel Session)
The Krunchies – “Mutant Botox Master Race” (EP – ‘Interrobang’) (Criminal IQ)
Storm & Euphony – “The Red Pill” (12″) (Warped Science)

These were also listed…
Ignition Technician – ‘Hello Tokyo (12″)’ (Potential)
Burner Bros – ‘Global Killer (12″)’ (Magic Vinyl)

I only noticed after uploading that I incorrectly named the file jp.13.04.03.mp3 – it should, of course, be jp.13.03.04.mp3


John Peel – BBC Radio 4 Home Truths Programme

Celebrating John Peel
This week, Home Truths comes from Peel Acres in Suffolk. Tom Robinson presents a tribute to John Peel with Sheila and the family, along with your memories of John – and news of the The John Peel train.

(web page)
(direct) rtsp://
[this links to the current week’s programme and will change on Saturday – so you have until then.]

A Home Truths tribute to John Peel from 2004.
The programme, presented by Roger McGough, looks back at some of Peel’s highlights on the show.

(web page)
(direct) rtsp://

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