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John Peel Interview – New Download

Library photo of John in a studio – but not New Zealand

***UPDATED 30th November WITH NEW WEB LINK***

It is with thanks to John B. we have a ‘New’, and dare I say it, ‘Exclusive’, John Peel interview? The fact is most of us won’t have heard this before so it’s a real treat.

Recorded in Auckland for Student Radio station 95bfm in 2002. I can find no reference to it on their site though. Shame it would have been nice to have a photo to accompany this.

John the raconteur is on fine form here and, as is invariably the case, very insightful. His brief narrative regarding the inner workings of Radio 1 back then, (doubtless nothing’s changed since), speak volumes.

It’s this manifest of civil servant mentality that has kept me from listening to it ever since John’s passing.

I vaguely recall certain comments made by someone on the John Peel newsgroup ridiculing me for proclaiming there was no longer any reason to listen to Radio 1. Perhaps they ought to listen to this to understand why.

It’s not the knowledge of the process but because of the results that I choose to abstain. I don’t need to know how it works, just that it doesn’t sound like anything I want to listen to.

It also explains why people flock to Dandelion Radio, SlashMusic, The Yank Sizzler and Another Fine Mess to name a few.

I am extremely grateful to John B. for sending me this. You can find his online activities here:
You Must Be From Away
Mainz Daily Photo

Download The File
You have two options again: Torrent and Web.

John Peel Interview via BitTorrent
John Peel Interview via Rapidshare


Sony Radio Academy Awards 2007

Another possible posthumous award for Peelie? Okay, so it may only be of passing interest, in that we don’t need anyone else to us how great John was, but I thought I’d flag it up so you can watch the live webcast tonight if you’re stuck for something to do. I’ve highlighted Alan Freeman’s name in the list below because it may well be felt he has not adequately received his just recognition. If Johnny Walker hadn’t recovered so well from cancer,(last I heard he’s ok and hopefully still doing well), then he might also have been a contender, but I think It’s reasonably certain one needs to be deceased to be in with a shot this year. Kenny Everett is an outside bet in my opinion as he’s pretty well acknowledged for his radio & TV work.

“The 2007 Sony Radio Academy Awards will take place on Monday, 30th April,
at Grosvenor House, London, from 7.00pm.

Find out the winners as they are revealed, via the live webcast. Listen here.

The Broadcasters’ Broadcasters Award
In recognition of the 25th Anniversary, this year’s Sony Radio Academy Awards will include the very special celebration of one radio broadcaster as The Broadcasters’ Broadcaster. Sony Radio Academy Awards Committee have prepared a short list from which these choices are to be made. This list is the result of extensive debate by the Committee and the following individuals were chosen to reflect the names most quoted by broadcasters as being their greatest influence. Full list of those contenders for the 2007 Broadcasters’ Broadcaster are:

Danny Baker, Zoe Ball, Tony Blackburn, Alistair Cooke, Noel Edmonds, Chris Evans, Kenny Everett, Neil Fox, Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, Paul Gambaccini, John Humphrys, Sue MacGregor, Eddie Mair, Chris Moyles, Annie Nightingale, Christian O’Connell, John Peel, Anna Raeburn, Jonathan Ross, Les Ross, Roger Scott, Chris Tarrant, Johnnie Walker, Terry Wogan, Steve Wright.”

| Sony Radio Academy Awards 2007

looking back…Sony Gold Award for John Peel 2002:

Across four decades of broadcasting, his championship of music that is both new and different has set the style for which he’s become best known. Since his days on commercial radio in the USA and his ‘Perfumed Garden’ show on Big L, he’s helped launch the careers of myriad artists including Marc Bolan, Pink Floyd, New Order and Pulp.

He can claim an unrivalled record of 35 years of broadcasting for Radio 1 – along the way his unmistakable voice has cropped up on at one time or another, all of the BBC’s networks including the World Service. He’s been a regular on BFBS. Currently he’s promoting the benefits of DAB on the nation’s commercial stations, but most significantly in recent years, he’s been reflecting on the trials and tribulations of home life on Radio 4’s ‘Home Truths’.

| Radio award for ‘unrivalled’ Peel

Thanks to Jane Anderson from the Radio Times for bringing this to my attention. Anderson and Alison Graham remain, for me, the only two reasons to bother with RT these days, other than it’s radio listings, but don’t let me get started on dumbing-down!


Peel Web Roundup (Week 5)

Following the uncontained joy of being listed in The Guardian (no really) I thought it prudent to kick myself into gear and post. There’s a fair degree on offer out there so without further ado……ado, ado. Huh, I lied.

Jon at The Peel Tapes: right place, right time, wrong speed:
3rd March 1998 part 1 (Session by The Fall)
3rd March 1998 part 2 (Session by The Fall)
24th December 1979 part 1 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
24th December 1979 part 2 (Sessions by Steel Pulse, Cure, Damned, Secret Affair etc)
2nd January 1980 part 1 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
2nd January 1980 part 2 (Sessions by UB40 & Public Image Ltd)
30th August 1979 part 1 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 2 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 3 (JP’s 40th birthday)
30th August 1979 part 4 (JP’s 40th birthday)

| These can all be found here

The Furtive Fifty:
| Festive Fifty from 2000 nos. 20-1 from DAT
| Xmas Special 2000
| Festive 50 2002 (Sans Peel – music only!)

