The Festive 50 Quiz from 2000

While I’m sorting out another week of peel to go up here’s something to be going on with. Amid the recent talk of The Festive Fifty, here’s the quiz that went out in December 2000 when head boy and girly swot David Gedge set himself up as quizmaster. Does anyone have any photos from this occasion at all? Please note that this recording was not sourced by me and as such it is merely edited ‘highlights’ – the music fades down beween rounds. Why do people do this? It’s the same principle as editing all the speech out of a Peel programme. I know we all have compilation tapes which contain mostly music but most of us eventually realised that the complete unexpurgated programme was what we should have been recording all those years and duly made amens.

Interestingly edit is almost an anagram of idiot!

Give the punters what they want: The Peel, the whole Peel and nothing but the Peel. I know people are trying to be helpful or creative but you wouldn’t expect someone to lend you a book with a dozen pages ripped out saying, ‘It’s better like that mate!’

The file is 22.3MB and can be downloaded from the usual place.

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