The Perfumed Garden:
| Gregory Isaacs – 6th December 1982
| Public Image Ltd – 17th December 1979
| The Flatmates – 24th September 1986 (Re-Post)
| Dinosaur Jr – 14th November 1988
| The Would Be’s – 19th March 1990 (Re-Post)
| Cocteau Twins – 15th July 1982
| Kevin Coyne – 24th January 1974
| The Mod-ettes – 4th February 1980 (Re-Post)

The Runout Groove:
| Peel Session: Twist (1999)
| Peel Session: Mono (2004)
| Peel Session: Will Oldham (2002)

Dandelion Radio:
Dandelion Radio are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Shifty Disco with a retrospective look at the label’s colourful history, a trawl through their diverse and prolific back catalogue, and an interview with label boss Dave Newton. There’s a chance to win a load of shiny new Shifty Disco releases and celebrations are rounded off with live sets from Shifty bands, The Race, Seagull Strange, My Device and Paperlung. The show starts on Jan 27th & repeats through February. We also have an exclusive four track session from Autons.

| Dandelion Radio website.

John Peel Day Flickr Site:

Thanks to Roo Reynolds’ posting, I’ve re-discovered the John Peel Day photo blog.

| Flickr photo pool

The Roaring Machine:
Elizabeth has posted Peel session track “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” by the Wedding Present.

| A wedge of Gedge

Pimpernel Jones:
Pompey DJ and rising star Pimpernel Jones plays the Wedgewood Rooms on Saturday 10th February with Radio One/Talkin’ Loud’s Gilles Peterson. So far I’ve only heard the chilled out mixes that Chris has been kind enough to point me to but judging from that and the favourable comments he’s been receiving lately, it should be a good night. Definately a name to watch!

| Tickets
| Pimpernel Jones @ MySpace
| Pimpernel Jones @ Slash Music
| Taster Two compilation on the Cookshop Label.

There are bound to be things I’ve forgotten or simply missed so contact me if you want a mention.


Torrent Pack Vol.1.1 UPDATE

Thanks to marcu’s work we now have one of the missing programmes from August 2002. It’s available as a torrent – link below.

And in case you missed it he also located the Yeah Yeah Yeahs session from the 22nd August 2002. Clever lad :-D

Thanks marcu!

21st August 2002 – Peel Session: The D4

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Peel Session


John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1

The John Peel Torrent Pack Vol.1 August 2002

*updated 02:07 sunday 10th September 2006*

BitTorrent Virgin? Scroll down to the end of this post and everything will soon fall into place :)

Volume 1 Contents:

1st August 2002
Peel Session:
Bearsuit Website
Bearsuit @ MySpace
Label: Fantastic Plastic

6th August 2002
Featuring a live set from Fabric:

Sender Berlin
Sender Berlin Website
Sender Berlin Interview
Label History: Discogs

7th August 2002
Peel Session:
Dressy Bessy (Live At Maida Vale)
Dressy Bessy Website
Dressy Bessy @ MySpace
Label: Track and Field
Label: Transdreamer

Peel Session: Saloon (Live At Maida Vale)
Saloon Info @ Cargo
Saloon Website (status: currently down)
Label: Track and Field

8th August 2002
Peel Session:
Will Oldham
Will Oldam Fan Site
Label: Palace
Label: Drag City

13th August 2002
Peel Session:
The Bellrays
The Bellrays Website
The Bellrays @ MySpace
Label: Cheap Lullaby

14th August 2002
Peel Session:
Eon (Live At Maida Vale)
Eon Website
Label: Project Pitchfork

15th August 2002
Peel Session:
Cranebuilders Website
Cranebuilders @ MySpace
Label: Skinny Dog
Label: Azra
Label: Earworm

20th August 2002 – Peel Session: Fixit Kid
Programme unavailable! Anyone have it?

21st August 2002 – Peel Session: The D4
Programme unavailable! Anyone have it?

22nd August 2002 – Peel Session: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Programme unavailable! Anyone have it?
Update: Thanks to Marcu the Yeah Yeah Yeahs session has been found!

27th August 2002
Featuring live sets from the Reading & Leeds Festivals:

The Icarus Line
The Icarus Line Website
Label: Buddyhead
The Icarus Line @ MySpace
Von Bondies
Von Bondies Website
Label: Dim Mak
Von Bondies @ Myspace
White Stripes
White Stripes Website
Label: Sympathy For The Record Industry
Label: XL Recordings
Label: V2

28th August 2002
Featuring live sets from the Reading Festival:

The Breeders
The Breeders Website
Label: 4ad
The Breeders @ Myspace
The classic Cannonball @ YouTube
Pulp Website [1]
Pulp Website [2]
Pulp @ Wikipedia
Label: Island
Label: Fire
Jarvis @ Myspace

29th August 2002
Peel Session:
Melys Website
Melys Feature
Label: Sylem
Label: Ankst

That’s your lot. Download. Enjoy. Continue to seed.

Never Used BitTorrent Before?
Don’t worry it’s really quite easy. Follow the two links below and you’ll be up and running in no time. If you know how to download a file you’re halfway there!

Recommended Software:
µTorrent – It’s Freeware and very simple use.

Guides to Using BitTorrent:
Easy Step-by-Step guide to using µTorrent with pictures for every step!
Slyck’s guide for BitTorrent in general.

If you really do get stuck (AFTER reading the guide above) just send me an email and I’ll do what I can to help :-D


The John Peel Show 23rd, 24th & 25th July 2002

Thank you for all the positive feedback. I never fish for sympathy but if I’m in a low I see no reason why I shouldn’t mention it just as a matter of fact really. Having said that I can’t begin to tell you just how good it does me to get any response at all. I enjoy making these recording available – especially to people who may not have much knowledge as to who John Peel is. See Bruce Hodder’s post for the shocking evidence!

A bit late this week, but here’s the latest batch of uploads – and pretty good sessions too!

Tuesday 23rd July 2002
Peel Session:
Misty In Roots

Wednesday 24th July 2002
Peel Session:
Icarus Line

Thursday 25th July 2002
Peel Session:
Belle and Sebastian

NEW! The John Peel Torrent Index & Bonus File!
You may have noticed a new feature that’s been added to this site: It’s the John Peel Torrent Feed. It shows you what’s currently available without having to search yourself. Neat huh?

I found this programme while casually searching torrent files the other day. I’ve no idea who seeded this originally but I’m certainly glad they did as it was one that I was missing. You’ll find the link to it over there down on the left!

Tuesday 24th December 2003
Peel Sessions:
Laura Cantrell
The Peel Family Choir

Some really nice photos from this programme feature on the Ballboy website here. You might find you suffer mixed emotions when looking at the happy faces in this gallery. It was the last Christmas programme from Peel Acres of course.


The John Peel Show 16th, 17th & 18th july 2002

I’m not in a good place at the moment so I don’t really have anything much to say other than I’ve uploaded another week of Peel broadcasts that continue on from the last batch – details below, download from the usual place. Something to suit everyone here I think. Over and out…

Peel Session:
Loudon Wainwright III (Artist Website)


Peel Session:
Boom Bip And Dose One (Live from Maida Vale) (Artist Website) (Interview)

Peel Session:
cLOUDDEAD (sic) (Live from Maida Vale) (Artist Website) (Interview) (Record Label Biog)


Peel Session:
Circle (Artist Website) (Record Label)
With thanks to Niklas for the updated contact info!



The John Peel Show 9th, 10th & 11th July 2002

Before we get to the latest uploads I think I’ve decided what to do over this site. Blogger’s a good enough tool for what it is and let’s not forget it’s free, but I do feel that it’s somewhat limited for what I have in mind and essentially I need to have more control, so I shall begin to migrate away from this location once I feel comfortable with the port over to WordPress, new domain and design that incorporates WP, more static content, a simple forum – probably – and notably a site that doesn’t go limp in certain browsers!

Well that’s the news from domestic empire HQ, the details of which are for me to worry about. This being the internet it’ll be ready when it’s ready. Meanwhile back to the real reason you’re here…

Despite having a migraine the size (and dialect) of Wales all day long, I’ve battled against hardship and clawed at the precipit of hope and…too much? OK then, here’s another week of Peel than runs on from the previous upload. Enjoy!

The John Peel Show – Tuesday 9th July 2002


Session by Culture:

The John Peel Show – Wednesday 10th July 2002


Session by The Catheters (band has now disolved):

The John Peel Show – Thursday 11th July 2002


Session: N/A

Featured Mix by Corvin Dalek:

You can download all of these from the usual place (link above).


The John Peel Show (four new downloads)

John Peel Archive

John Peel Archive

Not one, not two, not three but four John Peel radio programmes have been uploaded today for your enjoyment. That’s 8 fabulous hours of the mighty Peelster – join now and get this fantastic ring binder absolutely free!!!!

All from the week of July 2002 plus a bonus from the 18th June, the week before where our John discusses his time in Barcelona. You know how last time I said I’d match the date of the uploads to the present day? Well it didn’t last beyond that one but coincidentally the first batch I pulled off my set of DVD’s are close‘ish!

There is a minisite at over at Radio 1 concerning the Sonar festival in Barcelona including lo-if video our of John’s expedition.

Sonar 2006 at Radio 1
Sonar 2006 Official Website
“Oh to be in Spain now the summer’s here”

The John Peel Show – 18th June 2002 (68.4MB)
Included here as the last week before July but where John talks of his time at the Barcelona Sonar Festival. At 8 minutes 13 seconds in is the track What Kinder World by Uplifter which John describes as loving “ the point of madness” – I agree and confess to having this play on a loop here at domestic empire HQ!

The John Peel Show – 2nd July 2002 (68.4MB)
Features Dj/Rupture Recorded Live At The Sonar Festival In Barcelona.

The John Peel Show – 3rd July 2002 (68.4MB)

The John Peel Show – 4th July 2002 (68.4MB)
Features Nina Nastasia Live at Peel Acres.

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